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 1967 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" April 30, 1967 - No. 4 

Beaten, battered and bruised, describes the Griffith team after Sunday's rugged affair at Ganmain. All players, however, will survive to play again.

Our most pleasing recollection from the black day is the fright the previous 2000 per cent competition leaders got in the second 18 game - a little luck and we could have won this one.

Ganmain had too much understanding in the third game and won easily. Our best were Wayne Robins, Ken McCudden and Pat Richardson.

Our first 18 had their first experience with a SWDFL "umpire" and to say the least everyone would be relieved if it was our first and last such experience.

The lack of umpire control and protection saw Fred Mundy's "mate" in form with elbows, but he wasn't the only one swinging freely and the chief sufferer was "giant" Mal Russell.

Sid "Bones" Robins was right at his best again to rate our best player and collected three points in the Co-op-Ernest Hillier suit award, with Angie Maloni gaining two points and Bob Spears one.

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