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Round 17 - Saturday 19 August, 2017
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Mangoplah Sportsground 2.10pm
Umpires: Jake O'Halloran, Tom O'Halloran and Peter Alexander (RUA)
Mangoplah CUE ...... 6.3 .. 10.4 .. 12.7 .. 13.9 (87)
Griffith ....................... 0.3 .. 2.10 .. 3.12 .. 5.16 (46)

MANGOPLAH-COOKARDINIA UNITED-EASTLAKES: Jack Carey, Matt Collins, Connor Griffin; Isaac Damme, Alex McCormack, Connor Huthwaite; Tom Keogh, Harry Collins, Zach Walgers; Ethan Schiller, George Kendall, Pat Killalea; Will Keogh, Jordan Foster, Andrew Dickins; Nathan Byrne, Trent Cohalan, Ryan Price; Jack Collins, Jack Killalea, Lachlan Kendell, Steve Hoffman 
GRIFFITH: Jonathon Gastin, Lucas Conlan, James Keenan; Sam Daniel, Ash Verhagen, Sam Foley; Reece Matheson, Will Griggs, Luke Shannon, Guy Orton, Jacob Conlan, James Toscan (c); Michael Duncan, Brent Arho, Heath Northey; Jacob Barrington, Jordan Iudica, Ben King; Casey Moore, Richard Malone, Daniel Peruzzi, Tom Valeri 
Mangoplah-CUE: J Foster 8, W Keogh 2, E Schiller, H Collins, P Killalea
Griffith: J Iudica 2, J Conlan, J Keenan, T Valeri
Mangoplah-CUE: M Collins, J Foster, H Collins, J Carey, N Byrne, T Cohalan
Griffith: L Conlan, J Conlan, H Northey, M Duncan, B King, A Verhagen
A summary of match report, with thanks

Mangoplah-Cookardinia United-Eastlakes' premiership assault gained further momentum with a comprehensive victory over Griffith on Saturday. A week after upstaging Collingullie-Glenfield Park, the Goannas produced a brilliant first half performance that laid the platform for a 41-point win, 13.9 (87) to 5.16 (46) at Mangoplah Sportsground. MCUE full-forward Jordan Foster continued his white-hot form with an eight-goal performance, seven of which came in a dominant first half. Foster kicked five of the MCUE's six goals in the first term as they used the breeze to full advantage and opened up a 36-point lead. They then came out and extended the margin in the second term as Griffith disappointed with the breeze, and MCUE went into half-time 42 points in front. 
Griffith, after copping a ferocious spray at the break, were much more competitive in the second half but the damage had already been done. Foster was the star of the show with a sensational first half and was the best for MCUE. Lucas and Jacob Conlan showed plenty of promise for Griffith in what was an otherwise disappointing day for the Swans. (By Matt Malone - The Area News, Monday August 21, 2017).


OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Turvey Park 4.10 (34) def by Wagga 12.11 (83); Coolamon 9.7 (61) def by Leeton-Whitton 9.14 (68), Narrandera 2.3 (15) def by Collingullie-GP 28.21 (189); Ganmain-GGM, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 10.10 (70) def Mangoplah-CUE 7.8 (50)
Goals: K Duncan 3, T Howard 3, C Cunial 2, B Tarr, D Crack
Best Players: R Perre, B Knagge, J Spencer, B Tarr, K Duncan, C Harrison
Under 17: Griffith 20.12 (132) def Mangoplah-CUE 2.0 (12)
Goals: G Rovere 10, C Bock 3, S Witherspoon 2, B Argus 2, L Killalea, R Marlow, R Greenaway
Best Players: G Rovere, I Campbell, M Agnew, T Beitaki.

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