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Grand Final - Saturday 23 September, 2017
Riverina Football Netball League Gate: $30,995
Venue: Narrandera Sportsground 2.45pm
Umpires: Andrew Jackman, Ryan Dedini and Luke Olsen (RUA)
Leeton-Whitton.......... 3.1 .. 5.2 .. 9.9 .. 10.15 (75)
Collingullie-GP .......... 2.1 .. 5.7 .. 7.9 .. 10.9 (69)

LEETON-WHITTON: Jayden Lehman, Neil Irwin, Will Wakeman; Hugh Collins, Tom Meline, Tyh Evans; Liam Greenwell, Toby Conroy, Luke Potter; Sean Wilkinson, Brad Boots, Ben Curley; Jade Hodge (coach), Daniel Muir, Matthew Rainbird; Mason Dryburgh, Jameson Booth, Bryce O'Garey; Sam Cooper, Ryan Dunn, Jimmy Nancarrow, Cooper Sharman 
COLLINGULLIE-GLENFIELD PARK: Stephen Dawson, James Morris, Justin Simmons; Dan Kennedy, Tom Keogh, Kallan Sykes; Lachlan Moore, Michael Anderson, Matt Beckmans; Brad Aiken, Will Haines, Matt Klemke; Luke Gestier (c-c), Marc Geppert, Nicholas Perryman; Chris Jackson, Jayden Klemke, Steven Jolliffe; James Kennedy, Daniel Frawley, Ben Keith, Sean Keith 
Leeton-Whitton: T Conroy 2, D Muir 2, J Nancarrow 2, S Wilkinson, B Curley, B O'Garey, C Sharman
Collingullie-GP: B Aiken 3, N Perryman 2, M Beckmans 2, M Geppert, C Jackson, J Klemke
Leeton-Whitton: B O'Garey (Ron Hutchins Medal), B Curley, L Greenwell, J Lehman, T Conroy, B Boots
Collingullie-GP: J Klemke, B Aiken, N Perryman, L Moore, M Klemke, J Simmons

Griffith ..................... 1.4 .. 2.5 .. 4.8 .. 5.9 (39)
Collingullie-GP ...... 0.2 .. 3.5 .. 5.5 .. 6.6 (42)

Goals - Griffith K Duncan 2, T Howard 2, R Johns
Collingullie-GP: D Koop 2, M Mullins, Z Billingham, M Pilon, M Lewington
Best Players - Griffith: L. Peruzzi, N. Witherspoon, D. Villata, B. Tarr, R. Irvin, D. Catanzariti
Collingullie-GP: N Cooper (Ryan-Stuart Medal), L Powell, L Hughes, M Mullins, T Banks, D Koop
Griffith: Dean Villata, James Keenan, Riley Irvin; Cameron Harrison, Ben McRae, Keiran Hume; Luke Peruzzi, Royce Johns, Daniel Andreazza; Nick Witherspoon, Jesse Ryan, Dean Catanzariti; Kris Duncan, Todd Howard, Charlie Cunial; Steven McCanna, Rocky Perre, Ben Tarr; Dean Spratt, Brendan Knagge, Blake Testoni Andrew Cappello
Collingullie-Glenfield Park: Dylan Koop, Mitchell Mullins, Mitchell Pilon, Zac Billingham, Matthew Lewington, Tim Banks, Luke Hughes, Luke Powell, Nicholas Cooper, Cody Cool, Luke Murray, Cane Graetz, Dane Fuller, Joel Bryce, Zane Bolger, Joe Banks, Zac Burkinshaw, Hayden Banks, Matthew Geppert, Mathew Gardiner, Jamie Wild, Brodie Neville
Umpires: Andrew Tuovi, Rob Johnston and Chris Fitzhardinge (RUA)

Under 17
Turvey Park ........... 2.3 .. 6.9 .. 9.14 .. 15.20 (110)
Collingullie-GP ..... 2.1 .. 3.1 .. 5.4 .. 5.4 (34)

Goals - Turvey Park: B Ashcroft 4, C Bramich 3, J Prestage 2, D Carroll 2, J Weidemann, D Smith, D O'Donoghue, M Howe
CGP: H Lane 2, B Harper, W Hughes, H Hugler
Best Players - Turvey Park: D O'Donoghue, J Hughes, A Carroll, R Shaw, B Ashcroft, C Diessel
Collingullie-GP: J. Pope, E. Perryman, X. Mamo, M. Inglis, H. Hugler, W. Hughes
Turvey Park:- Bradley Ashcroft, Cody Bramich, Declan Carroll, Jordan Prestage, Damien O'Donoghue, Matthew Howe, Jackson Weidemann, Deacon Smith, Cooper Deissel, Ryan Shaw, Alex Carroll, Jackson Hughes, Denzil Noack, Lachlan Quilter, Brandon Ellis, Riley Hubbard, Ben Richards, James Clarke, Keenan Flood, Harry Woods, Matthew Batholomew, Nicholas Simons, Tom Crakanthorp, Harry Voss
Collingullie-Glenfield Park:- Henry Lane, Will Hughes, Harrison Hugler, Blake Harper, Monty Inglis, Xavier Mamo, Edward Perryman, James Pope, Joe Perryman, Cody Cook, Joshua Conlan, Mitch Ryan, M Ryan, Bradley McMillan, Blake Ryan, Marc Bergmeier, Connor Krebser, Rhys Jolliffe, Chad Fuller, Tim Tsipiras, Mitchell Ivey, Bailey Hogg
Umpires: ----------
Netball - A grade: Wagga Tigers 44 d Mangoplah-CUE 35; A Reserve: Leeton-Whitton d Collingullie-GP; B grade: Turvey Park d Wagga Tigers; C grade: Collingullie-GP 37 d Leeton-Whitton 35; Under 17's: Turvey Park 34 d Wagga Tigers 23.


 NOT OUR DAY - By Peter Doherty 

THERE was heartbreak for the Griffith Swans reserve grade team when they went down in Saturday's grand final to Collingullie-Glenfield Park. The Demons won a sensational grand final with Zac Billingham kicking an over-the-head snap late in the fourth quarter to claim victory against previously unbeaten Griffith side. The Demons only hit the front for the first time just before half-time but in a see-sawing second half, the lead changed hands five times, culminating in Billingham's moment of brilliance to secure the 6.6 (42) to 5.9 (39) win. With the quarter shortened to 17 minutes plus time-on due to the heat, Billingham's shot - facing north and kicking south - was delivered in the 17th minute. Adding to the drama, goal umpire Ryan Feuerherdt was stretchered off after a collision with Griffith defender (James Keenan) desperate to prevent the Billingham miracle. Collingullie-GP still had to hang on for the last four minutes for the win, just they had held on throughout the fourth quarter when Griffith dominated possession but couldn't find more than one goal. Griffith were left cursing missed opportunities, particularly in the last quarter, which brought their bid for an unbeaten season undone. Ryan/Stuart Medal for B.O.G. was won by Nick Cooper of Collingullie-GP. (The Area News - Monday September 25, 2017).

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