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Qualfying Final – Saturday August 31, 2019
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Narrandera Sportsground
Umpires: Alex Manley, Brett McDonald and Nathan Brookes (RUA)
Wagga Tigers …. 2.3 .. 3.6 .. 5.7 .. 7.9 (51)
Griffith ………....… 4.2 .. 6.3 .. 9.3 .. 12.4 (76)

WAGGA TIGERS: Jake Mascini, Pat Gaynor, Xavier Lyons; Reid Gordon, Ben Kelly, Dylan Morton; Tom Keogh, Lahn Shepherd, Bailey Wiseman; Jackson Kelly, Sam Ryan, Will Keogh; Nick Ryan, Jesse Manton, Josh Gaynor; Louis Beard, Jake Osbeiston, Brendan Myers; Shaun Driscoll, Nathan Cooke, Scott Pearce, Hamish Gilmore
GRIFFITH: Daniel Peruzzi, James Toscan (capt), Guy Orton; Oswald Herrmann, James Taylor, Jordan Iudica; Isaac Campbell, Will Griggs (coach), Kahlan Spencer; Blake Argus, Jacob Conlan, Charlie Cunial; Theo Valeri, Lucas Conlan, Isaiah Potts; Nathan Richards, Heath Northey, Jack Rowston; Jonathon Gastin, Mitchell Irvin, Alex Overs, Sam McGinn
Wagga Tigers: N Ryan 3, J Manton 2, J Gaynor 2
Griffith: L Conlan 6, B Argus 3, J Conlan, J Rowston, J Gastin
Wagga Tigers: B Kelly, L Shepherd, R Gordon, L Beard, D Morton, B Myers
Griffith: L Conlan, J Rowston, N Richards, W Griggs, J Iudica, H Northey


A summary of match report, with thanks
A six-goal performance from Griffith forward Lucas Conlan guided the Swans to a 25-point victory over Wagga Tigers in Saturday’s qualifying final. The Swans moved one win away from another grand final appearance with their second victory over Tigers in a week, 12. 4 (76) to 7.9 (51) at Narrandera Sportsground. Conlan was on fire with three goals in the opening quarter and he finished with 6.2 in a best-on-ground performance that helped move the Swans through to a second semi-final showdown with Coolamon next week.
Griffith got on top in the midfield early and with Conlan on song in attack, they were applying scoreboard pressure to Tigers. The Swans led by 11 points at quarter time and 15 points at the main break. Josh Gaynor kicked the first two goals in the third quarter to put the Tigers within three points and it looked as if the Wagga team were making their run. But Griffith replied through Jack Rowston, Jono Gastin and Conlan to extend the margin to a game-high 20 points at three quarter time. Any chance of a Tigers comeback was quickly slammed shut in the last quarter as Griffith piled on three goals in the opening six minutes to lead by 39 points.
Griffith coach Will Griggs was rapt with the pressure his team brought, which forced Tigers into making a number of uncharacteristic errors. Aside from Conlan, Jack Rowston was brilliant in the midfield for Griffith and set the tone early with a lot of bullocking work in the middle. Nathan Richards won the ruck battle, while Jordan Iudica and Oswald Herrmann gave the Swans plenty of drive from defence. Wagga Tigers were best served by Ben Kelly and Lahn Shepherd, while Jake Mascini was the spark that helped get them going in the third term. Kelly kept Griffith forward Jacob Conlan to one goal, while Shepherd ran with Griggs and worked tirelessly all day.

(By Matt Malone – Daily Advertiser, Monday September 2, 2019) 

Collingullie-GP .... 3.3 .. 5.5 .. 9.10 .. 12.11 (83)
Coolamon ............. 0.1 .. 0.2 .. 2.4 .. 2.6 (18)

Goals - Collingullie-GP: D Koop 3, T Keogh 2, M Geppert 2, K Sykes, G Pritchard, M McGrath, L Powell, M Cooke
Coolamon: S Robinson, D Chandler
Best players - Collingullie-GP: D Matthews, T Keogh, K Sykes, J Banks, M Ivey, J Gunning
Coolamon: R Chamberlain, S Robinson, J Robinson, M Robinson, H Leary, J McPherson

Under 17.5
Turvey Park ........... 3.1 .. 8.4 .. 8.8 .. 14.10 (94)
Collingullie-GP ..... 5.3 .. 7.6 .. 11.9 .. 12.11 (83)

Goals - Turvey Park: M Von Marburg 4, P Voss 3, J Mattingly 3, R Weidemann, R Browning, E Grigg, R Leary
Collingullie-GP: S Macklan 3, J Perryman 3, H Wooden 2, L Bruckner 2, N Harris, H Wichman
Best players - Turvey Park: A Grigg, J Collingridge, R Leary, WO''Connor, M Von Marburg, P Voss
Collingullie-GP: A Matowe, J Perryman, J Pope, H Wichman, S Macklan, R Watson

Netball - A grade: Mangoplah-CUE 60 d Wagga Tigers 45; A reserve: Wagga Tigers 37 d Turvey Park 33; B grade: Wagga Tigers 66 d Turvey Park 52; C grade: Collingullie-GP 33 d Turvey Park 25; Under 17: Mangoplah-CUE 50 d Leeton-Whitton 49

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