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LDFA Round 1 - Sunday May 12, 1935 at Leeton Cricket Ground
Fivebough ..... 4.2 .. 6.4 .. 9.11 .. 11.17 (83)
Griffith ........... 2.1 .. 5.2 .. 9.4 .. 11.6. (72)

Best players: Griffith: Bill Barry, Wal Cameron, Alf Anstee, W. H. Thompson
Umpire: Bill Swasbrick (Leeton) 

Other matches - Narrandera East 6.10 (46) def by Narrandera West 9.5 (59), Whitton 8.8 (56) def by Leeton 9.12 (66).
Match report: The Fivebough-Griffith match played on the Leeton Cricket Ground was an interesting game for so early in the season. Play was fast and open. The marking of Eddie Luhrs, the tall Fivebough forward was an outstanding feature. He also scored 5 goals 5 behinds. Pat Wilson also played well up in the forwards and scored 3 goals 2 behinds. Bill Speakman scored two goals, when they were needed. In the last quarter Griffith was within three points of 'Boughs score, and the excitement grew intense, especially when Alf Anstee, the visitor's clever rover was darting in and securing control of the ball time and again. But it was difficult to break through such a solid back line, as Jack Geltch, Alan Borger and Len Byrnes presented. For Griffith the outstanding players were captain Bill Barry, Wal Cameron. Alf Anstee and "Snowy" Thompson. On account of the new blue jerseys not coming to hand, Griffith had to play in their B. Grade team's colors, red. It was unfortunate, because 'Bough's colours are red, with a green V.


LDFA Round 2 - Sunday May 19, 1935 at Scenic Hill Oval
Grifith ...... 1.2 .. 2.2 .. 4.5 .. 6.11 (43)
Leeton ..... 0.2 .. 3.8 .. 7.8 ..11.11 (77)

Other matches - Fivebough 15.15 (105) def Narrandera East 12.14 (86), Narrandera West 8.10 (58) def Whitton 4.8 (32)
Match report: The second series of matches in the L.D.F.A. Competition were played under wet conditions on Sunday last. Leeton defeated Griffith on the latter's ground by 34 points; Fivebough was victorious over Narandera Easts by 19 points in a match played at Leeton and Whitton was defeated by Wests at Narrandera by 26 points.

LDFA Round 3 - Sunday May 26, 1935 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton .... 1.0 .. 1.1 .. 4.4 .. 5.6 (36) 
Griffith ..... 2.2 .. 5.2.  9.4 .. 10.9 (69)

Goals: Whitton: Cliff Weaven 2, Roy Poulsen, Bill Asmus, John Pannowitz
Griffith:  Fred Ford 5, Alf Anstee 2, Wal. Cameron, Bates Flood, Bill Barry
Umpire: Bill Swasbrick (Leeton)

Other matches - Leeton 12.14 (86) def Narrandera East 9.6 (60), Narrandera West 10.9 (69) def by Fivebough 10.12 (72).
Match report: The Griffith team visited Whitton on Sunday and succeeded in defeating the locals 69-36. Len Johnson, the coach recently acquired by Griffith, has his team well in hand and judging by their performance on Sunday, will be well in the picture when the finals are being played. The playing of the man instead of the ball by some of the Whitton players proved too costly to be carried on in future. The successful player is the one who confines his attention to that ball. Griffith played the ball to their men, who always appeared to be in position with marked success. The Griffith juniors played Whitton juniors and the result was a win for Whitton by 27 points to nil.

LDFA Round 4 - Sunday June 2, 1935 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ....................... 6.3 .. 9.10 .. 14.12 .. 19.19 (133)
Narrandera West ... 2.1 .. 2.5 .. 6.7 ..7.11 (53)

Griffith: C Thack, P Cummins, G Anstee; W. H. Thompson, J Parker, L Rouse; G Wade, L. A. Johnson (c/c), G Miller; W. G. Walker, W Cameron, B Flood; W Barry, F Ford, D. H. Evans; A Campbell, L McCreddan, A Anstee; B Dawes

Other matches - Fivebough 11.16 (82) def Leeton 8.8 (56), Narrandera East 7.8 (50) def by Whitton 8.6 (54).  
Match report: The surprise of Sunday's matches, was the easy victory Griffith had over Narrandera West. It was expected that it would have been a closely contested game, but the new coach, Len Johnson, has made such an improvement in the Griffith team, that they had full control of the ball from the start to finish and won the match by 133 points to 53 points. "Wests", were dumbfounded, and remarked that they doubted if the "Imperials"' at their full South-West strength could hold, a side playing such excellent teamwork. 
LDFA Round 5 - Sunday June 9, 1935 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera East .... 5.4 .. 7.8 .. 11.10 ..13.16 (94)
Griffith ..................... 2.0 .. 4.2 .. 4.6 .. 7.10 (52)

Best players: Narrandera East: Alby Treloar, Stan Day, Jack Larkins, Alan Headlam, Jack and Bob Hutchins
Griffith: Len Johnson, Alf Anstee, W. H. Thompson, George Wade, George Anstee, Jim Parker
Umpire: 'Buddy' Saunders (Leeton)
Juniors: Narrandera 55 def Griffith 4

Other matches - Leeton 18.15 (123) def Narrandera West 10.13 (73), Whitton 4.8 (32) def by Fivebough 6.16 (52).
Match report - by Hugh Johnson: Twas not merely the luck of the game, neither was it the fact of Griffith's Australian Rules team being short of a couple of their good men that brought about their defeat on Sunday. The local side was beaten, definitely beaten by good football on the part of their opponents and to a very marked degree by the heavy, sandy nature of the surface of the playing arena. Narrandera East were meeting the Griffith team for the first time this season, and the game was played on the new sports ground at Narrandera.
When the surface of the ground is completely covered with a carpet of couch, it will be an ideal football ground but at the present period there is a carpet of sand several inches deep which makes the going a great handicap to a visiting team.
Those who saw the Griffith side at Whitton and again on their own ground against Narrandera West will remember the brilliant exhibition of marking, their accurate judgement and anticipation, snappy, effective dash and will find it hard to believe that in each of these details the Narrandera boys were absolutely supreme in all these departments but the heavy, sandy surface so strange to Griffith absolutely upset their speed, judgement and everything.
Without a doubt the weakest section in the Griffith combination is the full-back line, and unless an immediate strengthening can be affected on the back line on Sunday, this weak spot will cause the side a deal of trouble.
The victors played a good, vigorous, solid game and met their opponents with the shoulder every time. Their judgement was accurate, and in the air the Narrandera East side was really brilliant. Their full-back Stan Day played a splendid game and probably played seven or eight likely goals. Jack Larkins, who opposed the Griffith coach Len Johnson in the centre position, did his job well, and Alan Headlam played a great game for his side. Jack Brown, Perc Bushby, Alby Treloar and Bobby Hutchins were all good men, the last named being particularly prominent.
For the Griffith side one finds it difficult to say who was the really outstanding player as in every case, with every man on the side the standard of play was considerably below par. The heavy, sandy going had them beaten from the start. Bill Barry headed the list of goal-scorers and was certainly the most successful man in the forward line. Art Campbell did well, as also did Alf Anstee, George Anstee, Snowy Thompson, Wal. Cameron, and until he was too badly hurt to take any further part in the game Ed Dempsey was one of the most prominent men for his team.
However, Griffith was beaten on the day by 94-52.
The Griffith Juniors were also soundly defeated by the Narrandera Juniors 55 to 4 at Leeton.
The game played on the Scenic Hill Oval resulted in a good win for the Griffith Rovers against Budawong, the final scores at this game being Griffith 12 goals 13 behinds (85); Budawong 6 goals 10 behinds (46).

LDFA Round 6 - Sunday June 16, 1935 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ........... 1.1 .. 2.6 .. 4.7 .. 9.14 (68)
Fivebough .... 1.2 .. 1.6 .. 6.11 .. 10.12 (72)

Goals: Griffith: Bill Barry 3, Frank Ford 2, Wal Cameron 2, Alf Anstee, Dave Evans
Fivebough: V Graham 3, Bill Speakman 2, Eddie Luhrs 2, Dave Lang 2, Jack Gladman

Other matches - Leeton 16.14 (110) def Whitton 13.8 (86), Narrandera East 6.7 (43) def Narrandera West 5.9 (39)
Match report: The Kinloch Cup entered upon the second half of the round of home and away matches on Sunday last. Fivebough, the unbeaten team in the Kinloch Cup competition, were lucky to win by four points. They found Griffith the most difficult team they have yet met. Playing the Victorian system of team play, the home team, time and again, brought the ball, slowly but surely towards the 'Bough's goal-sticks. It was pretty football, with a display of short-stab kicks and hand passes that are generally absent from Australian Rules football as played in this district. With a strong wind against them, Griffith scored 7 points to eight points in the first quarter. At half time the home team had a lead of seven points. During the interval, Speakman, the 'Bough's doughty captain, evidently thought out a counter-move, as in the next term Fivebough commenced to have the better of the play and when the bell rang at the close of the third term, the scores were 47 — 32 in the visitor's favour. Griffith, however, had plenty in reserve and with the advantage of the wind, reduced the lead to four points at the final whistle. The credit again goes to Billy Speakman, for piloting Fivebough to victory. Not only as a captain but also in his play. Other prominent players were Pat Wilson, Jack Gladman and Eddie Luhrs. For Griffith, their captain-coach, Len Johnson, was brilliant to watch. It was also wonderful to see the way he has improved his team. 

LDFA Round 7 - Sunday June 23, 1935 at Leeton Cricket Ground
Leeton ....... 2.3 .. 4.10 .. 7.15 .. 11.21 (87)
Griffith ...... 4.4 .. 5.7 .. 9.13 .. 10.14 (74)

Goals: Leeton: Lionel Hastie 3; Jack Schwab 2, William Barry 2, Stan Greenham, G Wardman, Bob Monfries, Jack McAuliffe
Griffith: Bill Barry 3, Frank Ford 2, Wal Cameron 2, Alf Anstee, Dave Evans
Leeton: J. A. McAuliffe (capt), L. Hastie, F. Doran, R. Smith, N. Boyd, L. Taylor, J. Schwab, M. Miller, B. Roberts, R. Younger, A. Wiseman, R. Petts, W. Barry, E. Dodds, G. Wardman, S. Greenham, R. Monfries, W. O'Brien
Griffith: L. A. Johnson (capt), A. Anstee, J. Parker, A. Cripps, L. McCreddon, D. H. Evans, M. Hickey, W. Cameron, B. Flood, G. Anstee, L. Rouse, F. Ford, R. Stevenson, G. Wade; B. Briggs, W. Barry, W. H. Thompson, D. Briggs; J. Daines 19th

Other matches - Narrandera East 7.11 (53) def Fivebough 7.4 (46), Whitton 11.14 (80) def Narrandera West 6.7 (43).
Match report: The most exciting and best display of football seen on the Leeton Cricket Ground, this season, was witnessed on Sunday last, when Leeton, by a super effort in the last quarter, snatched a win from the fast-moving Griffith team. The weather was ideal for football and the 'Tigers' were out to down the 'Tricolors'. There was no doubting their determination, and they looked like winning, when the home side put in a remarkable burst that brought their victory by 87 points to 74 points. In a hard-fought match in which the whole team played its part, it is difficult to pick out the prominent players. Each and every one on either side played his part well. It was faultless football throughout. Lionel Hastie registered more behinds than we are accustomed to seeing against his name, but on Sunday, most of his shots were from a long distance. The visitors deserved to win. They were up against a formidable side, who were on their home ground. Whoever meets Griffith in the semis or final, will know they are playing.

LDFA Round 8 - Sunday June 30, 1935 at Scenic Hill Oval 
Griffith .... 2.6 .. 4.10 .. 7.13 .. 11.16 (82)
Whitton ... 1.1 .. 3.3 .. 4.5 .. 7.8 (50)

Other matches - Fivebough 9.24 (78) def Narrandera West 4.2 (26), Narrandera East 8.14 (62) def Leeton 4.7 (31). 
Specials Permits: Whitton Club was granted a special permit to play Lew Thompson, who has returned from Melbourne. The chairman of the Permits Committee reported that Griffith Club was playing six unregistered players. The error had occurred through the oversight of the club secretary to forward a third list he had of registered players. By unanimous vote all clubs agreed to regard these players as having been registered. The list being produced, the six names were Pat Cummins, W. G. Walker, Ed Dempsey, Doug Briggs, Bruce Briggs and Martin Hickey. An application by Griffith Club that M. Ryan, whose name was included along with a number of others on the list, was refused. The permits Committee also reported that in a few instances players registered with Narrandera Easts were playing with the Wests and vice-versa.

LDFA Round 9 - Sunday July 7, 1935 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera West .... 1.3 .. 4.7 .. 5.8 .. 6.8 (44)
Griffith ....................... 1.0 .. 1.2 .. 4.6 .. 6.11 (47)

Best players: Narrandera: Athol Charlesworth, Ron and Reg Hutchins, Doug Weir, Martin Johnson, Don Hutchinson, Jim Cumming, George Mackenzie
Griffith: W H Thompson, Len Johnson, Les Rouse, Frank Ford, Alf Anstee, Bates Flood, Bob Stevenson, Pat Cummins

Other matches - Fivebough 10.15 (75) drew Leeton 11.9 (75), Whitton 14.10 (94) def Narrandera East 7.7 (49). 
Match report: Playing with a little more dash and better combination, the Griffith team defeated the Narrandera Imperials West team by three points on Sunday in one of the best games of football that has been played at the sports ground this season.
That the teams were evenly matched was revealed by the fact that not at any stage of the game was their more than two goals separated the scores. The result of the game might easily have been reversed, because a couple of minutes before time, when Griffith was leading by only four points, a Narrandera player, Jim Cumming had the opportunity to kick a goal which would have given his team victory, but instead he scored a behind. Such is the luck of the game, but no one begrudged the Griffith team victory.
In an endeavour to build up its team the Griffith club this season engaged a coach, Len Johnson, a former Essendon player, and as a result of his coaching there has been a marked improvement in the team's play. There's not a keener or more energetic secretary of any code of football in the Riverina than Mr. Hugh Johnson, who is a great worker for the Griffith club. The victory of the Griffith club in this match was a source of gratification to the coach and the secretary, as well as the club's supporters. 

LDFA Round 10 - Sunday July 14, 1935 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith .....................  1.2 .. 1.2 .. 4.4 .. 8.8 (56)
Narrandera East ... 0.0 .. 2.4 .. 2.5 .. 3.7 (25)

Best players: Griffith: Len Johnson, WH Thompson, Alf Anstee, Bates Flood, Pat Cummins
Narrandera: Stan Day, Frank Malcolm, Jack Brown, Perc Bushby, W. Babbs, Bob and Jack Hutchins
Juniors: Griffith 29 def Narrandera 23

Other matches - Fivebough 10.14 (74) drew Whitton 11.8 (74), Narrandera West 4.5 (29) def by Leeton 13.15 (93).
Match report: The round of home and away matches was completed on Sunday last, when Fivebough and Whitton played a draw, Leeton defeated Narrandera Wests and Griffith was victorious over Narrandera Easts. As will be seen in the premiership table, Fivebough top the list and are minor premiers, with Leeton close up in second place. These two teams will meet in the first semi-final which will be played on the Leeton Cricket Ground on Sunday next, with a Melbourne umpire in charge of the game. Griffith and Narandera Easts are the other two teams, who have qualified to play in the final round. They will meet on Sunday week, at Narrandera.

FINAL LADDER: Fivebough 32, Leeton 30, Griffith 20, Narrandera East 16, Whitton 14, Narrandera West 8


Len Johnson1935.jpg

LDFA First Semi Final - Sunday July 21, 1935 at Narrandera Sportsground
Fivebough .... 3.8 .. 7.11 .. 9.14 ..11.21 (87)
Leeton .......... 3.1 .. 3.8 .. 8.14 .. 8.13 (61)

Goals: Fivebough: R. Robinson 3, Eddie Luhrs 2, Jack Gladman 2, Jack McAuliffe, Jim O'Callaghan, Bill Speakman
Leeton: Lionel Hastie 3, Jack A. McAuliffe, Jack Colman, Jack Curtis, Frank Doran, J. Malcolm
Umpire: Bob Smith (VFL)
Fivebough:— W. Speakman (capt), C. Taylor, L. Byrnes, G. Sharp, R. Fuller, J. Gladman, J. Geltch, R. Robinson, E. Wilson, J. O'Callaghan, T. Fuller, J. McAuliffe, W. Fuller, E. Luhrs, G. O'Sullivan, C. Hopley, J. Dare, R. Riseborough; W. Stenning 19th
Leeton:— J. A. McAuliffe (capt), L. Hastie, F. Doran, R. Smith, C. Brown, J. Schwab, J. Colman, M. Miller, C. Dacey, W. O'Brien. B. Roberts, R. Petts, W. Barry, G. Wardman, N. Boyd, E. Dodds, J. Malcolm, J. Curtis; J. A. Lang 19th 
Match report: Ideal weather favoured the first semi-final of the Kinloch Cup Competition, played on the Leeton Cricket Ground on Sunday last, between the two local teams, Fivebough and Leeton, before a large attendance. After a fast game, with plenty of exciting moments, the former won by 87 points to 63 points.
Juniors: Narrandera 8.6 (54) def Leeton 6.6 (42)

LDFA Second Semi Final - Sunday July 28, 1935 at Narrandera Sportsground
Griffith ....................... 0.3 .. 2.4 .. 4.5 .. 5.8 (38)
Narrandera East .... 0.1 .. 1.3 .. 3.5 .. 6.5 (41)

Best players: Griffith: Len Johnson, Les Rouse, Alf Anstee, Bruce Briggs, Albert Cripps, Frank Ford, Bruce Dawes
Narrandera:  Stan Day, Bob Hutchins, Jack Larkins, Jack Brown, Alby Treloar, Bill Longmore, Perc Bushby, Frank Malcolm
Griffith:— L. A. Johnson (capt.), A. Anstee, J. Parker, W. Barry, L. McCreddan, R. Stevenson, P. Cummins, W. Cameron, B. Flood, M. Hickey, B. Dawes, F. Ford, L. Rouse, W. H. Thompson, A. Campbell, B. Briggs, A. Cripps, D. H. Evans, G. Wade, H. Goring
Narrandera East:— J. Brown (capt.), J. Askwith, J. Hutchins, S. Day, J. Larkins, Bob Hutchins, F. Malcolm, P. Bushby, A. Treloar, J Treloar, A. Headlam, W. Longmore, S. Lawrence, N. McNeill, W. Stewart, B. Turner, J. Hayes, B. Curry, W. Babbs, J. Miller, J. Quirk
Umpire: T. S. Mitchell (VFL). Programme sales £21 @ 1/- 
Match report: After having a nine point lead five minutes before the final bell, Griffith was defeated on Sunday last by Narrandera Easts by 41 points to 38 points. The match was played on the Narrandera Sports Ground and was one of the most exciting seen in that town for years. The Melbourne umpire, Mr. T. S. Mitchell, wrote the following in his report:— "A good game, played hard and fast, but in a good sporting spirit. My congratulations to both teams." Stan Day, of Narrandera, was an outstanding player. He was a veritable Gibraltar in the path of the Griffith attackers.
Juniors: Griffith did not have a full team and were easily defeated by Narrandera, the final scores being 15. 5. — 95 pts to 2. 3. — 15 pts.
Best players: Narrandera: Harold Lake, T Couch, R Sullivan, Athol Charlesworth.
Griffith: John Smith, Eddie Forrestal, Bobby Hoggard, Maurie Nolan
Cycle Race: Two track races promoted by the Narrandera Cycle Club were held during the intervals of the above games, attracting good entries from Griffith and Narrandera, and some exciting racing, with close finishes, resulted as follows: — Half mile Handicap: — F. O'Connor (Griffith) scratch, 1st; S. Volke (Griffith), 60 yds, 2nd; T. Hines (Narandera) 35 yds, 3rd. Won by inches 16 starters. One Mile Handicap: — J. Connell (Narandera) 65 yds, 1; S. Volke (Griffith) 120 yds, 2; F. O'Connor (Griffith) scr., 3rd. 

LDFA Preliminary Final - Sunday August 4, 1935 at Scenic Hill Oval, Griffith
Leeton ......................... 1.4 .. 9.8 .. 9.8 .. 13.11 (89)
Narrandera Easts ...  2.4 .. 3.4 .. 9.10 .. 9.10 (64)

Goals: Leeton: Jack A. McAuliffe 5, Jack Curtis 4, Lionel Hastie 3, Stan Greenham
Narrandera: Bob Hutchins 2,  Jack Askwith 2, John Miller 2, Alby Treloar, Jack Larkins, Jack Brown
Umpire: Mr. Bob Smith (VFL)
Leeton: — J. A. McAuliffe (capt), L. Hastie, B. Roberts, R. Smith, C. Brown, R. Younger, C. Dacey, J. A. Lang, R. Petts, L Barry, A. Wiseman, G. Wardman, N. Boyd, R. Monfries, J. Malcolm, J. Curtis, W. O'Brien and S. Greenham
Narrandera Easts: — J. Brown (capt), F. Malcolm, J. Askwith, S. Day, J. Larkins, Bob Hutchins, J. Hutchins, P. Bushby, A. Headlam, A. Treloar, J. Treloar, J. Hayes, N. McNeil, W. Stuart, S. Lawrence, J. Quirk, J. Miller, D. Turner; W. Babbs 19th
Match report: For Narandera Bob Hutchins, Jack Askwith and Stan Day were the outstanding players; while good work was put in by the Treloar brothers, Alby being continually on the ball. Perc Bushby, a tall young player also put in some useful work. For Leeton the whole team showed good form, and considering the unpleasant weather conditions, kept in their places very well. This had much to do with the tricolors' success. Bob Monfries and Ralph Smith rucked well. Stan Greenham played excellently on the wing. Among the young players G. Wardman and J. Malcolm played good games. McAuliffe was on the top of his form both in defence and as a goal kicker. Hastie played brilliant football, although his injured leg did not permit him to rise high off the ground when going for a mark. 
Juniors: Griffith 5.10 (40) def Leeton 2.8 (20)

LDFA Grand Final - Sunday August 11, 1935 at Leeton Cricket Ground 
Fivebough ..... 0.5 .. 3.6 .. 5.9 .. 8.11 (59) 
Leeton ........... 2.2 .. 5.6 .. 7.7 .. 10.10 (70)

Goals: Fivebough: Eddie Luhrs 3, R Robinson 2, Pat Wilson, Bill Speakman, Jim O'Callaghan 
Leeton: Jack A McAuliffe 3, Albert Wiseman 2, Jack Curtis 2, William Barry, Jack Colman, Jack Schwab 
Best players: Fivebough: Eddie Luhrs 
Leeton: Jack A. McAuliffe, Jack Colman 
Umpire: Drysdale (VFL) 
Fivebough:— W. Speakman (capt), C. Taylor, G. Sharp, R. Fuller, J. Gladman, J. Geltch, R. Robinson, E. Wilson, J. O'Callaghan, W. Stunning, G. Presley, W. Fuller, E. Luhrs, G. O'Sullivan, C. Hopley, J. Dare, R. Riseborough, W. Bell (19th) 
Leeton:— J. A. McAuliffe (capt), L. Hastie, J. Schwab, R. Smith, C. Brown, J. Colman, R. Younger, C. Dacey, W. O'Brien, B. Roberts, R. Petts, W. Barry, A. Wiseman, G. Wardman, S. Greenham, R. Monfries, J. Curtis, J. Malcolm, N. Boyd (19th).
Match report: A great crowd, beautiful  weather, and brilliant football made everything well nigh perfect for the grand final of the Kinloch Cup Competition played on the Leeton Cricket Ground on Sunday last. In a thilling grand final Leeton defeated Fivebough by 11 points for the premiership. Fivebough was without the services of Jack McAuliffe, who was greatly missed, the teams were at their full strength. Leeton become the holders of the Kinloch Cup, which has to be won twice in succession or three times in all. Fivebough has won one cup outright and has won this trophy once. The umpire, Mr. Drysdale, of the Victorian League, kept play open and fast. He was greatly pleased with the standard of play, which was equal to the best outside of Melbourne, and above that seen in the country leagues.
Juniors: Narrandera 8.6 (54) def Whitton 7.6 (42)
The early match between Narrandera and Whitton, was equally as exciting. The scores were close from start to finish, Narrandera being lucky enough to win on the bell. The Cabaret Cup, donated by Mr. O. G. Washington, was handed over to the winners, the captain, Doug  Barnett, receiving the trophy on be half of the Narrandera Club. Mr. Paddy Cairns, who umpired this early match, was complimented by the Melbourne umpire, on the splendid way he controlled the game.  
LDFA Best & Fairest: Alf Austee, the nippy rover of the Griffith Club, won the Schier and Sons cup for the best and fairest player. This award was made on the votes cast by the umpires. Each umpire placed the name of the player it favoured in a sealed envelope after every game in the round of home and away matches. Thirty votes were cast, of which Alf Anstee received six, with Lionel Hastie second with three. There were 15 other players named. Mr. Schier handed the trophy to the winner during the interval on Sunday last.


Alf Anstee, George Anstee, Bill Barry, Bruce Briggs, Doug Briggs, Wal. Cameron, Art. Campbell, Albert Cripps, Pat Cummins, Jack Daines, Bruce Dawes, Ed. Dempsey jnr., Dave H. Evans, Bates Flood, Frank Ford, Harold Goring, Martin Hickey, Len. A. Johnson, Archie Lind, L. McCreddan, G. Millar, Jim Parker, Les Rouse, Bob Stevenson, Charlie Track, Walter H. Thompson, Bill Vaughan, George Wade, W. G. Walker.


Debuts: Alf Anstee, George Anstee, Bill Barry, Bruce Briggs, Pat Cummins, Bruce Dawes, Bates Flood, Harold Goring, Len. A. Johnson, L. McCreddan, G. Millar, Jim Parker, Les Rouse, Charlie Track, Walter H. Thompson, W. G. Walker. 
Final Games: George Anstee, Doug Briggs, Wal. Cameron, Jack Daines, Ed. Dempsey jnr., Bates Flood, Frank Ford, Len A. Johnson, G. Millar, Bob Stevenson, Charlie Track, Bill Vaughan, W. G. Walker.


A matter of a year ago, on April the 2nd of last year to be exact, twenty Australian Rules enthusiasts gathered at the Hotel Victoria to hear a suggestion I had to offer in reference to calling a conference at Leeton to discuss linking up with Narrandera and Leeton in an inter-town competition. 
That this conference was held, and a most successful and progressive competition arranged and carried out is a memory fresh in the minds of all of us. 
The fact of Griffith, together with Narrandera, linking up with the L.D.F.A. has proved a milestone of great importance in the history of Australian Rules not only in Griffith, but in the Riverina generally, for this competition has in its first year made football history. 
We in Griffith had been repeatedly assured that there would be no Australian Rules in Griffith during 1935. The Griffith club, in its reorganised form, can boast of having had a season during 1935 which proved a record one for many years, and I tell you now, with every confidence, that the 1936 season will be a still greater success. 
Griffith will play faster, more systematic football than has ever been seen in this town at any previous time. We will see Griffith the hardest team that Narrandera and Leeton's brilliant teams will have to meet, and, perhaps even more important, Griffith will finish the 1936 season in a sound financial position.  
The gate at our first home match last season, although played on a very wet day, was greater than that of any competition day during the previous year. The greatest gate was 350 per cent greater than that of the premiership gate for the previous year (1934). 
Our answer to those severe critics who suggested there would be no Australian Rules team during 1935 was to finish in third place in the final four of a good class competition and on one afternoon to field a team in each of three towns on one day - Griffith against Bundawong, a junior team at Leeton, and a A grade team at Narrandera. 
I assure the members most honestly that if they all pull their weight, Griffith must come out with a credit balance this season, but don't forget, chaps, this is an all-in job. 
In closing, I would like to thank the stalwarts of our club who did so much towards making the 1935 season so greatly successful, I would congratulate the players on the tremendous improvement in the standard of football played, and, as a gesture of appreciation to our associate clubs and their organisers, I would say: Well done, L.D.F.A. 
And last, but as not so far from least, I would thank very sincerely indeed those who helped to make our progress possible by financial and other help, particularly the Hotel Victoria, the 'Area News', and the cafe proprietors and retailers who were so generous in their help. I consider that the publicity and reports of our matches by the 'Area News' was a very great item in our successful season.

- by Hugh Johnson. (The Area News - April 21, 1936)

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