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The annual meeting of the Griffith and District Australian Rules Football Club will be held at the Lyceum Supper Room to-morrow (Wednesday) at 8 p.m.
The business of the evening will include the presentation of balance sheet, annual report, and the election of officers, delegates report from Leeton delegates' meeting, presentations of cups to players for 1935 season, and other general business.
In addition to having practically all of last years players to draw from, several new men are available, among them being several players from good clubs, including men who are considered classy forward line, full back and ruck players.
One matter of importance to be discussed is the fielding of B grade and junior teams in the Association fixtures and organising these grades.
The club secretary feels particularly confident of a record season for 1936. The prospects for finance and football were never brighter.



This handsome cup donated by the Melbourne Sun-News Pictorial was won by the Griffith juniors in a challenge game against Leeton juniors late last year.
Griffith juniors will have to defend the cup when challenged and Leeton may challenge for April 26.
B grade and junior teams for this year will be up to 1934 standard again and should do particularly well. An ex-Melbourne League seconds player has offered to coach the juniors and with the excellent material he has to handle a strong junior combination is assured.
The club committee and officers ask all players and supporters to come along on Wednesday night to give the season a one hundred per cent kick off.  (The Area News - Tuesday April 7, 1936).



The Griffith Australian Rules Club has secured the services of a brilliant Melbourne League player as captain and coach in the person of Norman Le Brun, formerly of Collingwood and Carlton.
Le Brun played with Collingwood in 1934, and for Carlton last year, and he has been training with Carlton this season when he accepted the Griffith club's offer. Collingwood and Carlton are both in the front rank in the Melbourne League competition.
Le Brun is considered one of the best footballers in the code in Victoria. He usually plays rover, and also plays either at centre or wing. His game is spectacular. With plenty of pace, he is brilliant in the air, fast and effective in ground play, and is both a right and left foot kick, with exceptional control of direction when snap kicking in running play.
As coach he is expected to prove of great value to both senior and junior teams, for he learned his football from Australia's greatest coach Jock McHale. And as a captain his brilliant play should prove an inspiration to the team he leads.
The Griffith Club secured Le Brun's services against strong competition from other centres.
The Area News - Tuesday April 28, 1936  


LDFA Round 1 -  Sunday May 3, 1936 at Leeton Cricket Ground
Leeton ...... 0.0 .. 6.3 .. 8.3 .. 8.4 (52)
Griffith ....  3.2 .. 6.9 .. 8.18 .. 12.24 (96)

Other match - Narrandera 17.14 (116) def Fivebough 9.17 (71), Whitton, bye.
Match report: In the first game of the Kinlock Cup competition can be taken as an indication of the standard of football to be looked forward to during the 1936 season, followers the code have a treat in-store for them during the next few months.
At Leeton on Sunday, Leeton fielded very near its strongest side, to be soundly beaten by Griffith. The victorious Griffith side, although the best-balanced side this club has fielded for years, will improve to an extent that promises to surprise heir opposing clubs when all the Griffith players are available.
Playing with dashing, vigorous football so dearly loved by every football fan, Norman Le Brun won the hearts of both Leeton and Griffith supporters, and with their eager response to his brainy leadership his team filled their new coach with rosy hopes of the final resting place of the premiership honours for this season.
Comments on the game by Norman Le Brun: ''It was a great game. The final scores were not indicative of the sterling game played by Leeton. Led by Lionel Hastie, who was among the best on the ground, this team, although short of a run at present will extend Griffith when these two teams met again.
I think our chaps played a little too vigorous football for their opponents, turning what looked like a neck and neck game into a good win. We more than held our own in the forward lines, and the back lines were brilliant. It was in the back line we won the match. The ruck was solid and effective, and the rovers Anstee and Wade, dominated the game.
It was a very even side, the best for Griffith were Alf Anstee and George Wade (roving), Jim Collis (ruck), Les Rouse and Bert Cripps (wing), Jim Parker (very solid at half-back), Bruce Dawes, Dave Evans and Bert Tucker (in the back lines), with Bill Barry playing a heady game at full-forward, which topped off his five goals. Leeton's best: Lionel Hastie, Jack McAuliffe, Cliff Brown, Albert Wiseman (the latter man outstanding)". 

LDFA Round 2 -  Sunday May 10, 1936
Griffith bye

Other match - Fivebough 7.10 (52) def Leeton 6.14 (50), Whitton 34 def by Narrandera 58.

LDFA Round 3 -  Sunday May 17, 1936 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ........ 3.0 .. 8.4 .. 13.9 ..17.15 (117)
Whitton ...... 3.2 .. 5.2 .. 11.2 .. 14.3 (87)

Other match - Leeton 82 def by Narrandera 84, Fivebough bye
Match report: The J. L. Sertori Cup, a really handsome trophy, was donated by well-known Griffith professional man as an award for the best and fairest player for the 1935 season. Alf Anstee, who also won the best and fairest in the Association, was the recipient of this worthy sought honour. The field umpire selects his choice of the teams each game, the player gaining most votes being the winner. Another handsome cup presented by Brown & Co., Cordial Manufacturers of Griffith, for the most gentlemanly and effective player for 1935 was presented to Art. Campbell.
One cannot speak too highly of these two brilliant, gentlemanly sportsmen. Each the idol of the crowd, Alf Anstee so much during  last season and this; Art Campbell throughout the nineteen seasons he has played. Cups which were won during the 1935 season were presented to Alf Anstee and Art. Campbell. Alf Anstee was elected vice-captain for 1936.
When Griffith took the field, Jim Collis was a noticeable absentee.  Both teams stood in silence for a brief period as a token of their sympathy for Jim Collis, as this so popular club man has lost his father on Saturday. Both players and spectators paid their gesture of silent sympathy.

LDFA Round 4 - Sunday May 24, 1936 at Leeton Cricket Ground
Fivebough ..... 1.2 .. 3.4 .. 4.8 .. 7.12 (54)
Griffith ........... 2.1 .. 2.3 .. 7.6 .. 8.9 (57)

Umpire: Arthur Harding (Leeton)
Reserves: Leeton 42 def Griffith 19 

Other match - Whitton 5.8 (38) def by Leeton 5.9 (39), Narrandera bye
Match report: From a clean, open game in the first quarter, the match on the Leeton Cricket Ground on Sunday last, developed to a fast, and furious battle in the final term, when elbowing and other rough tactics were permitted by umpire "Curley" Harding. The coach of the Griffith Club, Norman Le Brun, who played a great game to advert defeat, said he had never taken part in such a rough game before, as he ached from head to toe.

LDFA Round 5 -  Sunday May 31, 1936 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera .... 2.2 .. 7.9 .. 8.9 .. 10.13 (73)
Griffith ............. 5.1 .. 6.3 .. 8.8 .. 9.9 (63)

Reserves: Griffith 72 d Narrandera 8 

Other match - Fivebough 11.21 (87) def Whitton 6.11 (47), Leeton bye
Match report: In a splendid game of football on the sports ground on Sunday, before a large crowd of spectators, Narrandera defeated Griffith by 10 points. The teams were evenly matched, and much interest was taken in the appearance of the respective captain and coaches, Norman Le Brun, of Collingwood, and Ray McEachen, of South Melbourne, and both acquitted himself admirably. All the Narrandera team played well, but some of them were inclined to wander from their positions, and one or two jostled opponents unnecessarily. Ray McEachen was outstanding and rendered excellent service in defence and attack. George Mackenzie was another who stood out, he is being very nippy. Frank Adams, Alan Headlam, Jack Larkins, Jack Hutchins, Frank Malcolm, and Bill Longmore were prominent, while of the younger players Blue Terry and Quirk shaped well. McEachen kicked six goals. Norman Le Brun proved himself to be a class player and a good general for Griffith. Alf Anstee, Bill Barry, Jim Parker, Pat Cummins, Bruce Dawes, Art. Campbell and Eddie Forestal were among those who also played well. Barry was seen at his best as a forward; he bagged eight goals. "Dood" Osmond was an impartial umpire.
A sporting gesture on the part of three officials of the Griffith Club was to visit Mr. Jack Brown, a former Narrandera captain, at his home to ascertain if he had recovered from injuries sustained recently in an accident on the railway. Prior to the above match, the Narrandera junior team defeated the Griffith juniors by 72 to 8. For Narrandera, W. Babbs, J. Bynon, Cliff McGeady, S. Scott and Norden were best, while Jim Cottle did some good work in the ruck. The best players for Griffith were Neville Daines, Neil Evans, Bobby Hoggard, Bill Blair and Maurie Nolan. 

LDFA Round 6 - Sunday June 14, 1936 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith .... 3.2 .. 5.2 .. 6.3 .. 7.5 (47)
Leeton .... 0.2 .. 3.2 .. 6.6 .. 10.12 (72)

Reserves: Griffith 24 d Leeton 14 (June 7)

Other match - Fivebough 12.19 (91) def Narrandera 5.12 (42), Whitton bye

LDFA Round 7 - Sunday June 21, 1936 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith bye

Other matches - Leeton 13.12 (90) def Fivebough 10.7 (67), Narrandera 17,14 (116) def Whitton 4.3 (27).
Reserves: Griffith 1.2 (8) lost to Leeton 2.7 (19)
Best players: Griffith: J and N Burke, S Webster, J Smith, R Shaw
Leeton: Palmer, Watkins, Neil, Lonnie, Myott, Schier

Cup match: Griffith 149 def Merriwagga FA 22.

Ganmain Knock Out Carnival - Monday June 29, 1936 at Ganmain Sportsground
R1: Ganmain 35 d Ariah Park 22, Oaklands d Ariah Park No. 2, Coolamon 23 d Wagga 8, Mangoplah 39 d Matong 19, Ganmain 2nds 29 d Leeton 2nds 2, Narrandera 34 d Barellan District 33, Berrigan 17 d Leeton 14, Griffith bye. 
R2: Ganmain 35 d Oaklands 16, Mangoplah 36 d Coolamon 12, Griffith 32 d Ganmain 2nds 12, Narrandera 37 d Berrigan 14
S-F: Ganmain 39 d Narrandera 35, Mangoplah 50 d Griffith 23
Final: Mangoplah 36 d Ganmain 28. Gate takings: £160

LDFA Round 8 - Sunday July 5, 1936 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ........... 3.2 .. 3.2 .. 6.7 .. 6.7 (43)
Fivebough .... 2.1 .. 3.4 .. 4.5 .. 4.12 (36)

Best players: Griffith: N Le Brun, J Collis, A Anstee, W Barry
Fivebough: E Wilson, J McAuliffe, S Garrett, R Luhrs

Other match - Leeton 8.13 (61) def Whitton 5.6 (36), Narrandera bye
Reserves: Griffith 0 lost to Leeton 17

Match report: Fivebough, without 'Scroggs' Hopley, Roy Poulsen, Jack Lang and their captain, George Sharp, journeyed to Griffith on Sunday last, and although beaten put up a great performance. Buddy Saunders umpired a clean game, making a good job of it, particularly when at times Griffith had as many as ten men on the ball.    

LDFA Round 9 - Sunday July 12, 1936 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ............. 4.2 .. 9.5 .. 10.9 .. 17.10 (112)
Narrandera .... 2.5 .. 8.7 .. 11.9 .. 13.10 (88)

Other match - Whitton 1.7 (13) def by Fivebough 9.3 (57), Leeton bye
Match report: The surprise of the day was at Griffith, where the home team defeated Narrandera by 24 points. At half time there was very little between the scores, Griffith having kicked 9 goals 5 behinds (59) to Narrandera's 8 goals 7 behinds (53). At three quarter time Narrandera led by 75 to 69, but in the fourth quarter, when Narrandera had two players on the injured list Griffith got a break, scoring 7 goals 1 behind to 2 goals 1 behind, and ran off easy winners. The Narrandera reserve grade team on Saturday night decided not to make the trip to Griffith, and forfeited to that team.

LDFA Round 10 - Sunday July 19, 1936 at Whitton Recreation Ground 
Whitton ....  2.0 .. 4.1 .. 5.1 .. 6.6 (42)
Griffith .....  1.3 .. 3.3 .. 5.3 .. 5.4 (34)

Other match - Narrandera 10.9 (69) def Leeton 6.12 (48), Fivebough bye

Challenge Match - Sunday August 2, 1936 at Goolgowi
Merriwagga Association vs Griffith

Club report: Friend and previous club mates of Jim Nash, who was the coach during 1934 of Griffith's Australian Rules team will be sorry to hear of his having sustained torn leg muscles and a broken finger whilst playing in Melbourne League for Geelong. The mishap occurred some weeks back and Nash is again in action, having had his first run with the Geelong second eighteen last Saturday. Jim Nash sends a cheerio to all his Griffith friends, hearty congratulations to the Griffith team for their success this season and wishes the team the best of luck in the finals.
Griffith will journey to Goolgowi on Sunday to meet the combined Merriwagga team in a return match. The coach, Norman Le Brun, who has been confined to his bed as a result of the last game at Whitton, is on the mend and able to get along better. Team list will be posted at Hugh Johnson's, 24 Banna Avenue or Jack Wood's, Hotel Griffith Buildings.  The team will leave the Hotel Victoria at one o'clock.
The Griffith seconds will travel to Leeton, where they will meet the  Narrandera reserves in the first semi-final of the reserve's competition. This game will form a curtain-raiser for the first semi-final of the Kinlock Cup competition, in which Leeton and Fivebough, the third and fourth teams, will measure swords. The winner of this match will then have to meet the loser of Sunday week's second semi-final, when Narrandera and Griffith are to meet at Leeton, the special train leaving at 12.10. 
The Griffith second eighteen in an early match at 1.30 pm. will be selected from the following: N. Evans, R. Shaw, J. Smith, H. McLean, W. Blair, L. McCreddan, J. Daines, N. Burke, K. McKenzie, M. Nolan, J. Forrestal, R. Tasker, W. Tuddenham, J. Fuller, R. Bloomfield, C. Hamilton, C. Cameron, S. Webster, R. Hughes.
The chances of all four teams in the finals of the Kinlock Cup competition are particularly even. The general opinion is that Griffith should possibly prove the hardest team to beat. Narrandera is considered Griffith's toughest rival. But with the ringcraft and position play of Leeton, and Fivebough's fast, rugged play to consider, there really seem little to choose between the four.
One fact is definite, however, with the rivalry so keen, and the chances as even as they certainly are, the premiership honours of the 1936 season would seem likely to be carried off by the best-trained side.
Fivebough were beaten in the grand final last year through lack of training during a three weeks' rest before the grand final. Fivebough men were quicker to the ball than Leeton, but fumbled and lost through not handling cleanly - through being that shade out of touch that loses so many close games.
On paper, Griffith has definitely the fastest and most resourceful team in the Association. There is not one team that Griffith need fear providing Griffith is at its top but a half-trained Griffith side risks meeting defeat.

LDFA First Semi Final - Sunday August 2, 1936 at Leeton Cricket Ground 
Fivebough .... 7.4 .. 9.6 .. 13.15 .. 13.18 (96)
Leeton .......... 1.0 .. 4.7 .. 5.10 .. 7.14 (56)

Goals: Fivebough: E Wilson 5, J O'Callaghan 3, R Luhrs 2, R Poulsen, J Gladman, L Byrnes
Leeton: J Colman 3, L Hastie 2, W Barry 2
Best players: Fivebough: G Sharp, E Wilson, R Poulsen, C Hopley, J McAuliffe
Leeton: J Colman, C Brown, A Wiseman, L Hastie
Leeton:— Lionel Hastie (capt.), J. Fulton, Richie Younger, Cliff Brown, C. Taylor, R. Petts, Albert Wiseman, Alan Borger, W. O'Brien, W. Barry, J. Madden, L. Madden, Jack Curtis, Jack Colman, J. A. McAuliffe, R. Smith, R. Hayes, J. Malcolm, Bob Monfries, Bert Roberts, G. Wardman and A. Malcolm
Fivebough:— George Sharp (capt), Roy Fuller (vice-capt), 'Pat' E. Wilson, Len Byrnes, K. Reberger, Roy Poulsen, Stan Carrett, Jack Gladman, E. Gladman, Jack Geltch, Alf Geltch, Jim O'Callaghan, M. Traynor, Harold Lonnie, Ron Luhrs, Cec 'Scroggs' Hopley, Wattie Fuller, George O'Sullivan, Jack Lang, Dave Lang, Alan. McCormack, Jack McAuliffe 
Match report: Although the weather was fine, a strong gusty wind blowing down the field, marred the attractiveness of what was expected to be a brilliant semi-final, instead of which the play for the greater part hung around the goal posts, at the southern end. Fivebough took full advantage of the wind by scoring 7 goals 4 behinds in the opening term to one goal and Leeton was beaten. Mr. F. H. Matson, of Melbourne, umpired the game splendidly.
Reserves: Owning to the train being overcrowded, half the Griffith reserve grade team were left behind on Sunday and Narrandera had an easy win in the first semi-final of the Cabaret Cup competition. The final score were 7 goals 8 to 2 goals.


LDFA Second Semi Final - Sunday August 9, 1936 at Leeton Cricket Ground
Narrandera .... 3.4 .. 5.7 .. 12.9 .. 16.11 (107)
Griffith ............. 2.5 .. 3.6 .. 3.13 ..  4.20 (44)

Goals: Narrandera: G Mackenzie 3, Reg Hutchins 3, J Hutchins 3, R McEachen, Ron Hutchins, J Bynon, J Larkins, B Terry
Griffith: W Barry 2, A Anstee, M Hickey
Best players: Narrandera: Hutchins Brothers, S Day, J Larkins, R McEachen
Griffith: N Le Brun
Narrandera: Ray McEachen (capt.), Jack Larkins, Ron, Reg, Jack and Bob Hutchins, Les Mulcahy, Bill Woolnough, Frank Malcolm, Toby Black, Athol Charlesworth, Stan Day, George MacKenzie, Beres Turner, Jack Askwith, Jack Bynon, Blue Terry, Dave Grimmond
Griffith: Norm Le Brun (capt.), Alf Anstee, Mick Cummins, Jim Collis, Art. Campbell, Martin Hickey, Bill Barry, Doug Briggs, Eddie Forrestal, George Wade, Joe Cosgriff, John Smith, K. Gardiner, Pat Cummins, W. H. Smith, Bruce Briggs, Bruce Dawes, Bert Cripps
Umpire: F. H.  Matson (VFL)
Reports: Les Mulcahy, fullback of the Narrandera was reported by umpire Matson, for intentionally striking Norm Le Brun, captain of Griffith with his elbow - suspended for 1 game and fined 10/-.
Reserves (1 v S-F loser): Leeton 2.11 (23) def Griffith 2.1 (13)
Match report: Beautiful weather favoured the second semi-final of the Kinlock Cup competition, and a big crowd assembled at the Leeton Cricket Ground on Sunday to witness a fast moving game between Griffith and Narrandera. The latter team had a easy win 63 points. The game, however, was not as one-sided as indicated. For the four 25-minute quarters the pressure and speed were maintained, and the public were treated to some daring aerial work by the high flyers in both team. Griffith sharp-shooters were off the mark and must accept the blame for the severity of their team's defeat. The outstanding player on the field was the Griffith coach, Norman Le Brun. A ball of muscle, he appeared to be every where the ball bounced. Playing smart football, he was too quick with his stab kicks for a number of his teammates, particularly the goal sneak, Bill Barry. 

LDFA Preliminary Final - Sunday August 16, 1936 at Leeton Cricket Ground
Griffith ........... 3.6 .. 6.10 .. 9.17 .. 10.20 (80)
Fivebough .... 5.1 .. 8.7 .. 11.10 .. 17.13 (115)

Goals: Griffith: W Barry 4, N Le Brun 4, A Anstee, J Smith
Fivebough: E Wilson 7, J O'Callaghan 3, R Poulsen 3, A McCormack 2, J Geltch, J Lang
 players: Griffith: N Le Brun, A Anstee, M Hickey, K Gardiner, G Wade, B Briggs
Fivebough: G Sharp, E Wilson, R Poulsen, C Hopley, J Lang
Griffith: Norm Le Brun (capt.), Alf Anstee (v-c), Mick Cummins, Jim Collis, Art. Campbell, Martin Hickey, Bill Barry, Doug Briggs, Eddie Forrestal, George Wade, Joe Cosgriff, John Smith, K. Gardiner, Pat Cummins, W. V. Smith, Bruce Briggs, Bruce Dawes, Bert Cripps
Fivebough: George Sharp (capt.), Roy Fuller (v-c), 'Pat' Wilson, Len Byrnes, Roy Poulsen, Stan Carrett, Alan McCormack, Jack Geltch, Jack Gladman, Cec 'Scroggs' Hopley, Jim O'Callaghan, Dave Lang, J McAliece, Wattie Fuller, Ron Luhrs, George O'Sullivan, Jack Lang, K. Reberger, Harold Lonnie
Umpire: F. H. Matson (VFL)
Reserves (loser 2nd s-f v winner 1st s-f): Narrandera 5.8 (38) def Griffith 2.2 (14)
Match report: All the brilliance of the Australian football game was seen in the fast-moving and rapid-scoring, final, played on the Leeton Cricket Ground on Sunday last, when Fivebough defeated Griffith 17.13 — 115 points to 10.20—80 points. The teams were equally matched and the result was in doubt until the start of the last quarter, when some of the Griffith players commenced to show tiredness, giving 'Boughs an opportunity to increase their lead by five goals. Even then the final figures reveal that each side had 30 scoring shots. The victors, however, registered 17 majors to 10, each of which counted six points, as against one point for behind. The umpire, Mr. F. H. Matson, of Melbourne, controlled the game splendidly and gave general satisfaction. The players, too, gave of their best and treated the large attendance of the public, to some wonderful high marking, clean passing and long kicking. The ground was in perfect, condition and the weather beautiful. We take our hats off to the Fivebough boys, particularly as they are all locals, for the victory which came their way through playing good football. To the losers: 'You were brilliant in defeat.' 

LDFA Grand Final  Sunday August 23, 1936 at Leeton Cricket Ground 
Narrandera ... 0.6 .. 5.9 .. 7.10 .. 10.14 (74)
Fivebough ..... 3.4 .. 5.5 .. 9.9 .. 12.12 (84)

Goals: Narrandera: J Hutchins 2, Ron Hutchins 2, M Johnson 2, J Bynon, G MacKenzie, J Larkins, R McEachen
Fivebough: J O'Callaghan 4, R Poulsen 3, R Luhrs 2, E Wilson, J Geltch, J Lang
Best: Narrandera: R McEachen, Ron Hutchins, T Black
Fivebough: G Sharp, R Poulsen, J Geltch, J Gladman, J Lang
Narrandera: Ray McEachen (capt.), Jack Larkins, Ron, Reg, Jack and Bob Hutchins, Les Mulcahy, Bill Woolnough, Frank Malcolm, Toby Black, Athol Charlesworth, Stan Day, George MacKenzie, Martin Johnson, Jack Askwith, Jack Bynon, Alan Headlam, Dave Grimmond; W Leighton
Fivebough: George Sharp (capt.), Keith Reberger, Jack Geltch, 'Pat' Wilson, Harold Lonnie, Ron Luhrs, Jack Gladman, Len Byrnes, Jack McAuliffe, Roy Poulsen, Stan Carrett, Alan McCormack,  Cec 'Scroggs' Hopley, Jim O'Callaghan, Jack Lang, Dave Lang, Wattie Fuller, George O'Sullivan; M Traynor 
Umpire: F. H. Matson (VFL).  Gate: £44/-/- @ 1/- 
Reserves: Narrandera 10.2 (62) d Leeton 5.19 (49)
As premiers Dave Barnett (capt.) received the Caberet Cup 
Umpire: Arthur Harding (Leeton)


Alf Anstee, Bill Barry, Bruce Briggs, Doug Briggs, Bill Brown, Jack Burke, Col. Cameron, Art. Campbell, Jim Collis, Joe Cosgriff, Bert Cripps, Mick 'Ike' Cummins, Pat Cummins, Bruce Dawes, Dave H. Evans, Eddie Forrestal, K. Gardiner, Harold Goring, Colin Hamilton, Martin Hickey, Bobby Hoggard, Robert Hughes, Tom Kelly, Norm Le Brun, L. McCreddan, Jim Parker, Les Rouse,, Cecil V. Smith, John Z. Smith, W. H. Smith, Bert Tucker, Wally Tuddenham, George Wade, Les Wardle. 


Debuts: Bill Brown, Jack Burke, Joe Cosgriff, Eddie Forrestal, K. Gardiner, Colin Hamilton, Bobby Hoggard, Robert Hughes, Norm Le Brun, Cecil V. Smith, John Z. Smith, W. H. Smith, Bert Tucker, Wally Tuddenham, Les Wardle. 
Final Games: Doug Briggs, Joe Cosgriff, Bert Cripps, K. Gardiner, Harold Goring, Colin Hamilton, Martin Hickey, Bobby Hoggard, Robert Hughes, Tom Kelly, Norm Le Brun, L. McCreddan, Les Rouse, Bert Tucker, Wally Tuddenham.

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