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LDFA Round 1 - Sunday May 8, altered, at Leeton Showground
Leeton ....... 1.1 .. 4.5 .. 8.6 .. 10.9 (69)
Griffith ...... 1.3 .. 4.10 .. 4.12 ..6.16 (52)

Best players: Leeton: Lionel Hastie, Jack Colman, Cliff Brown, L Phillips
Griffith: Alf Anstee, Snowy Thompson
Umpire: W Taylor (Leeton)

Other matches - Darlington Point 6.3 (39) def by Whitton 8.10 (58), Narrandera 12.17 (89) def Fivebough 8.11 (59).
Match report: Meeting the Leeton 18 at Leeton last Sunday, the first Leeton District F.A. (Kinlock Cup) competition game was played. Griffith leading during the first three quarters were unable to stay the full distance, Leeton finished winning by 17 points. I would like to emphasise the fact of Griffith being short of a run were beaten in the last quarter. This point is mentioned in the hope that it may do something towards getting the this season's players into the so necessary serious training. During the last four or five seasons the Griffith team has sadly neglected its training and has lost games after game during the final quarter, after having definitely outplayed the opposition side up to that period. In Sunday's game it was good to see the way three or four of this year's newcomers played. Ernest Schmetzer at centre and Ted Harris as rover were of great value to the team playing excellent football. Jim Collis and Bill Brown were solid and effective in rucks, more than holding their own. Roy Besley playing his first game for Griffith did a splendid job in the back line, as did the half back Hector Robinson another new player from Mooroopna in the Shepparton competition.
LDFA Round 2 - Sunday May 15, 1938 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ...................... 2.2 .. 4.4 .. 6.5 .. 7.7 (49)
Darlington Point .... 2.2 .. 4.4 .. 7.6 .. 8.7 (55)

Umpire: H. D. Hume (Binya)

Other matches - Fivebough 9.6 (60) drew Leeton 9.6 (60), Narrandera 9.19 (73) def Whitton 6.6 (42).
Match reports: The game in which Griffith was beaten by Darlington Point was played on the new Showground and the players found it good going. As time goes on and the surface gets a more even growth of grass this will be the best ground in the Association. Favourable comments were heard from all sides. The game itself was rather disappointing from the Griffith point of view. The players were strange to one another and failed to play as a team, but more as individuals. One big fault was the starving of the wing men, who if they wanted a kick, had to go to the centre for it which caused the play to become crowded and far from spectacular. This will be altered, and the next showing will no doubt be a long way better. Griffith are looking for a half forward and full back to make a really good team. The scores right through the game were very even. First one team then the other was a point or two in the lead and the Point its win by five points. Good passing move right on time gave them the winning points.

LDFA Round 3 - Sunday May 22, 1938 at Griffith Showground 
Griffith ...... 0.3 .. 1. 3 .. 4.7 .. 5.10 (40)
Whitton .... 0.0 .. 3.2 .. 4.5 .. 6.10 (46)

Best players: Griffith: Alf Anstee, Hutchins Brothers, Hector Robinson, Stan Green and Eddie Forrestal
Whitton: Lew Thompson and Percy "Ike" Weaven
Umpire: H Osmond (Narrandera)

Other matches - Darlington Point 10.11 (71) def Fivebough 9.12 (66), Leeton 5.9 (39) def Narrandera 6.7 (43).
Match report: Griffith fielded a very poor team on Sunday against Whitton in the Aussie Rules Competition game. Four men being hurt against Darlington Point and two men picked did not turn up, which left the selectors in a quandary. They played the first quarter with one man short. The management committee must deal drastically with men who let their team mates down without any evident reason. The game was a great deal better than last week's, being much more open and therefore much more spectacular. Whitton ran out winners on the last minute by 1 goal. The new ground is turning out a success from a "gate" and well as a playing point of view.

LDFA Round 4 - Sunday May 29, 1938 at Leeton Showground
Fivebough ..... 3.2 .. 3.5 .. 7.9 .. 9.12 (66)
Griffith ........... 1.0 .. 1.2 .. 1.4 .. 3.13 (31)

Goals: Fivebough: Dick Taylor 4, Jack Geltch 2, Pat Wilson, Jim O'Callaghan, George O'SulIivan
Griffith: Alf Anstee 3
Umpire: R Monfries (Leeton)

Other matches - Narrandera 13.15 (93) def Darlington Point 4.4 (28), Whitton 9.11 (65) def by Leeton 10.13 (73).
Match report: Fivebough secured its first win of the season by defeating Griffith 66 points to 31 points. The game was very disappointing and play for the greater part was uninteresting. The visitors had a few good players, who were not given any support and the result was a fore gone conclusion. This was a pity as Fivebough was on its toes to register a win and the crowd would have liked to see them extended. For Griffith the best players were Alf Anstee, "Pouncer" Wade (junior), "Snowy" Thompson and their new forward Hector Robinson. The latter plays vigorous football, and it was not good tactics to shift him out of the full forward position. For the winners Jack Geltch was the outstanding player. He continually intercepted the ball and turned the play into his team's favor. Dick Taylor was very alert in the forward line, scoring four goals.

LDFA Round 5 - Sunday June 5, 1938 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera .... 3.1 .. 4.5 .. 5.10 .. 8.17 (65)
Griffith ............. 1.1 .. 3.2 .. 8.4 .. 9.6 (60)

Best players: Narrandera: Perc Bushby, Stan Day, Harry Adams
Griffith: Alf Anstee, Fred Savage, Jack Ledger
Umpire: R Monfries (Leeton)

Other matches - Darlington Point 10.10 (70) def by Leeton 11.9 (75), Fivebough 15.20 (110) def Whitton 7.7 (49).
Match report: In a thrilling game throughout, Narrandera managed to hold Griffith over the final stages to win by a small margin. Narrandera's men were always faster to the ball, and their marking, especially on the back lines carried them to victory. Perc Bushby and Stan Day were again in good form for Narrandera, frequently defending successfully against strong Griffith attacks and often initiating good moves for their team-mates to carry out.  Harry Adams frequently came under notice for his sound defence as fullback and good kicking off. Ripper Bynon revealed his best form to date this season and had the distinction of kicking the goal which put Narrandera in front in the last quarter. Alf Anstee was in rare form for Griffith and was the pivot of his team's attack. Fred Savage, who recently transferred from the Narrandera Imperials, owing to his removal to Griffith (fireman on the railways), made himself conspicuous in his first game for his new team, as also did Jack Ledger, who for many years was outstanding for Matong. Jack Langtry (5 goals), Eddie Forrestal, Pouncer Wade (junior), Snowy Thompson, and Bob Hutchins were among others who did effective work for Griffith.

Ganmain Knock out Carnival - Monday June 13, 1938 at Ganmain Sportsground
First Round: Walleroobie won on a forfeit from Barellan, Ganmain 5.0. d North Wagga-Marrar 0.2, Mangoplah 3.3 d Ariah Park 1.1, Fivebough 4.2 d Coolamon 1.6, Narrandera 4.6 d Griffith 2.5, Oaklands and Ungarie did not turn up.
Second Round: Walleroobie 20 d Ganmain 14, Mangoplah 7.3 d Fivebough 2.3, Narrandera 4.6 d Wagga Reserves 2.0, Ariah Park 5.5 d Griffith 2.5.
Semi-Finals: Mangoplah d Walleroobie, Ariah Park 5.4 d Narrandera 3.3.
Final: Mangoplah 2.7 (19) d Ariah Park 1.5 (11)
Match report: The Australian Rules Knockout Competition held at Ganmaln, attracted a big crowd of spectators, the gate takings being £150. All the games were vigorously fought out and there was a continuous programme of interesting and enjoyable football. The carnival was well organised and staged without a hitch. The winning team was Mangoplah, who collected the first prize of £50. The runner-up was Ariah Park, who were lucky enough to get a second lease of life; their prize was £15. Narrandera and Walleroobie, who ran into the semi-finals, each collected £5. Fivebough got through the first round by defeating Coolamon, but were bumped out of the competition when they met Mangoplah. Griffith were beaten by Narrandera in the first round. The names of the four losing teams were placed in the hat and the district councillor, Mr. A. G. Enticknap was asked to draw two out. The names of Griffith and Ariah Park came out and they were allowed back into the competition. Ariah Park defeated Griffith and entered the semi-final. The rules of the competition debarred Leeton and Fivebough from combining as one team. Griffith was able to draw on Darlington Point and Whitton.

LDFA Round 6 - Sunday June 19, 1938 at Griffith Showground 
Griffith .... 1.2 .. 2.3 .. 6.5 .. 7.5 (47)
Leeton ..... 0.1 .. 3.3 .. 4.4 .. 6.6 (42)

Best players: Griffith: Hutchins Bros, Alf Anstee, George Redding, Bruce Dawes, Fred Savage
Leeton: Lionel Hastie, Cliff Brown, Jack Colman, Joe Browne, Tom Peacock, Geoff Block
Umpire: W Taylor (Leeton)

Other matches - Fivebough 7.11 (53) def Narrandera 5.9 (39), Whitton 4.3 (27) def by Darlington Point 5.16 (46).
Match report: After losing five games in the first half round, all those matches by narrow margins, Griffith Australian Rules team at last have broken the ice, and with better combination all round should have no difficulty in gaining a place in the four, before the semi-finals. On Sunday Griffith defeated Leeton by five points. The standard of football could not be expected to be good owing to the windy conditions prevailing throughout the afternoon.

LDFA Round 7 - Sunday June 26, 1938 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point ..... 2.4 .. 3.5 .. 5.5 .. 5.5 (35)
Griffith ...................... 2.2 .. 3.5 .. 4.9 .. 8.11 (59)

Umpire: R Monfries (Leeton)

Other matches - Leeton 2.10 (22) def by Fivebough 3.11 (29), Narrandera 14.11 (95) def Whitton 9.4 (58).
Match report: Griffith Aussie Rules team is improving, and on Sunday it scored its second consecutive win, defeating Darlington Point on the latter's ground. Admittedly, Darlington Point is not among the front rankers, but it was in the middle position on the points table prior to the defeat, and the Griffith Club officials are pleased at the manner in which Griffith accomplice the victory. On the previous Sunday, when Griffith narrowly defeated Leeton, under conditions which tested the boy's ability, there were hopes that the Griffith side had at last struck some of the form of which it is capable. That hope was born out on Sunday. When the final term commenced, Darlington Point had a two-point lead, but in the last quarter Griffith came home so well that it added four goals two behinds, and the locals did not let add to their total.

LDFA Round 8 - Sunday July 3, 1938 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton .... 1.3 .. 3.4 .. 5.7 .. 6.8 (44)
Griffith ..... 1.0 .. 4.2 .. 5.3 .. 6.12 (48)

Umpire: R Monfries (Leeton)

Other matches - Fivebough 12.14 (86) def Darlington Point 4.9 (33), Narrandera 10.8 (68) def Leeton 9.13 (67).
Match report: Griffith Australian Rules Football team is showing such greatly improved form that the club officials and players are justifiably proud of their performance. From being the Cinderella of the competition, the Griffith team has gone on to win after win lately and will make a bold bid on Sunday for its fourth successive win, when it meets Fivebough. The Fivebough side has been an in-an-out combination, alternating grand displays with relatively poor ones, but Griffith after last week's win over Whitton, which has already been reported, confident as to the outcome.

LDFA Round 9 - Sunday July 10, 1938 at Griffith Showground 
Griffith ........... 1.3 .. 4.3 .. 8.4 ..10.5 (65)
Fivebough .... 0.2 .. 1.2 .. 2.6 .. 5.12 (42)

Goals: Griffith: Alf Anstee 3, Jack Langtry 3, WH Thompson 2, Jim Flattley, George Wade
Fivebough: Pat Wilson 4, Cec Hopley
Best players: Griffith: Hector Robinson, Alf Anstee, Hutchins Bros., Jim Parker, Eddie Forrestal
Fivebough: Cec Hopley, Pat Wilson, Jack Gladman, Harold Lonnie, Jack Geltch 
Umpire: Bob Monfries (Leeton)

Other matches - Darlington Point 8.10 (58) def by Narrandera 11.16 (82), Leeton 12.8 (80) def Whitton 5.7 (37)
Match report: Playing with better combination, Griffith defeated Fivebough on Sunday by 65 points to 42 points. It was a good game but at times the decisions of the umpire were hard to understand. It would seem that the securing of Melbourne umpires for the semi-finals is a wise move. If McMurray and Blackburn could be induced to umpire these games, the standard of local umpiring might be improved, as our locals would have the opportunity of watching one of these experts in action.

LDFA Round 10 - Sunday July 17, 1938 at Griffith Showground 
Griffith .......
...... 0.2 .. 1.5 .. 4.11 .. 6.14 (50)
Narrandera .... 1.0 .. 1.2 .. 3.2 .. 5.2 (32)

Umpire: R Monfries (Leeton)

Other matches - Leeton 9.13 (67) def Darlington Point 6.5 (41), Whitton 7.12 (54) def by Fivebough 8.14 (62).
Match report: Griffith Aussie Rules team's climb to the finals of the Kinlock Cup competition game on Sunday has been thrilling. The disputed Whitton - Leeton game had a bearing on the semi-finals, as it could have altered the position on the points ladder. Recently, Whitton objected to a game on account of the state of the ball, which it claimed was not satisfactory. The match was ordered to be replayed, but Whitton did not turn up on Sunday, and Leeton secured the replay on a forfeit. That meant that the points table was not altered. Griffith will therefore play Leeton in the first semi-final, which will be played at Narrandera on Sunday next, under Melbourne umpires. The special train will run from Griffith, and details are advertised in this issue. The local club is sanguine of success.

Final Ladder: Narrandera 132.81% 32, Fivebough 121.62 % 24, Leeton 108.89% 24, Griffith 101.00% 20, Darlington Point 71.90% 12, Whitton 75.76% 8

LDFA First Semi Final - Sunday August 1, 1938 at Narrandera Sportsground
Leeton ..... 4.0 .. 5.3 .. 6.5 .. 6.7 (43)
Griffith .... 2.4 .. 3.8 .. 3.20 .. 5.25 (55)

Goals: Leeton: Lionel Hastie 4, Jack Curtis 2 
Griffith: Hector Robinson, Fred Savage, George Wade, Alf Anstee, Jack Langtry
Best players: Leeton: Lionel Hastie, Albert Wiseman, Joe Browne, Jack Curtis, Jack Colman, W Barry
Griffith: Fred Savage, Alf Anstee, Hutchins Bros., George Redding, Eddie Forrestal, Charlie Gladman   
Leeton: Lionel Hastie (capt.), Len Cox, Tom Peacock, Ritchie Younger, Con Dacey, Les Dare, Albert Wiseman, W. 'Red' O'Brien, Roy Byrne, Joe Dare, Rip Stevenson, Geoff Block, Jack Curtis, Jack Colman, A McLennan, Joe Browne, Jack Schier, William Barry; L Phillips 
Griffith: Alf Anstee (capt.), John Smith, Bill Brown, Jack Hutchins, Arthur Inman, Hector Robinson, Bob Hutchins, Jack Langtry, Roy Besley, Bruce Dawes, George Wade, Jim Parker, Reg Hutchins, Eddie Forrestal, George Redding, Fred Savage, Charlie Gladman, Stan Green
Umpire: Jack McInnerny (VFL)
Match report: Rain clouds did not scare the Australian Rules football and their supporters on Sunday last. The steam train carried a good load from both Griffith and Leeton into Narrandera where the first semi-final of the Kinlock Cup competition was played before a £29 gate. The ground being very soft after a good fall of rain, the ball became very greasy, but with this drawback both teams adapted themselves to the conditions and gave a fair display to those who witnessed the match.
A Melbourne League country umpire (Jack McInnerny) had control of the game and gave satisfaction. The shooting for goal by the Griffith forwards was very much astray and in the third they kicked 12 behinds straight. This was a weak link in the Griffith team. Leeton secured 13 kicks for goal and Griffith 30.

McWilliams Challenge Cup - Sunday August 7, 1938 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera def Griffith
Match report: Griffith footballers braved the elements on Sunday to fulfil their engagement for the McWilliams Cup but were short of several players. The heavy rain which had fallen over night, together with the light showers during Sunday, made the playing field a quagmire and conditions unpleasant for the players. Narrandera won very easily. 

LDFA Second Semi Final - Sunday August 14, 1938 at Griffith Showground
Narrandera .... 3.7 .. 3.8 .. 6.16 .. 7.18 (60)
Fivebough ...... 0.0 .. 4.6 .. 4.8 .. 7.10 (52)

Goals: Narrandera: Audley Hunt 2, Kevin Anderson, Jack Hardie, Sam Lawrence, Harold Lake
Fivebough: Alan Mitchell 2, Alan Helson 2, Roy Poulsen 2, Jack Gladman
Best players: Narrandera: Perc Bushby, Stan Day, Les Perry, Toby Black, Athol Charlesworth
Fivebough: Jack Gladman, Pat Cartwright, Alan McCormack, Ron Luhrs
Narrandera: Frank Malcolm (capt), Perc Busbby, Jack Hayes, Kevin Anderson, Sam Lawrence, Toby Black, Keith Mulholland, Harry Adams, Blue Terry, Jack Bynon, Jack Hardie, Alan Headlam, Harold Lake, Athol Charlesworth, Jim Cottle, Audley Hunt, Stan Day, Beres Turner, Les Perry
Fivebough: Cec "Scroggs" Hopley (capt), Jack Gladman, E. "Pat" Wilson, Wattie Fuller, Alan McCormack, Alf Geltch, Roy Fuller, Jack Geltch, Jim O'Callaghan, Len Byrnes, Ron Luhrs, George O'Sullivan, Alan Helson, Harold Lonnie, Alan Mitchell, Pat Cartwright, Roy Poulsen, Tom Renouf, Keith Reberger, J. Mangelsdorf, Frank Wilson, Wilbur Bell
Umpire: J Kinnaird (VFL)
Match report: Playing the second semi-final on the Griffith Showground, Narrandera showed better teamwork, and managed to hold the advantage throughout the game to win by 8 points. The special steam train from Narrandera and Leeton was overcrowded, about 350 supporters of both clubs making the trip. There will be greater interest taken in the concluding games to decide who will win the pennant. In a day of glorious sunshine, with a clear sky and fresh breeze, a record crowd watched the semi-final. The delegate's meeting was held at the Hotel Victoria. All clubs were represented, with the exception of Darlington Point.
The main discussion was on what ground the Final and Grand Finals were to be played. After a six-all vote with the Chairman deciding the issue, Leeton secured both games, Griffith were much in favour of playing on a neutral ground, Narrandera preferred.


LDFA Preliminary Final - Sunday August 21, 1938 at Leeton Showground
Fivebough .... 2.6 .. 4.7 .. 5.9 .. 6.10 (46)
Griffith .......... 2.1 .. 4.3 .. 7.5 .. 9.7 (61)

Goals: Fivebough: Pat Wilson 3, Jim O'Callaghan, Alf Geltch, Alan Helson
Griffith: Jack Langtry 4, Bill Brown 3, WH Thompson, George Wade
Best players: Fivebough: Alan McCormack, Ron Luhrs, Jack Geltch, Alf Geltch, George O'Sullivan
Griffith: Alf Anstee, Bruce Dawes, Eddie Forrestal, WH Thompson, Hector Robinson, John Smith   
Fivebough: Cec "Scroggs" Hopley (capt.), Jack Gladman, E. "Pat" Wilson, Wattie Fuller, Alan McCormack, Jack Geltch, Roy Fuller, Len Byrnes, Jim O'Callaghan, George Dare, Ron Luhrs, George O'Sullivan, Alan Helson, Harold Lonnie, Allan Mitchell, Pat Cartwright, Alf Geltch, Tom Renouf, Keith Reberger 
Griffith: Alf Anstee (capt.), W. H. Thompson, John Smith, Bill Brown, George Wade, Jack Hutchins, Hector Robinson, Bob Hutchins, Jack Langtry, Roy Besley, Bruce Dawes, Stan Green, Jim Parker, Reg Hutchins, Eddie Forrestal, George Redding, Fred Savage, Charlie Gladman; Arthur Inman
Umpire: R A Smith (VFL).  Gate: £40/12/0
Match report: Witnessed by a large crowd at the Leeton Showground, Griffith showed better football throughout the game and finished with a margin of 15 points at the final bell. Their prospects of winning the premiership next Sunday looks very bright and the 1938 pennant will probably be brought to Griffith for this season. The gate takings were very satisfactory amounting to £40/12/-. Bob Smith from Melbourne had charge of the whistle.

LDFA Grand Final - Sunday August 28, 1938 at Leeton Showground
Narrandera .... 0.1 .. 1.2 .. 3.5 .. 4.5 (29)
Griffith ............ 2.1 .. 3.2 .. 3.6 .. 6.10 (46)

Goals: Narrandera: Audley Hunt 3, R. P. Joyce
Griffith: Alf Anstee 2, George Wade, Eddie Forrestal, Reg Hutchins, Jack Langtry
Best players: Narrandera: Allan Headlam, Stan Day, Audley Hunt, Les Perry, Perc Bushby, Frank Malcolm, Toby Black
Griffith: Alf Anstee, Eddie Forrestal, George Wade, Snowy Thompson, Hector Robinson, Fred Savage, John Smith, Hutchins Bros.
Narrandera: Frank Malcolm (capt.), Perc Bushby, Jack Hayes, Kevin Anderson, Toby Black, Sam Lawrence, Keith Mulholland, Les Perry, R P Joyce, Jack Bynon, Jack Hardie, Alan Headlam, Harold Lake, Stan Day, Athol Charlesworth, Jim Cottle, Audley Hunt, Beres Turner; Blue Terry
Griffith: Alf Anstee (capt.), Walter H. Thompson, John Smith, Bill Brown, George Wade, Jack Hutchins, Hector Robinson, Bob Hutchins, Jack Langtry, Roy Besley, Bruce Dawes, Stan Green, Jim Parker, Reg Hutchins, Eddie Forrestal, George Redding, Fred Savage, Charlie Gladman; Arthur Inman
Umpire: Edward White (VFL).  Goal Umpires: J Bourke (Leeton) and E Poynter (Whitton). Gate: £58/13.6 (programmes sales).
Match report: On Sunday at Leeton Showground, the Griffith Australian Rules team won the Kinlock Cup, which carries with it the Championship of the Area at the Australian Rules code and became the first Griffith winners for 12 years. Scores were 46 to 29 in Griffith's favour. A big crowd saw the game, despite the fact that the weather was anything but favourable for football of any code. The display of both sides could hardly be faulted and indicated that both Narrandera and Griffith rose superior to the conditions. The premiership was the result of a long fight for Griffith, which came from the bottom of the points ladder, and after five consecutive defeats, produced form which took them through eight straight victories. Mr. Edward White of Melbourne controlled the game, but the slowness of some of his decisions surprised the crowd, which paid a gate of £58. In the dressing room, Mr. Paddy Cairns presented a cup for the best player in the Griffith team. Nothing could separate Alf Anstee and Eddie Forrestal so these two players will receive a trophy each. This was a fine sporting gesture by Mr. Cairns.

Leeton Knock Out Carnival - Sunday September 4, 1938 at Leeton
First Round: Mirrool 47 d Barellan 9, Faithful 34 d Binya 17, Ganmain 45 d Griffith-Narrandera 25.
The following players represented Griffith-Narrandera:- Alf Anstee, Fred Savage, Bob Hutchins, Roy Besley, Hector Robinson, John Smith, Bruce Dawes, Jim Parker, Snowy Thompson (Griffith); Perc Bushby, Alan Headlam, Athol Charlesworth, Les Perry, Toby Black, R.P. Joyce, Jack Hayes, Audley Hunt, Jack Hardie, Kevin Anderson (Narrandera).
Second Round: Leeton 76 d Ariah Park 27, Ganmain d Lake Cargellico on forfeit, Mirrool 27 d Coreen 15.
Semi-Finals: Faithful 22 d Leeton 15, Ganmain 30 d Mirrool 9.
Final: Ganmain 11.8 (74) d Faithful 2.2 (14).
Umpire:  J. Kinnaird and J. McInnerny, of Melbourne 
Match report: Ideal weather favoured the Leeton District Football Association's Annual Knock-out Carnival, which was held on the Leeton Showground on Sunday last. The assembling of nine teams from a wide area of the Riverina, before a record attendance for knock out carnival, the gate takings being £I78/ 9/ 0, gave a tremendous boost to the Australian National Game of football in the district. The dry roads and the beautiful sunny day were an incentive for the visitors to travel by cars. The takings on the trains, particularly the Temora special, suffered as a result of the road traffic. The players from Ariah Park and other towns on that line motored across, as it saved them time. The Temora train brought in 134 passengers (including 85 from Griffith), while the Junee train unloaded 430 (including 107 from Ganmain and 166 from Narrandera). Every match saw football of a high standard and played in a true sporting spirit. The outstanding team, of course was Ganmain, who won the three games by superb football and being in the pink of condition. Their stamina was outstanding in the final match when they had a runaway victory and collected the first prize of £40. 

McWilliams Challenge Cup - Sunday September 11,1938 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ............. 5.19 (49)
Narrandera .... 7.5 (47)

Match report: For its perseverance in trying to regain the McWilliams Cup which it lost to the Narrandera team several seasons ago the Griffith team was on Sunday last rewarded. By kicking 5 goals 13 behinds (49 points) to Narrandera's 7 goals 5 behinds (47 points). Griffith won a closely contested game by two points. Excitement was tense a minute or so before the final bell, when Jack Hardy, of the Narrandera team, had a free kick in front of the sticks. A goal meant victory by four points for his learn, but he only managed a behind. Alf Anstee and the Hutchins boys were among Griffith's best players, while Alan Headlam, 'Chooda' Hunt; Les Perry, Stan Day, and Perc Bushby were outstanding for Narrandera. At the conclusion of the match, Mr. Mark Pearson, president of the Narrandera Club, handed the McWilliams Cup to Alf Anstee, captain of the Griffith team, congratulating him and his team mates on winning it, Messrs. Anstee and Jack Inman (president of the Griffith Club) responded.

LDFA Reserves Grand Final - Sunday September 25, 1938 at Narrandera Sportsground
Matong .............. 1.3 .. 4.5 .. 7.7 ..10.9 (69)
Grong Grong .... 2.1 .. 4.3 .. 4.7 ..9.8 (62)

Best players: Matong: Don Ceely, Tom Woolnough, Frank and Bob O'Reilly, Paddy Walsh, Bert Anderson, Des and Norm Tonkin.
Grong Grong: Ernie Reynolds, Jack Sheather, H. Spencer, Joe Reynolds, Joe Hazelman, Cecil Kerr, Pat Walsh, Pat Cox.
Matong.— Paddy Walsh (capt.), Don Ceely, Cliff Ceely, Clem Ceely, Hebert Anderson, N. Bean, Des Donkin, Norm Donkin, Tom Woolnough, J. Hall, Bob O'Reilly, Frank O'Reilly, W. Cairns, C. Driver, E. Appleton, M. O'Connor, Vern Evans, L. Evans, and W. Ceely.
Grong Grong. — A. McNeil (capt.), Joe Hazelman, W. Hazelman, K. Reynolds, J. Cox, P. Cox, Cecil Kerr, J. Longford, J. Schultz, Jack Sheather, L. Ratcliffe, A. O'Dea, J. Walsh, E. Waite, Pat Walsh, C. Reynolds, H. Spencer, B. Stewart, and B. Dryburgh.
Umpire: Arthur Wickham.

Note: This match was set down to be played the previous week, but was postponed owing to the death in a car accident of Mr.  Harry Schultze. As a mark of respect, Grong Grong players wore black armbands.  


The Premiers of the Kinlock Cup competition were tendered a first-class banquet in C.W.A. Rooms, Griffith, on Wednesday last, September 14.
 Well attended by supporters and representatives of various sporting bodies, function held in those parts for years.
The ladies put on a grand spread which included meats, salads, trifles, fruit salad, etc., and a large quantity of liquid refreshments.
The toast list was a lengthy one, put through by their capable president, Mr. Jack Inman, at the rate of one a minute.
The Griffith team was toasted most enthusiastically, all the speakers being most eulogistic about the sportsmanship of the players, their teamwork and will-to-win.
The runners-up Narrandera, wore high praised for their play, Mr. Athol Charlesworth, of Narrandera, responding to the toast.
The individual trophies won by Alf Anstee (captain), and Eddie Forrestal were presented by the donor, Mr. Paddy Cairns, of Leeton.
The trophy for the most improved player was won by Johnny Smith, the presentation being made by Mr. Jock Ritchie.
Bob Hutchins received the trophy for the 'Best and Fairest Player.'
Prominently displayed were the Kinloch Cup and the McWilliams Challenge Cup, the latter being regained from Narrandera recently.
A special toast was accorded the Griffith Show Society for the assistance it had rendered the club in providing the use of the ground and appointments.
The President, Mr. Bradbury, responded. Mr. B. Davy, of Leeton proposed the toast, of Kindred sports, Mr. Ted Fromholtz responding on behalf of the Rugby Code.
 Mr. Charlie Gladman proposed the toast of "past players" and Mr. 'Jack' Wood was amongst those who responded.
The toast of the Leeton District Football Association, proposed by Mr. Inman (chairman), was responded to by Mr. J. S. Palmer (president of the Leeton District Football Association).
The toast of the ladies, proposed by Mr. Bruce Dawes, was responded to by Mrs. Ida Inman.
A mappy finale was the handing out of the 18 souvenir dolls which surmounted the huge 'Red and White' Premiership cake, one to each player. (Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday September 23, 1938)


Alf Anstee, Roy Besley, Bill Brown, J. Burke, Jim Collis, Bruce Dawes, David H. Evans, Neil Evans, Jim C. Flattley, Eddie Forrestal, Charlie Gladman, Charlie Graham, Laurie Green, Stanley Green, Ted H. Harris, Leslie Hughes, Jack Hutchins, Reg Hutchins, Robert Hutchins, Arthur Inman, Jack Langtry, Jack Ledger, Jim Parker, George Redding, Hector Robinson, Fred J. Savage, Ernest Schmetzer, John Smith, William H. Smith, Walter H. Thompson, George Wade, Les Wardle, George Williams.


Debuts: Roy Besley, Jim C. Flattley, Charlie Gladman, Charlie Graham, Laurie Green, Stanley Green, Ted H. Harris, Leslie Hughes, Jack Langtry, Jack Ledger, George Redding, Hector Robinson, Ernest Schmetzer, George Williams. 
Final Games: Alf Anstee, J. Burke, David H. Evans, Neil Evans, Charlie Gladman, Charlie Graham, Ted H. Harris, Leslie Hughes, Jack Langtry, Jack Ledger, Ernest Schmetzer, Les Wardle, George Williams.

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