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SWDFL Round 1 - Sunday May 2, 1948 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ...... 7.14 (56)
Whitton .... 6.13 (49)

Goals: Griffith: Clive Lane 3, Frank Wood, Jack Taylor, Geoff Willis, Brian Higgins
Whitton: Norm Thompson 4, Jack Thompson 2
Best players: Griffith: Eric Geddes, Fred Clarke, Clive Lane, Jack Taylor, Geoff Willis, Fred Savage
Umpire: Arthur Harding (Leeton)

Other matches - Leeton 22.19 (151) def Coolamon 6.7 (43), Narrandera 14.14 (98) def Matong 4.6 (30).
Reserves LDFL R1 (Sat): Griffith 11.7 (73) d Narrandera 8.8 (56)

SWDFL Round 2 - Sunday May 9, 1948 at Matong Sportsground
Matong ....  7.5 (47)
Griffith ....  5.6 (36)

Best players: Griffith: Eric Geddes, Geoff Willis, Bernell Parslow, Terry Wood, Jack Taylor

Other matches - Coolamon 6.11 (47) def by Narrandera 7.17 (59), Whitton 9.11 (59) def Leeton 5.9 (39). 
Reserves LDFL R2 (Sat): Leeton 2.5 (17) def by Griffith 9.9 (63)

SWDFL Round 3 - Sunday May 16, 1948 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ........... 9.15 (69)
Coolamon ..... 9.5 (59)

Goals: Griffith: Fred Clarke 3, Jack Taylor 2, Geoff Willis, Brian Higgins, Terry Wood, Leo Charles
Coolamon: Frank Williamson 2, Jack English 2, Tom Bush 2, Keith Crocker, Mick Curtis, John Butler
Best players: Griffith: Geoff Willis, Fred Clarke, Jack Shrives, Eric Geddes, Vic Carroll 
Coolamon: Dudley Smith, English Bros., Frank Williamson, Bernie Bartholomew

Other matches - Leeton 5.7 (37) def by Narrandera 5.9 (39), Whitton 5.20 (50) def Matong 0.4 (4).
Reserves LDFL R3 (Sat): Griffith 5.7 (37) lost to Yanco 5.11 (41)

SWDFL Round 4 - Sunday May 23, 1948 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera  .... 1.7 .. 3.10 .. 6.13 .. 11.15 (81)
Griffith .............. 0.4 .. 1.7 .. 3.13 .. 4.15 (39)

Goals: Narrandera: Henry Turner 3, Clive Smith 2, Bob Dryburgh 2, Kevin Anderson, Ted Hardie, Bruce McLay, Frank English
Griffith: Fred Clarke 2, Frank Wood, Brian Higgins
Best players: Narrandera: Bob Dryburgh, Clive Smith, Bruce McLay
Griffith: Geoff Willis, Fred Clarke, Noel Tyndall, Jack Shrives

Other matches - Coolamon 9.8 (62) def Whitton 13.17 (95), Matong 4.6 (30) def by Leeton 22.18 (150).
Reserves LDFL R4 (Sat): Darlington Point 7.10 (52) d Griffith 2.9 (21)

SWDFL Round 5 - Sunday May 30, 1948 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .... 2.2 .. 4.7 .. 5.11.. 8.15 (63)
Leeton .... 2.6 .. 5.9 .. 8.13 .. 13.17 (95)

Goals: Griffith: Jack Shrives 2, Geoff Willis 2, Brian Higgins 2, Frank Wood, Vic Carroll
Leeton: Les Main 6, Frank O'Connell 2, Paddy O'Connell 2, Roy Pinchbeck, Morrie Harrison, Cliff Brown
Best players: Griffith: Terry Wood, Geoff Willis, Fred Clarke, Eric Geddes, Vic Carroll
Leeton: Eddie Luhrs, Ossie Grose, Les Main, Paddy O'Connell, Roy Pinchbeck
Griffith: Geoff Willis (c-c), Jack Taylor, Fred Clarke, Vic Carroll, Keith Thompson, Jack Shrives, Bill Jones, Terry Wood, Frank Wood, Eric Geddes, Fred Savage, Jack Collins, Les E. Collis, Leo Charles, Kevin Tyndall, Noel Tyndall, Jack Kloot*, Brian Higgins, John Smith, John Norton*
Umpire: White

Other matches - Matong def by Coolamon, Whitton 4.11 (35) def by Narrandera 5.11 (41).
Match report: A feature of this game was the clean manner in which it was played. Hard and rugged at all times, there was never a semblance of unfairness from any one player of either side.
The players of both teams are to be commended on this feature, as the umpiring of Umpire White left to be desired. His display was much below the standard, required in football played under the auspices of the S.W.D.F.L. Geoff Willis gave an outstanding display for Griffith, both as player and captain. His strongest support came from Terry Wood, Vic Carroll, Fred Clarke, Jack Taylor and Jack Shrives.
For Leeton Les Main gave a great display, while Jack Crouch again demonstrated all the wares of the complete footballer. Brilliant in the air and in his groundwork, while his clearances were a joy to watch. Eddie Luhrs gave another of his great exhibitions. Marking brilliantly and clearing with long kicks. Jack Curtis was at his best and constantly, put his side on the attack. Morrie Harrison played his best game since coming to Leeton. Paddy O'Connell was out of his usual position as rover, replacing Ron Luhrs at centre, but again showed us great football. Ossie Grose was great, especially in the vital last quarter. 
Reserves LDFL R5 (Sat): Griffith 3.5 (23) d Whitton 3.4 (22)

SWDFL Round 6 - Sunday June 6, 1948 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton .... 9.6 (60)
Griffith ..... 2.7 (19)

Goals: Whitton: Lew Thompson 6, Jack Thompson 2, John Weaven 
Griffith: Fred Clarke, Jack Kloot
Best players: Whitton: George Brain, John Weaven, Jim McCallum, Lew and Jack Thompson
Griffith: Bernell Parslow, Brian Higgins, Jack Taylor, Leo Charles, Bill Jones
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, W Jones, T Wood, E Geddes, B Clarke, C Lane, B Higgins, N Tyndall, F Savage, B Parslow, J Kloot, L Charles, C Wales*, J Smith, J Collins, J Norton, L Collis

Other matches - Coolamon 6.11 (47) def by Leeton 14.11 (95), Matong 2.4 (16) def by Narrandera 8.10 (58).
Reserves LDFL R6 (Sat): Griffith, bye. 

SWDFL Round 7 - Sunday June 13, 1948 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ...... 11.14 (80)
Matong ..... 10.7 (67)

Goals: Griffith: Brian Higgins 2, Keith Thompson 2, Fred Clarke 2, Jack Kloot 2, Vic Carroll, Jack Shrives, Clive Lane
Best players: Griffith: Eric Geddes, Jack Taylor, Geoff Willis, Fred Clarke, Jack Kloot, Fred Savage
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, W Jones, F Wood, T Wood, E Geddes, B Clarke, C Lane, B Higgins, N Tyndall, F Savage, B Parslow, J Kloot, L Charles, C Wales, J Smith 

Other matches - Leeton 6.7 (43) def by Whitton 6.12 (48), Narrandera 6.8 (44) def Coolamon 5.10 (40).
Reserves LDFL R7 (Sat): Griffith 3.12 (36) lost to Grong Grong 9.8 (62)

SWDFL Round 8 - Sunday June 20, 1948 at Kindra Park
Coolamon ....  8.7 (55)
Griffith ........... 9.9 (63)

Goals: Coolamon: Hector Eyles 4, Keith Crocker, Les Gould, Ken Armstrong, John Skates
Griffith: Fred Clarke 3, Jim Parker 3, Jack Kloot, Jack Taylor, Brian Higgins
Best players: Coolamon: Frank Williamson, Dudley Smith, Les Gould, Keith Crocker, Vince English
Griffith: Brian Higgins, Keith Thompson, Fred Clarke, Leo Charles, Jim Parker
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, W Jones, T Wood, K Tyndall, E Geddes, C Lane, B Higgins, M Graham, F Savage, B Parslow, J Parker, J Kloot, L Charles; N Tyndall, J Collins

Other matches - Matong 4.4 (28) def by Whitton 9.11 (65), Narrandera 10.10 (70) def Leeton 9.12 (66).
Reserves LDFL R8 (Sat): Narrandera 12.16 (88) d Griffith 2.3 (15)

SWDFL Round 9 - Sunday June 27, 1948 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ............. 8.22 (70)
Narrandera .... 11.9 (75)

Goals: Griffith: Brian Higgins 2, Clive Lane, Terry Wood, Jack Kloot, Jack Shrives
Best players: Griffith: Keith Thompson, Terry Wood, Fred Clarke, Jack Kloot, Leo Charles
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, W Jones, T Wood, K Tyndall, E Geddes, C Lane, B Higgins, M Graham, F Savage, B Parslow, J Parker, J Kloot, L Charles; N Tyndall, J Collins

Other matches - Leeton 8.10 (58) def Matong 8.7 (55), Whitton 11.16 (84) def Coolamon 3.10 (28). 
Reserves LDFL R9 (Sat): Griffith 0.13 (73) d Leeton 1.4 (10)

SWDFL Round 10 - Sunday July 4, 1948 at Leeton Showground
Leeton ....... 3.8 .. 4.10 .. 9.17 .. 10.18 (78)
Griffith ...... 2.4 .. 8.12 .. 11.12 .. 13.17 (95)

Goals: Griffith: Fred Clarke 5, Brian Higgins 5, Clive Lane 3
Best players: Griffith: Fred Clarke, Jack Kloot, Brian Higgins, Keith Thompson, Jim Parker, Ted Feltwell
Leeton: L Main (c-c), P O'Connell, M Harrison, E Luhrs, K Guest, N St Clair, K Luhrs, J Crouch, A Bentham, A Lawson, D Drew, D Lynch, S Thompson, C Brown, A Dunn, F O'Connell, R Pinchbeck, J Breed; R Luhrs, A Cowan
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, B Higgins, T Wood, J Parker, J Kloot, W Jones, E Geddes, E Feltwell*, L Charles, M Graham, K Tyndall, C Lane, B Parslow; J Collins, N Tyndall
Umpire: A Harding (Leeton)

Other matches - Coolamon def by Matong, Narrandera 8.6 (54) def Whitton 7.8 (50).
Reserves LDFA R10 (Sat): Yanco 10.9 (69) d Griffith 8.8 (56)

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Round 11 - Saturday July 10, 1948 at Griffith Showground
Griffith 10.10 (70) d Darlington Point 4.12 (36)

Exhibition Match - Sunday July 11, 1948 at Leeton Showground
Wests .... 5.4 .. 10.5 .. 12.10 .. 15.11 (101)
Easts ..... 3.3 .. 4.6 .. 4.8 .. 8.12 (60)

Goals: Wests: Les Main 4, Paddy O'Connell 3, Brian Higgins, Fred Clarke, Jack Kloot, Jack Breed, Jack Thompson
Easts: Dud Mattingly 3, Vic O'Connor 2, Bruce McLay, Gordon Jones, Neville Hinchcliffe
Match report: On Sunday last an attendance numbering over 900 enjoyed an exhibition game of Australian Rules football when a team selected from the West (Leeton, Whitton and Griffith) defeated a combination from the East (Narrandera, Matong and Coolamon) 15 goals 11 behinds — 101 pts to to 8 goals 12 behinds — 60 points.
The game was staged by the S.W.DF.L. for the purpose of raising funds to assist financially some of the weaker clubs in the competition.
Wests: Les Main (capt.), Jack Crouch, Des Lynch, Cliff Brown, Jack Breed, Paddy O'Connell (Leeton), Fred Aliendi, Bill Painting, Ted Thompson, Jack Tucker, Jack Thompson, Jim McCallum, Doug Thompson (Whitton), Jack Kloot, Terry Wood, Geoff Willis, Eric Geddes, Fred Clarke, Brian Higgins (Griffith). 
Easts: Frank Williamson, Albert Williamson, Dudley Smith, Mervyn Iverach, John Scates, Frank English (Coolamon), Merv Peiper, Bernie Curtis, Vic Woolnough (capt.), Dud Mattingly, Ken Johnston, Dud McPherson, Gordon Jones, Vic O'Connor (Matong), Bob Dryburgh, Jim Durnan, Col Reynolds, Neville Hinchcliffe, Bruce McLay (Narrandera).

Umpire: Bert Roberts (Leeton)  
Report: A running commentary of the game was given by Mr. Neil Jones through the loudspeaker, in his usual capable manner.
The strength of the West team pivoted on Geoff Willis (Griffith coach), playing in the centre. Playing clean, classy football, his stab kick always picked out a colleague. With two other coaches (Les Main, Leeton, and Jim McCallum, Whitton) in the team, they were a tower of strength in themselves, all playing correct football, that was an exhibition in itself. Neither of these three, however, outshone the team's rover, Paddy O'Connell, who was among the best players on the ground. Right through the team there was a star player in every position, including Jack Thompson, who played in the N.S.W. team recently was prominent in the ruck.
East team, although not quite the match for West, were nevertheless also a side of star footballers, captained by that outstanding full back, Vic Woolnough. This team also included a N.S.W. rep., in Bob Dryburgh, who unfortunately had to be carried off in the last quarter with a sprained ankle. He was the outstanding player in the East team, with Dud Mattingley doing excellent work in the forwards. Other prominent players in East team were Bert Williamson, Nev Hinchcliffe, Dudley Smith and Bruce McLay.
SWDFL Round 11 - Sunday July 18, 1948 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton ..... 9.12 (66)
Griffith ...... 9.16 (70)

Goals: Griffith: Jack Shrives 3, Jack Kloot 2, Brian Higgins, Jim Parker, Terry Wood, Ted Feltwell
Best players: Griffith: Jack Shrives, Terry Wood, Fred Savage, Martin Graham, Vic Carroll, Jack Kloot
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, W Jones, T Wood, J Parker, B Parslow, E Geddes, L Charles, M Graham, F Savage, E Feltwell, B Higgins, J Kloot, K Tyndall, C Lane

Other matches - Coolamon 8.12 (60) def Leeton 37, Matong 6.5 (41) def by Narrandera 14.9 (93).
Reserves LDFL R12 (Sat): Whitton 0.1 (1) def by Griffith 10.13 (73)

SWDFL Round 12 - Sunday July 25, 1948 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ...... 23.26 (154)
Matong ...... 10.6 (66)

Goals: Griffith: Lionel Crump 5, Brian Higgins 5, Fred Clarke 4, Jack Shrives 3, Ted Feltwell 2, Clive Lane 2, Geoff Willis, Jack Kloot
Best players: Griffith: Team effort
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, W Jones, T Wood, J Parker, B Parslow, E Geddes, L Charles, M Graham, F Savage, E Feltwell, B Higgins, J Kloot, N Tyndall, K Tyndall, C Lane, L Crump 

Other matches - Leeton 2.5 (17) def by Whitton 15.14 (104), Narrandera 17.15 (117) def Coolamon 7.5 (47).
Reserves LDFL R13 (Sat): Griffith, bye.

SWDFL Round 13 - Sunday August 1, 1948 at Kindra Park
Coolamon ..... 8.7 (55)
Griffith ......... 15.20 (110)

Goals: Coolamon: Les Gould 3, John Butler 3, Keith Crocker 2
Griffith: Brian Higgins 8, Clive Lane 4, Jack Kloot 2, Lionel Crump
Best players: Coolamon: Dudley Smith, Bernie Bartholomew, Jack English, Hector Eyles, Frank Williamson
Griffith: Eric Geddes, Keith Thompson, Brian Higgins, Vic Carroll, Clive Lane
Griffith: G Willis (capt), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, W Jones, T Wood, L Crump, J Parker, B Parslow, E Geddes, L Charles, M Graham, F Savage, E Feltwell, B Higgins, J Kloot, N Tyndall, K Tyndall, C Lane, J Collins

Other matches - Matong 4.14 (38) def by Whitton 10.13 (73), Narrandera 16.20 (116) def Leeton 3.6 (24).
Reserves LDFL R14 (Sat): Grong Grong 10.11 (71) d Griffith 5.14 (44)
Narrandera Disqualified: A special meeting of the Leeton District Football League was held in Leeton. Mr. Bart Nulty (President) was in the chair. Delegates were present from Griffith, Grong Grong, Darlington Point, Whitton, Yanco, and Leeton. The chairman said the special meeting had been called to consider whether Narrandera were eligible to continue in the competition. He regretted that no delegates were present from the Narrandera Club.
Continuing, Mr. Nulty said that contrary to the domestic rules of the L.D.F.L., Narrandera Club had neglected to supply a list of registered players. The secretary of L.D.F.L., Mr. Moore, has asked Narrandera to carry out that obligation, and himself as president, had contacted Narrandera list of registered players has been supplied. All the League held was a list containing the names of 12 Narrandera South-West players, who were not permitted to play in both Leagues.
Mr. Thompson, Whitton, said it was unfortunate that this omission had not been ventilated earlier in the season. The rules stipulated that the first list of registered players should be handed in following the first competition match. Here they were at the end of the round. Had the League supplied each club with the list of registrations as was the general practice, all clubs would have known the position earlier and they may have been able to rectify the position. It was an unfortunate position. 

The chairman agreed that the League, itself, was not without fault. They had been called together to decide what to do about the matter. Narrandera was persisting in playing some of their recognised best players in both the South-West and Leeton League. The Narrandera Club appeared to be ignoring the rules of the L.D.F.L. and if they won the semi-final, may play all their good players. 

Mr. R. Taylor moved that the Narrandera Club be notified that because they neglected to send in the list of registered players, they are not eligible to play in the semi-finals or finals. The motion was. seconded by Mr. P. Blencowe. After further discussion the motion was put and carried unanimously.  The decision to disqualify Narrandera, brought Griffith up into the final four.
LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Ladder: Grong Grong 56, Narrandera 36*, Yanco 36, Darlington Point 36, Griffith 32, Leeton 16, Whitton 8. 

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) First Semi Final - Saturday August 7, 1948 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point .... 1.2 .. 3.4 .. 8.7 ..  13.8 (86)
Griffith ..................... 2.4 .. 5.8 .. 7.10 .. 10.12 (72)

Schoolboys: Darlington Point 3.0 (18) d Griffith 0.2 (2)
Match report: Although there was talk of Narrandera Club lodging an appeal, the first semi-final of the Leeton District Football League's Competition was played on Saturday and resulted as follows: Darlington Point, 13 goals 8 behinds, 86 points defeated Griffith, 10 goals 12 behinds, 72 points. Narrandera Club has lodged its appeal with the Riverina Football Council, and this will be dealt with by the Disputes Committee this week. Unless the Disputes Committee orders otherwise, the second semi-final, will be played at Yanco on Saturday afternoon next, between Yanco and Grong Grong.

Exhibition Match Sunday August 8, 1948 at Leeton Showground
Riverina Select .... 6.7 .. 7.12 .. 11.17 (83)
Victorian FL ........ 12.5 .. 16.10 .. 23.19 (157)

Goals: Riverina: L Main 4, E Thompson 2, A O'Bryan 2, A Waide, F Williamson, R Dryburgh
Victorian FL: L Richards 6, E Hart 6, A Albiston 6, R Renfrey 2, M Holton, B Clay, D Condon
Best players: Riverina: Clive Smith. Victorian FL: Lou Richards
Riverina Select: Vic Woolnough (capt., Matong), Clive Smith (Narrandera), Ted Thompson (v-c, Whitton), Jack Corcoran (Junee), Jack "Jazbo" Thompson (Whitton), Lionel Priest (Wagga), Geoff Willis (Griffith), Bill Carroll (Ganmain), Tery Wood (Griffith), Les Main (Leeton), Les Meek (Ganmain), Jack Howe (Barellan), Frank Williamson (Coolamon), Arthur O'Bryan (Narrandera), Albert Waide (Barellan), Bob Dryburgh (Narrandera), Keith Gumbleton (Ganmain), Paddy O'Connell (Leeton), Jim Talbot (Narrandera). Reserves: Fred Clarke (Griffith), Len McInerney (Barellan), Bruce Stevenson (Binya), Jack Kloot (Griffith).
Victorian FL: Alex Albiston (capt., Hawthorn), Gordon Hocking, Mac Holten, Lou Richards (Collingwood), Bert Clay, Edde Hart, Noel Jarvis Alan McLaughlin (Fitzroy), Don Bauer, George Card, Jim Fitzgerald, Russell Renfrey (Geelong), Col Austin, Neil Pearson (Hawthorn), Don Condon, Les Foote, Jack McCorkelle (North Melbourne), Jack Coffey, Ginty Stevens, Jim Ross (St Kilda).
Field Umpire: K A McLennan (VFL); Goal Umpires: Doug Roach and Mick Miller;
Boundary Umpires: Len Byrnes, Roy Burt, Bert Roberts, Arthur Harding
Timekeeper: Roy Thompson. Crowd: 4000
Curtain Raiser: Grong Grong-Yanco 10.13 (73) d Hay 7.6 (48)
Match report: All roads led to Leeton on Sunday and the scene at the showground prior to the start of the big match was a memorable one, and reminiscent of the crowds which gather on show day, cars being parked right around the ring, four deep in some places. All the seating accommodation around the ring was taken up long before the game was due to start, and the grandstand was a sea of faces. In addition, the onlookers overflowed on to the ground and remained sitting on the grass just outside the playing field boundary lines, as they watched with breathless interest every move of the game, and the many stirring incidents which marked the play. The onlookers were especially impressed by the electrifying speed of the Victorians, the machine-like precision with which they executed many clever football manoeuvres, which so frequently outwitted the opposition, and the non-stop action of the game from beginning to end. Riverina established an early lead and for a time it seemed that they might be capable of extending or even defeating the visitors, but as the game went on the Victorians clearly demonstrated their superiority in the science of the game and steadily, amassed the overwhelming majority of points.

Reserves LDFL Second Semi Final - Saturday August 14, 1948 at Yanco Sportsground
Grong Grong .... 1.3 .. 2.3 .. 4.3 .. 6.7 (43)
Yanco ................. 2.1 .. 6.3 .. 6.5 .. 10.8 (68)

Match report: The great interest that is being taken in the Kinlock Cup competition was evident on Saturday last, when despite the unpleasant windy weather, there was quite a large attendance at second semifinal played at Yanco. The Leeton District Band, under Bandmaster Frank Foran, was present in uniform and rendered a programme of music during the afternoon. A large number of supporters came from Grong Grong feeling very confident that their team i would retain their unbeaten record, but they met a strong combination and were defeated by Yanco.
SWDFL Round 14 - Sunday August 15, 1948 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ............. 1.1 .. 3.3 .. 6.8 .. 8.6 (54)
Narrandera .... 4.2 .. 5.3 .. 6.4 .. 8.6 (54)

Goals: Griffith: Ted Feltwell 2, Brian Higgins 2, Lionel Crump 2, Fred Clarke, Geoff Willis
Best players: Griffith: Geoff Willis, Lionel Crump, Fred Clarke, Fred Savage, Eric Geddes
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Shrives, W Jones, T Wood, L Crump, J Parker, B Parslow, E Geddes, L Charles, M Graham, F Savage, E Feltwell, B Higgins, J Kloot, N Tyndall, K Tyndall, C Lane, J Collins, F Owen.

Other matches - Coolamon 4.4 (28) def Whitton 2.11 (23), Leeton 8.13 (61) def Matong 2.7 (19).
Match reports: In the South-West Competition played on Sunday last the undefeated Narrandera team played a draw with Griffith; Whitton was beaten by Coolamon and Leeton defeated Matong. All three games were affected by the strong gusty winds and the unpleasant wintery conditions that prevailed.

Although Leeton won comfortably against Matong, it was a hard match for both teams, and the game was not nearly as one-sided as the scores might indicate. Cliff Brown was a tower of strength in defence, whilst Eddie Luhrs was in good kicking form. When Leeton was playing against the wind Luhrs kicked off from the base line and sent the ball long distances. On the change round "Eddie" landed a couple of good goals from good distances out. Final scores: Leeton 8 goals, 13 behinds: Matong 2 goals 7 behinds.

The strong Whitton team found conditions altogether against good football at Coolamon. At times the wind blew with gale-like velocity, and it was even difficult to drop the ball on to one's boot to kick. Scoring was low and finished up in Coolamon's favour 28—23. In what was expected to be the match of the season at Griffith, proved a hard contest under trying weather conditions. The result was Narrandera and Griffith 8 goals 6 behinds each.

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Preliminary Final - Saturday August 21, 1948 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Grong Grong .......... 0.5 .. 2.7 .. 2.9 .. 6.11 (47)
Darlington Point ... 1.1 .. 2.2 .. 2.3 .. 2.3 (15)

Match report: The final of the Kinloch Cup Competition was played on Saturday between Grong Grong and Darlington Point and attracted a very large crowd. The game was hard and fast, the scores being very close until the last quarter when Grong Grong, who were the best conditioned team went ahead. There was a very strong cross wind which kept the ball out of bounds a lot. Mr. Lou Fury was the central umpire, and he handled the game well.

SWDFL Round 15 - Sunday August 22, 1948 at Leeton Showground
Leeton .... 3.3 .. 6.7 .. 9.11 .. 9.13 (67)
Griffith .... 2.5 .. 3.10 .. 6.11 .. 8.13 (61)

Goals: Griffith: Clive Lane 4, Lionel Crump, Ted Feltwell, Fred Clarke, Brian Higgins
Best players: Griffith: Eric Geddes, Keith Thompson, Geoff Willis, Clive Lane
Griffith: G Willis (c-c), J Taylor, F Clarke, V Carroll, K Thompson, W Jones, T Wood, L Crump, J Parker, B Parslow, E Geddes, L Charles, M Graham, F Savage, E Feltwell, B Higgins, J Kloot, N Tyndall, K Tyndall, C Lane, J Collins, F Wood, F Owen
Umpire: Arthur Harding (Leeton)

Other matches - Coolamon def Matong, Narrandera 9.13 (67) def by Whitton 11.7 (73).
Match report: Leeton followers were pleased to see the home team come good again, after a run of reversal of form, due mainly to injuries. Every player was at his top on Sunday last and they needed to be against such a strong and heady team like Griffith. Scoring was low and close throughout the match. Eddie Luhrs marking well, saved repeatedly in goals. It was an exciting game, although spoiled by the unsportsmanlike action of hooting the umpire, A. Harding, over his rulings.

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Grand Final - Saturday August 28, 1948 at Grong Grong
Yanco ................. 1.1 .. 1.2 .. 6.6 .. 8.6 (54)
Grong Grong .... 1.3 .. 4.5 .. 5.6 .. 6.11 (47)

Match report: About 600 spectators, one of the largest crowds for the season at Grong Grong, were treated to a hard and fast game of football at the Grong Grong ground on Saturday when Yanco defeated the local team by seven points in the grand final of the Kinlock cup competition. There were many thrills in the game. Grong Grong played a good strong game in the early stages and led by 22 points at half time, but Yanco finished more resolutely, and snatched victory by 54 to 47. With a little more luck in their kicking, Grong Grong would have won, but nevertheless the Yanco team is to be congratulated on their fine win.

It will be remembered that they entered the competition after the first series of games had been played, and it took some time before they got their team organised properly, with the result that they managed to qualify for the semi finals.

Actually, they came from last to first - a grand performance. Grong Grong also put up a wonderful performance in going through the home and away rounds with only one defeat, that by Yanco. On the day the Grong Grong players were not suited to Umpire Fury handling of the game and did not appreciate the number of free kicks in favour of Yanco.

Leeton Knock Out - Sunday August 29, 1948 at Leeton
R1: Leeton 75 d Darlington Point 2, Whitton 62 d Narrandera No 2 nil, Griffith 41 d Grong Grong-Yanco 15, Narrandera 37 d Barellan 22, Corowa 61 d Coolamon-Matong 7, Tullibigeal and Ariah Park byes.
R2: Leeton 30 d Griffith 20, Narrandera 36 d Whitton 16, Tullibigeal 35 d Ariah Park 28, Corowa bye
Semi-Finals: Leeton 28 d Narrandera 19, Corowa 44 d Tullibigeal 22
Final: Corowa 30 d Leeton 15. 

SWDFL First Semi Final - Sunday September 5, 1948 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Griffith .... 0.4 .. 2.7 .. 3.8 .. 8.10 (58)
Leeton .... 2.3 .. 3.7 .. 5.7 .. 9.8 (62)

Goals: Griffith: Ted Feltwell 2, Jack Collins, Vic Carroll, Clive Lane, Jack Kloot, Brian Higgins, Jim Parker
Leeton: Roy Pinchbeck 2, Les Main 2, K Bentham 2, Richie Younger, Frank O'Connell, Ossie Grose
Best players: Griffith: Geoff Willis, Terry Wood, Keith Thompson
Leeton: Eddie Luhrs, Cliff Brown, Roy Pinchbeck, Richie Younger
Griffith: Geoff Willis (capt.), Jack Taylor, Fred Clarke, Vic Carroll, Keith Thompson, Leo Charles, Clive Lane, Terry Wood, Lionel Crump, Eric Geddes, Jack Collins, Brian Higgins, Martin Graham, Fred Savage, Ted Feltwell, Jim Parker, Jack Kloot, Bernell Parslow; Bill Jones, Kevin Tyndall
Leeton: Les Main (capt.), Paddy O'Connell, K Bentham, Eddie Luhrs, Neil St Clair, Keith Luhrs, Jack Crouch, J St Clair, Ossie Grose, Richie Younger, Gavin Driscoll, Stan Thompson, Cliff Brown, Jack Curtis, Frank O'Connell, Roy Pinchbeck, Jack Breed; C Cole, J Vizard
Umpire: H W Lavery (VFL)
Match report: In an exciting semi-final played at Whitton on Sunday, Leeton defeated Griffith by the narrow margin of four points. The last quarter was a thriller, Griffith at one stage looked like winning by a big margin and then Leeton came with a rush and managed to gain the lead. The Leeton team are to be congratulated on their win. The whole side played well. Griffith have now been eliminated from the competition. No one likes seeing this excellent team go out, as they truly play the game in a true sportsmanlike manner and the code at its best. 
Presentation of Gammage Medal: Prior to the commencement of the match Mr. W. Miles (President of the South West Football League) addressed the two teams, who were drawn up in the centre of the playing area. He spoke of the good standard of football that was being played and wished both teams the best of luck. He then called upon the secretary Mr. Doug Roach to present the William Gammage Medal to Geoff Willis (captain of the Griffith team). This medal has been donated by the SWDFL and named after the veteran of the code and league, Mr William Gammage, and won on points for the best and fairest player throughout the first round. After Mr Roach had handed the medal to Willis, Mr Gammage came over and congratulated the winner.


SWDFL Second Semi Final - Sunday September 12, 1948 at Matong Sportsground
Narrandera .... 3.5 .. 5.9 .. 6.12 .. 10.19 (79)
Whitton ............ 0.3 .. 1.7 .. 3.8 .. 3.9 (27)

Goals: Narrandera: L Foley 3, N Hinchcliffe 3, D Durnan 2, J McNamee, R Jones
Whitton: E Thompson 2, J Tucker
Best players: Narrandera: C Smith, R Dryburgh, A O'Bryan, H Turner, H Walton, B McLay
Whitton: J McCallum, J Weaven, F Aliendi, R Fairweather, E Thompon, J Thompson 
Whitton: Jim McCallum (capt.), Ted Thompson, Lew Thompson, Fred Aliendi, Henry Aliendi, Toby Ross, Doug Thompson, Jack Thompson, Ossie DeMamiel, Jack Tucker, D "Mick" McAliece, R Fairweather, Reuben Gladman, Charlie Turner, John Weaven, Perc Weaven, Bill Painting, Les Thompson, Norm Thompson, George Brain, Ray Blackmore, Cyril Woolnough, Fred Wheatley
Match report: The big surprise of the weekend was the decisive victory scored by Narrandera Imperials over a strong Whitton team in the second semi-final of the S.W.D.F.L. Competition. This semi was played before a large attendance at Matong, and it was a good fast game, interesting from start to finish. Narrandera team excelled themselves, and played polished football. Their combination was superb and although the Whitton team played determined football, they found great difficulty in holding control of the ball against such a redoubtable side as Narrandera proved on the day.

SWDFL Preliminary Final - Sunday September 19, 1948 at Narrandera Sportsground
Whitton .... 1.5 .. 4.10 .. 5.12 .. 7.15 (57)
Leeton ..... 1.4 .. 3.5 .. 6.8 .. 7.11 (53)

Goals: Whitton: O DeMamiel 2, Lew Thompson 2, T Ross, J Tucker, E Thompson
Leeton: P O'Connell 3, O Grose, R Younger, J Crouch, R Pinchbeck
Best players: Whitton: J McCallum, J Thompson, Lew Thompson
Leeton: O Grose, C Brown, L Main
Whitton: Jim McCallum (capt.), Toby Ross, Doug Thompson, Lew Thompson, Fred Aliendi, Jack Thompson, Ossie DeMamiel, Jack Tucker, D. 'Mick' McAliece, R Fairweather, Reuben Gladman, Charlie Turner, John Weaven, Ted Thompson, Bill Painting, Henry Aliendi, Les Thompson, Perc Weaven; Cyril Woolnough, W Boots 
Leeton: Les Main (capt.), Paddy O'Connell, K Bentham, Eddie Luhrs, Keith Luhrs, Jack Crouch, Ossie Grose, Richie Younger, A Lawson, Ron Luhrs, Jack Curtis, Frank O'Connell, Roy Pinchbeck, Jack Breed, Des Lynch, Neil St Clair, Cliff Brown, Maurie Harrison; Gavin Driscoll, C Cole
Umpire: Peter Watt (VFL).   Crowd: 1330 adults
Match report: The SWDFL Final, played at Narrandera on Sunday last, will live long in the memories of the huge crowd that witnessed this exciting display of the Australian Rules football code, which was won by Whitton by four points. 
The football was hard and fast from start to finish, the whole of the 36 players being kept in the picture and extended to their utmost. The ball moved rapidly from end to end and there were many splashes of spectacular high marking, long 'kicks and nippy hand ball. For the supporters of the respective teams, there were many disappointing moments as the 'sharp shooters' missed from easy positions when shooting for goals. Early in the game it seemed that bad luck dogged Whitton, when excellent movements ended up in either the ball going out of bounds or narrowly missing the main up rights to register a behind only. However, the same fate came to Leeton during the latter stages, when a goal could have meant victory to them.

SWDFL Grand Final - Sunday September 26, 1948 at Leeton Showground
Narrandera ..... 1.4 .. 2.6 .. 6.11 .. 8.11 (59)
Whitton ............ 0.1 .. 0.4 .. 4.5 .. 6.9 (45)

Goals: Narrandera: L Foley 4, N Hinchcliffe 2, R Dryburgh, Jim Durnan
Whitton: E Thompson, N Thompson, C Turner, Lew Thompson, O DeMamiel, J Tucker
Best players: Narandera: C Smith, L Foley, N Hinchcliffe, R Dryburgh
Whitton: J McCallum, J Thompson, E Thompson, J Tucker
Narrandera: Clive Smith (capt.), Bob Dryburgh, Max Morrison, Stan Day, Frank English, Les Longmore, Henry 'Blue' Turner, Cliff Hazelman, Arthur 'Bluey' O'Bryan, Bruce McLay, Ross Jones, Leo Foley, Hopper Walton, Neville Hitchcliffe, Jack McNamee, Don Durnan, Jack Duncan, Jim Durnan; Col Reynolds, Pat Durnan 
Whitton: Jim McCallum (capt.), Doug Thompson, Lew Thompson, Fred Aliendi, Jack Thompson, Ossie DeMamiel, Jack Tucker, R. "Condo" Fairweather, Reuben Gladman, Charlie Turner, John Weaven, Ted Thompson, Bill Painting, Henry Aliendi, Les Thompson, Perc Weaven, Norm Thompson, George Brain; Toby Ross, Fred Wheatley
Umpire: D Sullivan (VFL).  Crowd: 2000 plus
Match report: Before an attendance of over 2000, Narrandera Imperials defeated Whitton in the Grand Final of the SWDFL Competition, which was played on the Leeton Showground on Sunday last. This is the second year in succession that, Narrandera have won the SWDFL Premiership, and they put up a creditable performance to gain that honour, only losing one competition game in two seasons. Players and officials of the Narrandera Club are to be heartily congratulated, especially the captain- coach Clive Smith, who was the best player on the ground.
All lovers of the code also desire to include the Whitton team, in congratulating them on the excellent showing they made in the grand final and throughout the season. Although beaten, they were by no means disgraced, and the captain-coach, Mr. Jim McCallum, on the good side he developed from the locals of Whitton. 
Tremendous interest was shown in the Grand Final, 450 travelled by rail from Narrandera and this number was greatly swelled by Narrandera supporters, who made the trip out by road. There was one long procession of cars from Narrandera. A large number of followers also came from Whitton. 


Frank Burns, Vic Carroll, Leo Charles, Fred Clarke, Jack Collins, Les E. Collis, Lionel Crump, Ted Feltwell, Jim Flood, Eric Geddes, Brian Higgins, Robert Hutchins, Bill Jones, Jack Kloot, Clive Lane, John Norton, Denny O'Callaghan, John O'Keefe, Fred Owen, Jim Parker, Bernell Parslow, Fred Savage, Jack Shrives, John Smith, Bruce Stevenson, Ian Stevenson, Jack Taylor, Keith Thompson, Noel Tyndall, Kevin J. Tyndall, Charlie Wales, Geoff Willis, Frank Wood, Terry Wood


Debuts: Jack Collins, Ted Feltwell, Jack Kloot, John Norton, Ian Stevenson, Keith Thompson, Charlie Wales. 
Final Games: Frank Burns, Les E. Collis, Jim Flood, Bill Jones, Denny O'Callaghan, John O'Keefe, Jim Parker, Fred Savage, John Smith, Charlie Wales, Geoff Willis.


Reserves: Pat Armour, N. Blight, Bruce Bowden, Don Cameron, Bill Carter, Vern Evans, Gus Forrestal, Neil Griggs, Ron Hathaway, P. Hood, Joe Hunt, Dave McRae, J. Moore, Des, John, Kevin & Maurie O'Dwyer, Robert Shrives, Frank Tyndall, Claude Wade, Reg Wells, Stan West, Pat Withers.


A well-attended smoke social at the Palais Supper Room on Monday night marked the conclusion of a successful Australian Rules season. During the evening presentations were made to player-coach Geoff Willis; the best and fairest player, Griffith team, Eric Geddes; and the most improved player, Keith Thompson.

The President, Mr. F. R. Polkinghorne in his opening remarks, referred to the success of the season from a financial angle. He said the club had spent about £700 during the season and anticipated that they would finish with a credit balance of approximately £50. He and other speakers paid high tribute to the untiring efforts of joint secretaries Len Polkinghorne and Roy Riley in this regard, and to Jack Muir for his energetic selling of raffle tickets for the return plane trip to Melbourne to visit the V.F.L. grand final.

The toast, "The Australian Rules Game." was entrusted to Geoff Willis, who referred to the increased popularity of the code, predicting that it would be "the tops" in a few years.


Player-coach Geoff Willis was presented with a leather dressing case from players and supporters of the Griffith Club, and with the Gammage medal for the best and fairest player in the S.W.D.F.L. competition by the team's vice-captain Jack Taylor.

Messrs. Taylor, F. R. Polkinghorne and Cec Roach all spoke highly of Willis' value as both a coach and a player.

In reply, Willis thanked the players, committee and supporters for their co-operation during the year. However, he added that the team needed more fighting spirit, saying that the luck of a kick could have meant the difference between defeat and premiership honours.


Mr. F. R. Polkinghorne announced that a trophy had been donated for the best and fairest player in the Griffith Club. The player-coach was ineligible to compete for this trophy, and a committee of three had chosen Eric Geddes as the winner. The presentation was made by Geoff Willis.

Fred Savage received an unexpected donation from a collection taken to replace teeth broken in a recent match.

A trophy presented by Regal Signs for the most improved player in the club was won by Keith Thompson.

The drawing of a raffle for a free double return plane trip to Melbourne to see the grand final of the Victorian Football League match created much interest. The ticket donated by Australian National Airways. The winning ticket, which was drawn by Jack Muir, was 991, in the name of Bob Hutchins.


Toasts honoured during the evening were: "The Rival Code," proposed by Jack Wood and replied to by Frank Selby; "The First Aid Men," proposed by Joe Casserly and replied to by Jack Slattery; "The Press," proposed by Jack Muir, reply E. R. Wilson; "The Joint Secretaries," proposed by Jack Muir and replied to by Len Polkinghorne; and "The Chairman," proposed by Joe Casserly and replied to by F. R. Polkinghorne.

A vote of thanks was recorded to Mrs. Marie Riley for her work in washing the jerseys of players free of charge.

(The Area News, Friday September 17, 1948)

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