Australian Rules Coach Coming To-morrow
Mr. Roy Watterston the new coach of the Griffith Australian Rules team will arrive from Sydney to-morrow.
Hayden Bunton, the famous Victorian League football made arrangements for Roy Watterston to play with Subiaco (WA), but the arrangement fell through when Roy enlisted with the A.I.F. After the war he settled in Sydney and played with the Newtown Club, of which he was captain last season. Newtown won its fourth consecutive premiership last season. 
Roy has represented N.S.W. in all Carnivals and State games since 1946 and has won trophies for the best and fairest for the Newtown Club for the past three seasons. He is 25 years old, weighs 13st. 10lbs and is 6' 2" in height.
The Griffith Club was lucky to secure the services of such a grand footballer, as three Melbourne clubs were after him to coach them, but the Griffith Club got Mr. Jack Condon to go to Sydney and sign him up as coach for 1949.
(Area News - Friday 8 April, 1949)

Aussie Rules Club To Play on Sunday
The Griffith Australian Rules Football Club will play their first game amongst themselves at the Diggers Oval on Sunday. On Sunday week, the club will travel to Leeton and play Leeton in a trial game.
In the discussion about the games at a meeting on Tuesday night, the new Griffith coach, Roy Watterston said that the team needed a bit more training before it could play even a trial game. 
He said it would be better to have a game against Leeton on the following Sunday, April 24. His suggestion was agreed with.
Delegates Report - Mr. Ben Clarke, district delegate for Griffith reported on the S.W.D.F.L. conference at Leeton last Tuesday. It was decided at the meeting to admit Ganmain and Marrar into the South Western District competition.

(Area News - Friday 15 April, 1949)

Australian Rules Training Commences
Players and supporters turned up in strength at the golf club cricket ground  on Sunday for the opening trial for the 1949 season of the Griffith Australian Rules Club. While the turf wicket at the Showground is growing, the Aussie Rules footballers are temporarily without a home ground. '
New coach, Roy Watterson and the club selectors had plenty of material to chose from and after an hour of hard play saw just what the players could do. Many new players were present and some showed promise. 

The Waide brothers, Stevensons and Cecil Polkinghorne were among the new comers to the game in Griffith and they all looked likely players for the team. John Norton and young Dave McRae of the juniors, although a coltish and awkward yet, with a little training may easily become an asset to the senior team.
Among the old hands at the game, Lionel Crump, Fred Clarke, Jack Taylor and Keith Thompson were very lively and eager for the run. 
Roy Watterston took command with sureness and confidence which augers well for the future success of the season. After a few minutes of play it was quite apparent to the supporters and players that in appointing him as coach they had not only acquired a good coach but a top line player.  Arrangements have been made to play Leeton at Leeton on Sunday. All attending players will be required to attend training this week. 

(Area News - Friday 22 April, 1949)

Leeton Beaten In Aust. Rules Trial Game
The Griffith Australian Rules team won its first trial match for the season against Leeton last Sunday by 10 goals 10 behinds (70 points) to 5 goals 4 behinds (34 points).
Although engaging in their first match for the season, and with only one week training, the Griffith team displayed almost mid-season form. The game was of surprisingly fast and interesting nature and Griffith scored a rather comfortable win.
From the commencement of play, the game was bright and entertaining Griffith showing the more dash and initiative. Their spirited, fast moving methods and splendid co-operation so early in the season must have been very gratifying to newly appointed coach, Roy Watterston and their many supporters. With the absence this year of such stalwarts as Geoff Willis, Jim Parker, Jack Kloot, Leo Charles, Fred Savage and Roy Geddes has left the Griffith eighteen, sadly depleted. But with the good form shown by new men, particularly Roy Watterston, Jack and Rex Waide, Bruce and Ian Stevenson, Claude Clarke and others it appears certain that the local side will again be a force to be reckoned with.

(Area News - Tuesday 26 April, 1949)

Coal Shortage Defers Start of Competition
As no special steam trains could be made available this weekend because of the coal shortage the start of the S.W.D.F.L. competition has been postponed for one week.
S.WD.F.L. officials have made representations to the Local State member Mr. A.G. Enticknapp, M.L.A. and are confident that there will be no further difficulty in obtaining trains when the S.W.D.F.L. season starts on Sunday, May 8.
The Griffith (reserve grade) team have drawn last years premiers Yanco away in the opening round matches of the L.D.F.L. competition commencing this Saturday, May 1.
Zone 1: Matong v Grong Grong, Ganmain v Coolamon;  Zone 2. Darlington Point v Leeton, Yanco v Griffith.
(Area News - Friday 29 April, 1949)


Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Round 1 - Saturday April 30, 1949 at Yanco Sportsground
Yanco 6.10 (46) lost to Griffith 11.16 (76)
Best: Griffith: Brian Higgins, Dave McRae, Jack Collins, Frank Wood, Kevin Tyndall, Noel Tyndall

SWDFL Round 1 - Sunday May 8, 1949 at Matong Sportsground
Matong ..... 2.7 (19)
Griffith ..... 9.19 (73)
Goals: Griffith: F Clarke 3, W Black 2, R Waide 2, S Weller, B Higgins
Best: Matong: K Johnston, W Walsh, G Jones, M Pieper
Griffith: Team effort
Griffith: Roy Watterston (c-c)*, Keith Thompson, Brian Higgins, Rex Waide, Bruce Stevenson, Vic Carroll, Terry Wood, Kevin Tyndall, Bill Black*, Sammy Weller, Dave McRae*, Noel Tyndall, Bernell Parslow, Jack Taylor, Jack Waide, Fred Clarke, Lionel Crump; Des O'Dwyer*, Jack Collins
Reserves LDFL R2 (Sat): Griffith 6.12 (46) d Darlington Point 1.5 (11)
Best: Griffith: Jack Collins, Jack Shrives, John O'Dwyer, John Norton, John O'Keefe

SWDFL Round 2 - Sunday May 15, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ........ 9.13 (67)
Ganmain ..... 8.4 (52)
Goals: Griffith: R Waide 2, R Hutchins, B Higgins, B Parslow, M Graham, V Carroll, R Watterston, F Clarke
Best: Griffith: F Clarke, J Waide, R Waide, T Wood, K Thompson, R Hutchins
Reserves LDFL R3 (Sat): Griffith 92 d Leeton 44

SWDFL Round 3 -  Sunday May 22, 1949 at Junee
Junee lost to Griffith narrowly
Reserves LDFL R4 (Sat): Griffith 64 d Yanco 26

SWDFL Round 4 - Sunday May 29, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .............. 1.2 .. 2.7 .. 3.10 .. 6.11 (47)
Narrandera ....  3.2 .. 4.2 .. 8.6 .. 11.7 (73)
Goals: Griffith: C Lane 3, B Higgins, L Crump, R Hutchins
Narrandera: L Foley 5, N Thompson 3, R Jones, D Sams, J Kenny
Best: Griffith: K Thompson, C Clarke, T Wood, L Crump, F Clarke, B Clarke
Narrandera: K Kallady, L Longmore, H Turner, L Foley
Umpire: Bert Roberts
Reserves LDFL R5 (Sat): Darlington Point lost to Griffith by 2 points

SWDFL Round 5 - Sunday June 5, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ..... 14.19 (94)
Marrar ..... 10.11 (71)
Goals: Griffith: C Lane 4, F Wood 3, L Crump 2, B Higgins 2, R Hutchins, T Wood, B Parslow
Best: Griffith: L Crump, K Thompson, C Lane, R Hutchins, J Taylor, T Wood
Reserves LDFL R6 (Sat): Leeton 3.8 (26) lost to Griffith 5.10 (40)

SWDFL Round 6 - Sunday June 12, 1949 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton ..... 5.8 (38)
Griffith ..... 12.17 (89)
Goals: Whitton: E Thompson 4, J Tucker
Griffith: R Hutchins 3, C Lane 2, L Crump 2, R Watterston, T Wood, F Clarke, E Feltwell, R Waide
Best: Whitton: W Painting, E Thompson, L Thompson, J Tucker, M McAliece
Griffith: L Crump, B Stevenson, J Taylor, K O'Connor, R Hutchins, R Watterston
Reserves LDFL R7 (Sat): Yanco 14. 7 (91) d Griffith 4.8 (32)

Challenge Match - Monday June 13, 1949 at Narrandera Sportsground 
SWDFL ........ 6.2 .. 8.2 .. 13.6 .. 18. 8 (116)
St George ... 2.1 .. 3.2 .. 6.4 .. 8.8 (56)
Goals: SWDFL: L Taylor 10, L Foley 3, L McPherson 2, M Pieper 2, E Thompson
Best: SWDFL: L Taylor, J Corcoran, D Smith, F Clarke, L Foley, M Pieper, E Thompson
St George: J Frost, E Freake, R Elliott, V Sands
Umpire: H Towzell (Wagga)

SWDFL Round 7 - Sunday June 19, 1949 at Leeton Showground
Leeton ...... 2.9 (21)
Griffith ..... 6.10 (46)
Goals: Leeton: Graham Padgen, Don Drew
Griffith: Clive Lane 4, Bob Hutchins 2
Match report: Conditions were ideal when the teams took the field, but right from the start play was scrambly and congested, very few players handling the ball cleanly or safely, and the umpire lagging too far behind. For Griffith, Kevin O'Connor was outstanding, and he now beginning to reveal some of the form that won him State representation for Queensland. Jack Luhrs, who was playing his first game, also shaped well, and should be a decided acquisition to the Griffith team. Ben Clarke, although overweight, is beginning to reach top form, and with Eric Geddes and Marty Graham formed a solid and capable defence. Terry Wood gave his usual consistent display, while Clive Lane and Bob Hutchins were the most effective forwards. For Leeton, Eddie Luhrs was a stalwart. His safe marking and beautiful long kicking was a feature of the day. Others to show out were Des Lynch, Ossie Grose, Maurie Harrison and Don Drew
Reserves LDFL R8 (Sat): Griffith lost to Darlington Point by 11 points
Schoolboys: South Griffith 17.10 (112) d West Griffith 8.8 (56)  

SWDFL Round 8 - Sunday June 26, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .......... 13.13 (85)
Coolamon ..... 11.4 (70)
Goals: Griffith: R Hutchins 5, L Crump 2, B Higgins 2, C Lane, M Graham, E Feltwell
Coolamon: J Butler 6, L Taylor 3, L Gould, P Curtis
Best: Griffith: Team effort
Coolamon: F Williamson, L Gould, D Smith, J O'Brien, J Butler
Umpire: R Younger
Schoolboys: Darlington Point 7.8 (50) d West Griffith 3.2 (20)  
Best: West Griffith: B Jones, L Robinson, J Ford
Darlington Point: L Finley, T DeMamiel, L Bloomfield
Reserves LDFL R9 (Sat): Griffith 13.15 (93) d Leeton 4.5 (29)
Schoolboys at Whitton: Whitton 0.3 (3) v South Griffith 13.21 (99)
Goals: Griffith: Vic Hathaway 6, Pat Withers 4, Vic Budd 2, Kelvin Williams
Best: Whitton: Pat Dunn, Bill Box, DeMamiel
Griffith: Vic Hathaway, Clive Polkinghorne, Pat Withers, Vic Budd, Brian Devery
SWDFL Round 9 - Sunday July 3, 1949
Griffith bye
Reserves LDFL R10 (Sat): Griffith 6.8 (44) d Yanco 5.13 (43)
Schoolboys: Darlington Point 8.8 d South Griffith 6.7, West Griffith 7.3 d Whitton 0.3  

SWDFL Round 10 - Sunday July 10, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ....... 8.15 (63)
Matong ...... 7.5 (47)
Umpire: C Cedelland
Reported: Jack Luhrs, Ted Feltwell (Griffith); J Turner, Kevin Kallady, Merv Pieper, Ken Johnston, Harry Netting (Matong)
Schoolboys: West Griffith 38 d South Griffith 6
Reserves LDFL R11 (Sat): Darlington Point 7.5 (47) d Griffith 10.15 (75) on protest
Best: Griffith: Jack Collins, Jack Shrives, John O'Dwyer, John Norton, John O'Keefe
Note: A protest lodged by Darlington Point against Griffith for playing a unregistered player, Keith Thompson was upheld. The match was recorded as a win for Darlington Point.

SWDFL Round 11 - Sunday July 17, 1949 at Ganmain Sportsground
Ganmain ..... 8.6 (54)
Griffith ......... 4.3 (27)
Goals; Ganmain: K Gumbleton 4, W Carroll 2, A Crozier 2
Griffith: C Lane 2, S Weller, L Crump
Best: Ganmain: L McPherson, J Talbot, A Crozier, L Meek
Griffith: S Weller, V Carroll, K Thompson, J Waide
Reserves  LDFL R12 (Sat): Leeton 5.9 (39) lost to Griffith 6.16 (52)
Schoolboys: Darlington Point 93 d Griffith 8

SWDFL Round 12 - Sunday July 24, 1949 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera .... 4.2 .. 4.3 .. 4.5 .. 4.10 (34)
Griffith ............. 0.2 .. 4.5 .. 8.8 .. 14.11 (95)
Goals: Narrandera: R Jones 2, L Foley, F Maxwell
Griffith: C Lane 4, L Crump 3, R Hutchins 2, E Feltwell, M Graham, J Taylor, J Waide
Best: Narrandera: L Foley, R Jones, F Aliendi, L Longmore, Blue Turner, Jim Durnan
Griffith: K O'Connor, M Graham, J Waide, K Thompson, C Lane, B Clarke, R Hutchins
Reserves LDFL R13 (Sat): Griffith 7.8 (50) lost to Yanco 10.13 (73)

SWDFL Round 13 - Sunday July 31, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ... 2.1 .. 5.4 .. 6.8 .. 10.17 (77)
Junee .... 2.2 .. 4.3 .. 5.3 .. 5.4 (34)
Schoolboys: Griffith (Zone 2) 45 d Leeton (Zone 1) 22
Reserves LDFL R14 (Sat): Griffith def Darlington Point on forfeit
Schoolboy Inter zone: Griffith 22 lost to Darlington Point 45

SWDFL Round 14 - Sunday August 7, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ..... 16.13 (109)
Whitton ..... 6.3 (39)
Goals: Griffith: R Hutchins 4, F Clarke 4, R Waide 2, K O'Connor 2, E Feltwell 2, V Carroll, R Watterston
Reserves LDFL R15 (Sat): Griffith def Leeton
LDFL (Zone 1) Ladder: Grong Grong 60, Narrandera 44, Coolamon 36, Ganmain 28, Matong 12
LDFL (Zone 2) Ladder: Yanco 44, Griffith 44, Darlington Point 20, Leeton 4

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) First Semi Final - Saturday August 13, 1949 at Yanco Sportsground
Griffith ............ 3.5 .. 6.9 .. 8.14 .. 11.16 (82)
Narrandera .... 0.6 .. 1.9 .. 1.14 .. 2.17 (29)
Best: Griffith: Cecil Polkinghorne, Bernell Parslow, Sam Weller, Rex Waide
Narrandera: A Tunbridge, F Welsh, H Mathieson, R Woolnough
Umpire: J Honor (Wagga UL)

Match report: Under ideal weather conditions Griffith (82 points) defeated Narrandera (29 pts.) In the first semi-final of the Leeton District Football League's Competition, played on Saturday last at Yanco. Considering the semi-final was played on a neutral ground and no trains on account of rail restrictions, the attendance of 200 was quite satisfactory. In the opening stages the play reached a high standard but deteriorated after the second quarter, other than some nice individual marking and kicking. Griffith, however, held too many guns for Narrandera, as can be seen by the quarter scores.

SWDFL Round 15 - Sunday August 14, 1949 at Langtry Oval
Marrar .... 11.7 (73)
Griffith .... 11.16 (82)
Goals: Marrar: D Langtry 3, W Turner 2, K Campbell 2, J Brewster 2, J McCallum, B Pattison
Griffith: R Waide 4, R Hutchins 3, J Waide, L Crump, S Weller, F Clarke
Best: Marrar: D Irvine, W Turner, B Pattison, J McCallum, J Buchanan
Griffith: L Crump, B Clarke, B Stevenson, J Waide, K Thompson
Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Second Semi Final - Saturday August 20, 1949 at Narrandera Sportsground
Grong Grong ... 2.1 .. 5.6 .. 7.8 .. 15.11 (101)
Yanco ................ 3.2 .. 3.2 .. 3.3 .. 3.5 (23)

Match report: In the second semi-final of the Leeton District Football League Competition for the Kinloch Cup, played at Narrandera on Saturday last, Grong Grong scored an easy win over the strong Yanco team, before a very good attendance. The strong wind and unpleasant weather conditions marred the match. Although Yanco were soundly beaten, this team has played far better football than they were able to show on Saturday last, and it is anticipated that they will put up a better display at Darlington Point on Saturday next when they meet Griffith In the final Mr. G. Honor, of South Wagga Umpires League, gave a very good standard of umpiring.
SWDFL Round 16 - Sunday August 21, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith def Leeton on forfeit
Match report: On Sunday, the Leeton Australian Rules team was to have visited Griffith but could not muster enough players and decided to forfeit. The decision was made rather late, and it was not until almost 2 p.m. that the news was received at the showgrounds, where quite a number of spectators were already in attendance to witness the final of the schoolboys competition. The forfeit was rather unfortunate for Griffith which needed match practice with the finals approaching. Two teams of thirteen played a practice game. Jack Collins shaped particularly well and should be assured of a place in the line-up for the final game.
Schoolboys Preliminary Final: Griffith South 8.10 (58) d Darlington Point 3.8 (26)

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Preliminary Final - Saturday August 27, 1949 at Darlington Point Oval
Yanco ....... 4.6 .. 5.9 .. 6.13 .. 8.17 (65)
Griffith ..... 2.1 .. 5.5 .. 5.7 .. 7.10 (52)
Best: Yanco: C Dunne, R Myers, K O'Connell
Griffith: C Wade, J Collins, V Evans
Griffith: Vic Ledwidge, Kevin and Noel Tyndall, Cecil Polkinghorne, Des O'Dwyer, Brian Higgins, Jack Collins, Pat Armour, Gerry Smith, John Norton, Bruce Bowden, Dave McRae, Terry Crump, Frank Wood, Vern Evans, Bernell Parslow, Kevin and John O'Dwyer, Bill Black, Hugh McLean, Claude Wade, Stan West

Match report: In the Kinloch Cup Competition final, Yanco defeated Griffith at Darlington Point on Saturday last. Although the game was hard and fast it was anyone's game till the final bell. From the bounce of the ball, Griffith rucks knocked to their ever ready rover, who sent to J. Collins, who sent to Higgins who registered a 'sixer.' Griffith repeated the performance when another goal was scored, making - Griffith 12 points when only three minutes of play had gone. Yanco sensed the position and
began a strong attack, when O'Connell sent to Grace to Dunn, to Colman, who found the main uprights. Yanco were again on the move when Allan Russell had a shot from a difficult angle and scored a goal. Yanco were on top in this quarter scoring
4 — 6 to 2 — 1. The second quarter saw Griffith making full use of the breeze that got up, scoring 3 — 1 to Yanco 1—3. The third quarter was all Yanco who scored 2 — 4 to 2 behinds. Griffith had a big task to overtake Yanco in the last quarter. Yanco attacked and scored 1 — 1 to Griffith 2 — 2, making the final scores Yanco 8—17 to Griffith 7—9. Charlie Dunn was easily the best player on the ground, whilst Schier, Hamilton, Sullivan, O'Connell and Colman served Yanco well, whilst Griffith best were Collins, Evans and O'Dwyer. The executive of the L.D.F.L. wish to thank the following for the valuable assistance rendered them on Saturday last: L. Wardle, M. Hogarth, J. James, J. W. Kelly, T. King, J. Heath, K. Curphey, D. Potts, M. Hardy and K. Hogarth.

SWDFL Round 17 - Sunday August 28, 1949 at Kindra Park
Coolamon ..... 10.12 (72)
Griffith .......... 12.14 (86)
Goals: Coolamon: L Taylor 3, A Williamson 2, J Butler 2, F Williamson 2, J O'Brien
Griffith: C Lane 6, L Crump 2, F Clarke, B Stevenson, R Waide, E Feltwell
Best: Coolamon: M Iverach, J O'Brien, L Taylor, H Eyles, D Smith
Griffith: K O'Connor, K Thompson, T Wood, C Lane, E Feltwell

M.I.A Schoolboy Grand Final -  Sunday August 28, 1949 at Leeton Showground
Barellan 19.15 (129) d Griffith 5.3 (33)
Report: Barellan led throughout and at no part of the game did Griffith look like getting in front. Best players for Barellan were the Lyons brothers, and for Griffith, Vic Budd, Vic Hathaway, Clive Polkinghorne, Pat Withers and Brian Casey. The Letona Cup was donated by Mr. H.J. Williams.
Barellan: Owen Lyons, Arthur Allen, Mark Taig, Jack Trembath, Joe Mickelson, Des Lyons, Keith Cronin, Graham Ellis, Keith Whitford, Jim Douglas, Frank Maher, Bruce Smith, Owen Tubb, Bruce Brambley, Noel Brambley, Don Jamieson, Peter Findlay, Tom Howe, Hugh Manning
Griffith: Pat Withers, Clive Polkinghorne, Vic Budd, Vic Hathaway, Jackie Williams, Colin Campbell, Trevor Campbell, Brian Devery, John Thomas, Don Dwyer, Vince O'Dwyer, L. Robinson, George Roach, Les McDermott, Brian Casey, John Casserly, Les Collis, Brian Devery, Allan Blows, Kelvin Williams, Elwin Withers, Trevor Williams

Reserves LDFA (Kinlock Cup) Grand Final - Saturday September 3, 1949 at Narrandera Sportsground
Grong Grong ... 2.2 .. 6.6 .. 6.7 .. 7.9 (51)
Yanco ................ 3.0 .. 4.0 .. 7.4 .. 7.7 (49)
Goals: Grong Grong: J McMicking 3, K Cox, Evans, Blackett, Russell
Yanco: C Dunne 3, C Hopley 2, K Quinlivan, O'Connell, J Coleman
Best: Grong Grong: Russell Bros., C Absolum, Limbrick, Smith, McMicking
Yanco: C Dunne, J Cleman, A Russell, C Gunn, O'Connell Bros.

Match report: The grand final of the Leeton District Football League's Competition for the Kinloch Cup, played in Narrandera on Saturday last, proved a most exciting match, with football of a high standard. Grong Grong beat Yanco by the narrow margin of two points. Mr. W. Kinloch, on behalf of Kinloch Bros., donors of the cup, handed the trophy to the premiers and congratulated both teams on the excellence of their football. The game was capably umpired by Mr. Towzell of the South Wagga League. The L.D.F.L. once again desires to congratulate the Narrandera Club for the efficient way they carried out the ground arrangements.

SWDFL Round 18 - Sunday September 4, 1949
Griffith bye 
Challenge Match - Sunday September 4, 1949 at Griffith Showground
Griffith 17.10 (112) d Ariah Park 8.5 (53)
Goals: Griffith: R Hutchins 6, E Feltwell 4, C Lane 4, R Waide 2, K Thompson
Curtain Raiser: Hay Rovers 52 d Griffith Reserves 47

SWDFL First Semi Final - Sunday September 11, 1949 at Ganmain Sportsground
Narrandera .... 3.5 .. 8.10 .. 13.14 .. 20.20 (140)
Coolamon ....... 3.1 .. 5.2 .. 5.5 .. 9.6 (60)
Goals: Narrandera: D Durnan 10, J Frost 3, F Maxwell 2, R Jones 2, N Thompson 2, Jack Durnan
Coolamon: J O'Brien 3, A Williamson 2, M Curtis, J Butler, D Smith, J Scates  
Narrandera: Jack Frost (capt.), Hopper Walton, R O'Meara, Fred Maxwell, Les Longmore, Ross Jones, Cliff Hazelman, Fred Aliendi, F Kenny, Mac Morrison, Jim Durnan, Don Durnan, R Tunbridge, Henry Turner, Bruce McLay, Jack McNamee, G Hornby, Norm Thompson, Jack Sargent, Les Nielsen, Pat Durnan, Jack Durnan, Leo Foley
Coolamon: Laurie Taylor (capt.), Jim Bredin, Vic Smith, Tom Moloney, Bernie Bartholomew, Jim O'Brien, Les Gould, Albert Williamson, Bernie Curtis, Hector Eyles, Mick Curtis, J Skates, M Iverach, F Mohr, Keith Crocker, E Gould, Dudley Smith, Peter Curtis, J Butler, B Smith
Umpire: Dennis Frickler (VFL)

Match report: In the first semi-final of the SWDFL played at Ganmain on Sunday, Narrandera completely outclassed Coolamon and won by 80 points. A large crowd watched the game as Narrandera established a lead in the first quarter and remained it to the end. Don Durnan kicked 10 goals for Narrandera


SWDFL Second  Semi Final - Sunday September 18, 1949 at Narrandera Sportsground
Griffith ........ 3.1 .. 8.7 .. 10.9 .. 14.10 (94)
Ganmain .... 5.5 .. 7.7 .. 11.11 .. 16.13 (109)
Goals: Griffith: Ted Feltwell 3, Bob Hutchins 2, Roy Watterston , Lionel Crump, Fred Clarke, Keith Thompson, Clive Lane, Brian Higgins, Jack Taylor, Jack Luhrs
Ganmain: Keith Gumbleton 4, Clon Heath 4, Artie Roy 3, Arthur Crozier 2, Les Meek, Barry McPherson, Bill McPherson
Best: Griffith: Roy Watterston, Jack Waide, Jack Luhrs, Jack Taylor, Lionel Crump, Eric Geddes, Jack Collins, Terry Wood
Ganmain: Joe Carroll, Keith Gumbleton, Len Brill, Bill and Mick Carroll, Artie Roy, Vic Woolnough
Umpire: H Burrows (VFL). Gate: £264

Match report: In a hard, open game, which was in doubt till the end, Ganmain defeated Griffith at Narrandera on Sunday by 15 points in the second semi-final. Over 2,00 witnessed the game and the gate was over £260. The special train from Griffith was almost full before it started and left little room for passengers along the line.
The game was keenly contested from the very start, and it could have been anyone's till the last quarter. With the breeze in the first quarter, Ganmain grabbed the lead 35-19, but with the change over Griffith forged ahead to lead at half-time by 55-49. Play was fast all the time and the Griffith rucks, led by Roy Watterston, definitely were on top.
The position was reversed in the third quarter when Ganmain added 28 points against Griffith's 14 points. In the final quarter the ball went from end to end, but Ganmain held it's lead and gradually increased to win by 15 points. Griffith appeared to tire about a quarter of an hour before the final bell. 
SWDFL Preliminary Final - Sunday September 25, 1949 at Kindra Park
Griffith ............ 1.5 .. 4.5 .. 5.8 .. 6.12 (48)
Narrandera .... 2.2 .. 7.5 .. 10.7 .. 11.8 (74)
Goals: Griffith: Rex Waide 5, Jack Waide
Narrandera: Leo Foley 6, Jack Frost 3, Norm Thompson 2
Best: Griffith: Roy Watterston, Ben Clarke, Eric Geddes, Keith Thompson, Lionel Crump, Rex Waide
Narrandera: Les Longmore, Fred Aliendi, Jack Sargent, Cliff Hazelman, Leo Foley, Norm Thompson
Umpire: E Michael (VFL)

SWDFL Grand Final - Sunday October 2, 1949 at Leeton Showground
Ganmain ........ 3.2 .. 6.5 .. 13.11 .. 13.11 (89) 
Narrandera ... 2.2 .. 3.5 .. 4.7 .. 10.10 (70)
Goals: Ganmain: K Gumbleton 4, J D Carroll 3, W McPherson 2, C Heath, B McPherson, J Talbot, A Crozier
Narrandera: L Foley 5, J Frost 2, A Walton, F Maxwell, Jack Durnan
Best: Ganmain: L Meek, M Carroll, W Carroll, J Talbot, L Brill, C Heath, K Gumbleton
Narrandera: J Durnan, L Foley, M Morrison, A Walton, L Longmore 
Ganmain: Les Meek (capt.), Vic Woolnough, Keith Gumbleton, Bill McPherson, Clon Heath, Jack Dedini, Len Brill, Joe B. Carroll, Jack McPherson, Barry McPherson, Jim Talbot, Bill Carroll, Brian 'Mick' Carroll, Les McPherson, Arthur Crozier, Artie Roy, Jack Buchanan, Roy Eisenhauer, John D. Carroll, Roy McPherson
Narrandera: Jack Frost (capt.), Leo Foley, Les Longmore, Fred Aliendi, Mac Morrison, Jim Durnan, Henry 'Blue' Turner, Jack McNamee, Cliff Hazelman, Jack Sargent, Bruce McLay, Hopper Walton, Don Durnan, Norm Thompson, Jack Durnan, Pat Durnan, Les Nielsen, Fred Maxwell; R O'Meara, A Tunbridge, G Hornby, R Hazelman
Umpire: Dennis Fricker (VFL).  Gate: £358/-/-.   Crowd: 3000 
Curtain Raiser: Leeton Juniors 30 d Barellan 21

Bill Black, Vic Carroll, Ben Clarke, Claude Clarke, Fred Clarke, Jack Collins, Lionel Crump, Ted Feltwell, Eric Geddes, Martin Graham, Brian Higgins, Robert Hutchins, Clive Lane, Jack Luhrs, Dave McRae, Kevin O'Connor, Desmond O'Dwyer, Bernell Parslow, Eric Rushton, Jack Shrives, Bruce Stevenson, Ian Stevenson, Jack Taylor, Keith Thompson, Kevin J. Tyndall, Noel Tyndall, Jack Waide, Rex Waide, Roy Watterston, Sammy Weller, Frank Wood, Terry Wood.

Bill Black, Claude Clarke, Jack Luhrs, Dave McRae, Kevin O'Connor, Desmond O'Dwyer, Eric Rushton, Roy Watterston, Sammy Weller. 
Final Games: Bill Black, Vic Carroll, Claude Clarke, Clive Lane, Eric Rushton, Ian Stevenson, Roy Watterston, Sammy Weller.

 Pat Armour, Bruce Bowden, Terry Crump, Vern Evans, Gus Forrestal, Neil Griggs, Jack Kelleher, George Kite, Vic Ledwidge, Hugh McLean, John Norton, Chas. O'Brien, Jack O'Brien, John, Kevin & Maurie O'Dwyer, John O'Keefe, Cecil Polkinghorne, John Sidlow, Gerry Smith, John Turnell, Claude Wade, Marty Wells, Reg Wells, Stan West.