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IN: Elio Alban (West Aust.), Paul Baldi, Peter Carey (Coleambally), Ian Geddes (East Sydney), Bob Greenwood (Coleambally), Glenn Harrison (Coleambally), Grant Luhrs (East Sydney), Chris O'Dwyer (Coleambally), Robert Prest (Glenelg), Phillip Purtill (Balranald), Bruce Thomson (Newtown and Chilwell).

OUT: Shane Best, Neville Brand (Dederang), Jeff Mitchell (West Aust.), Sid Robins, Steve Thompson.

 THE SWANS RE-GROUP - By Jack Luhrs 

"WE believe we have something to give back to football and the present time is the right moment to be giving".
"Sure, we saw some things in the club and the way it was going that we did not like but any talk of a take-over is not right".
"I believe we have an excellent relationship with the old committee, and I personally spoke to Mr. Cudmore (retiring president) before the annual general meeting and told him some of our plans.
The above are the points made by new president Mr. Grant Henderson of the Griffith Swans when he spoke to me recently. Mr. Henderson was quite clear he wanted to answer any questions of revolt against previous administrations. 
The old committee had a job to do and made the decisions they thought were the correct ones. Mr. Henderson made no great sore over the fact that new administrations represent all, but a complete replacement voted in by members at recent annual meeting of the Swans held in the club rooms of the Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Oval. 
"A group of us believe we have the talents to guide the club through its present difficult period and in no way are we gunning for anyone or anything. Our present goal is to lift the Swans into a trim fighting outfit and make sure every team in the South West will know who their opposition is in the future". 
Previous committee retaining their positions in the election were club secretary Mrs. Mary Collins and committeemen Viv Nancarrow and John Bordignon. The new committee of twelve persons means nine new faces to guide the Swans from the bottom of the premiership table where they finish last season.
The club has a new president, Mr. Grant Henderson, two new vice-presidents, in Len Sexton and Ron Hocking and a new treasurer in bank manager Allan Smith. New committeemen comprise Bill Power, Jack Wood, Andrew Henderson, Mick Foxall with players representatives Robbie Owen and John Bordignon. 
"Our immediate aim to settle divisions within the club, actively solicit the support of players and explain our objects to engage to lucrative fund-raising and to encourage the establishment of a strong social and ladies committee," said Henderson. "We have started at a committee level with the formation of a match committee comprising Len Sexton, Ron Hocking and the Swans coach, Kevin Kirkpatrick with the responsibility mainly on recruitment of players, training and conditioning and skills coaching."
"Mr. Henderson said: "We have called a player meeting for tomorrow night in the club rooms when we will explain what we are all about. "The previous committee has started negotiations for new assistant coaches and will continue these intermingled with plans to our own to boost player strength." "We are concerned there was a drift of some 21 players away from the club in recent seasons and we will set about recruiting some of these members to rejoin the club."  (The Area News - December 17, 1980).


ALL planning has been built around the Griffith Swans winning their first game against Coolamon on the Ex-Servicemen's Oval on Easter Sunday and all players realise this is the first goal. Swans president Mr. Grant Henderson left no doubt what the intentions of the committee when he officiated at the Swans presentation of jumpers to players in this year's senior list last Monday night.
Before an enthusiastic audience of players and supporters Mr. Henderson told fans the club staked a lot in getting away to a good start to the season. "Every player should realise in receiving his uniform just what the colours mean and what is expected from each recipient", Mr. Henderson said. Griffith expects to be close to full strength for their clash against Coolamon.

Despite the blemish in the last weeks trial at Whitton, they are confident of getting away with a first up win. They named a senior list which is open for review in a few weeks' time. Any player not on the list and thinks he should have been included will be able to prove the selectors wrong by pushing hard to oust some of the players included in the final 25.
The Swans will wear a slightly different uniform in previous years with the socks changed to ALL RED in place of red and white hoops and their red shorts carrying a white flash on the sides.
The Swans will meet Coolamon in three grades with the under 19's timed for a 10 am start. Players named in the Swans list are Kevin Kirkpatrick (coach), Ian Geddes (capt.), Grant Luhrs, Phil McGarry, Glenn Harrison, Darrell Collins, Bruce Thomson, Peter McGrath, Wayne Bottcher, Neil Sexton, Stephen Brand, Gerard Toscan, Martin O'Donnell, Drew Luhrs, Andrew Carver, Tony Dillon, Kelvin Turner, John Seidel, David Taylor, Robbie Owen, Robert Crowe, Roy Agresta, Robbie Gamble, Tony Hicks, Glenn Hall. To be considered: Max Turner, Phil Purtill, Peter Casey, Tony Herrick.  (The Area News - Thursday, April 16, 1981). 

Round 1 - Sunday April 19, 1981 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval
Griffith .......... 2.4 .. 8.8 .. 12.13 .. 14.18 (102)
Coolamon .... 3.3 .. 7.5 .. 11.9 .. 14.13 (97)

Goals: Griffith: B Thomson 5, D Collins 2, J Seidel 2, R Owen 2, G Harrison, G Toscan, K Turner
Coolamon: R O'Connor 3, S Mangelsdolf 2, M Buchanan 2, P Stephens 2, B Thompson, P Maloney, J Chamberlain, N Pleming, G Armstrong
Best players: Griffith: G Toscan, I Geddes, B Thomson, P McGarry, R Owen, G Luhrs 
Coolamon: B Allen, P Stephens, N Pleming, S Buchanan
Griffith: Kevin Kirkpatrick (coach), Ian Geddes (capt)*, Grant Luhrs, Phillip McGarry, Glenn Harrison, Darrell Collins, Bruce Thomson*, Peter McGrath, Wayne Bottcher, Neil Sexton, Stephen Brand, Gerard Toscan, Martin O'Donnell, Tony Hicks*, Tony Dillon, Kelvin Turner, John Seidel, Robbie Owen, Roy Agresta, Glen Hall
Coolamon: Ray O'Connor (c-c), Peter Stephens, John McKenzie, Lou Alchin, Paul Maloney, Greg Mangeldolf, Ed Glowery, Stephen Buchanan, Garry Armstrong, Brett Allen, Shaun Chandler, Bill Roberts, Rex Edis, John Chamberlain, Neil Pleming, Mick Whybro, Andrew Patterson, Michael Buchanan, Ian Buchanan, Bill Thompson
Umpires: Ken Wright and Chris Lamb (AUL)

Other matches - SAT: Cootamundra 15.12 (102) def by Narrandera 19.23 (137); SUN: AP-M 17.16 (118) def Ardlethan 11.18 (84), GG-M 18.20 (128) def Leeton 9.16 (70), Turvey Park 27.9 (171) def Ganmain 7.8 (50)
Reserves: Griffith 24.16 (160) d Coolamon 5.8 (39)
Under 19: Griffith 12.17 (89) d Coolamon 6.3 (39)

Round 2 - Sunday April 26, 1981 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ............................... 7.0 .. 9.5 .. 14.7 .. 15.13 (103)

Grong Grong-Matong .... 1.4 .. 7.6 .. 10.7 .. 13.13 (91)

Goals: GG-M: M Walsh 6, L Kerr 3, W Purcell 2, M Newell, R Conway

Griffith: D Collins 4, R Owen 3, B Thomson 3, G Harrison 2, I Minchin, P McGrath, P McGarry

Best players: GG-M: L Kerr, M Walsh, G Evans, B Gawne

Griffith: R Owen, T Dillon, I Minchin, G Luhrs

Griffith: Kevin Kirkpatrick, Ian Geddes, Grant Luhrs, Phillip McGarry, Glenn Harrison, Darrell Collins, Bruce Thomson, Peter McGrath, Wayne Bottcher, Neil Sexton, Stephen Brand, Gerard Toscan, Martin O'Donnell, Tony Dillon, John Seidel, David Taylor, Robbie Owen, Robert Crowe, Glen Hall, Ian Minchin

Grong Grong-Matong: John Russell, Mark Newell, Brian Gawne, John Smith, Mark Thornton, Ron Conway, Barry Walsh, Dennis Walsh, Laurie Gibson, Barry Sullivan, Warren Purcell, Laurie Kerr, Brian Kerr, Greg Evans, Greg Corbett, Michael Walsh, Stephen Margosis, Roger Hamblin, Ian Mattingly, Owen Sullivan

Umpire: Peter Treacy (AUL)

Other matches - SAT: Leeton 17.20 (122) def Cootamundra 15.7 (97); SUN: Ardlethan 20.19 (139) def Coolamon 18.14 (122), Ganmain 9.14 (58) def by AP-M 23.20 (158), Narrandera 21.18 (144) def Turvey Park 18.10 (118)

Reserves: Griffith 18.17 (125) d Grong Grong-Matong 7.9 (51)

Round 3 - Sunday May 3, 1981 at Leeton Showground

Leeton ...... 2.5 .. 5.8 .. 7.11 .. 9.11 (65)

Griffith .... 8.7 .. 15.10 .. 21.17 .. 31.19 (205)

Goals: Leeton: J Lyons 2, M Whealand 2, P Rocca 2, G Robson, A Harris, S McMahon

Griffith: D Collins 12, P McGarry 9, R Owen 4, G Hall, G Toscan, B Thomson, P McGrath, G Harrison, Grant Luhrs

Best players: Leeton: G Robson, M Whealand, W Aliendi, W McPherson, R Crawford, P Rocca

Leeton: P McGarry, D Collins, G Luhrs, I Geddes, R Owen, M O'Donnell

Leeton: Doug Campbell (c-c), Pas Rocca, Wayne McPherson, John McPherson, Anthony Harris, Glen Robson, Steve McMahon, Rick Crawford, Garry Ryan, Bill Aliendi, Jim Lyons, Barry Lang, M Wheelan, Colin Backman, Peter Sheehan, Dennis Irvine, Dale Ednie, John Wallace, Greg Thatcher, Larry Harrison

Griffith: Kevin Kirkpatrick, Ian Geddes, Grant Luhrs, Phillip McGarry, Glenn Harrison, Darrell Collins, Bruce Thomson, Peter McGrath, Wayne Bottcher, Neil Sexton, Stephen Brand, Gerard Toscan, Martin O'Donnell, Tony Dillon, John Seidel, David Taylor, Robbie Owen, Glen Hall, Ian Minchin, Trevor Reed

Umpire: T Bell (VFL)

Other matches - SAT: Cootamundra 6.11 (47) def by Turvey Park 36.21 (237); SUN: AP-M 22.14 (146) def Narrandera 23.12 (150), Coolamon 12.23 (95) def by Ganmain 15.7 (97), GG-M 19.19 (133) def Ardlethan 12.15 (87)

Reserves: Griffith 12.14 (86) d Leeton 13.6 (84)

Under 19: Griffith 14.15 (99) d Leeton 8.5 (53)

VCFL Winfield Championship - Sunday May 10, 1981 at Albury Sportsground

Ovens & Murray .... 5.2 .. 10.7 .. 16.8 .. 19.11 (125)

SWDFL .................... 5.2 .. 10.9 .. 12.14 .. 14.19 (103)