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 1965 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 2, 1965 - No. 4 

By Neil Griggs: A double win and no serious injuries, but plenty of blisters and sore feet saw a surprisingly small (where were the cheer squads?) contingent return from Matong last Sunday.

Bruce Bryon and Kevin Coleman gave us plenty of trouble with their high marking at Matong, but with George Schlitz countering the bulky Bryon we were able to get on top and record our hat trick of wins - a good start.

Bob Carroll was a popular winner of Ron Dalla's Whitmont shirt, while Joe Whyte won the 2nd XV111 award.

Ian ("Killer") Crewes was our star, with nine goals, and he only needs to get the delivery right to be a high scorer in each game. Malcolm Brauman turned in a beauty for his first game of the year and this could be his best season.

The improvement continues in our 2nd XV111, and the good win should give them confidence. Best in an even team were Joe Whyte, Ray Smith, Terry O'Connor, John Higgins and Barry Noonan.

The players took advantage of the holiday on Monday to have a Melbourne-style "Pleasant Monday Morning" before heading to Narrandera for the big game.

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