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IN: Frank Conlan (Barellan-Binya), Brian Fitzpatrick (Leeton), Brian Hawkins (Whitton), Cliff Hawkins (Wangaratta), John Hudson (Port Adelaide), Kevin Kirkpatrick (Geelong), Bob Munnerley (Leeton), Mick Newman (Wagga Tigers), Allan Norton-Baker (Barossa Valley FL), George Schlitz (Leeton), Claude Smith (Tasmania), Bob Spears and Bill Tyndall (Barellan-Binya), Joe Whyte (Corowa).

OUT: John Bortolazzo (umpiring), Gordon Browne (Yenda), Les Collis and Ray Davies (Darlington Point), Jim Eley, Bob Little (The Rock), Peter Morris (Deniliquin), John Schmetzer (Weethalle), Allan Smith, John Walsh (Weethalle).


With the appointment of 21-year-old Geelong rover Kevin Kirkpatrick as coach, the Griffith Australian Rules Football Club has settled into more solid preparations for the 1965 season.
Kirkpatrick was appointed at last Sunday's committee meeting and has since advised Griffith officials he will arrive next Monday.
Kept out of the Geelong team by the brilliance of its regular senior rovers Bill Goggin and Colin Rice, Kirkpatrick has played most of his football in the Geelong reserves and appeared in both of their premiership wins in 1963 and 1964.
However, Geelong coach Bob Davis assured Griffith officials Kirkpatrick could make the senior side of at least six other League Clubs in Melbourne.
Kirkpatrick met the Geelong committee last Tuesday seeking a clearance to Griffith in the light of his coaching appointment.
Knowing he was keen to capitalise on his football ability, apparently Geelong did not stand in his way as Kirkpatrick has telegraphed the Griffith Club naming his arrival date.
Beginning with North Geelong under 15's side in 1958, Kirkpatrick has worked his way through the grades and played several senior games with the 'Cats' last season. 
He played in the 'Cats' under 19's coached by Doug Brown in 1959, 1960, 1961 and after half a season in 1962, Kirkpatrick gained promotion to their reserve grade team.
After half a season in the third 18 again in 1962, Kirkpatrick gained promotion to the second 18 that year.
For the past two seasons he has trained with Geelong's senior players and at 21, comes to Griffith for his first coaching appointment.
With the arrival of second 18 coach Cliff Hawkins at present in charge of training, plus the retention of Len Sexton and Ian Crewes as assistant coaches from last season, the Griffith Club have now finalised their coaching appointments.
Sexton is at present on holidays and Crewes is in Melbourne where he underwent medical treatment for an old finger injury.
Concerning Griffith officials, however, is the poor attendance at training sessions. This aspect appears as a characteristic of all South West Clubs this season and the apparent reason stated is the unduly hot weather conditions.
Club selectors appointed at Monday's general meeting are Jim Eley and Allan Smith as non-playing members, joining the three coaches to complete the selection panel.     (The Area News - Friday March 12, 1965)

To the Editor

Sir, we are just members of the forgotten "Dozen" camp in the heart of 5000 acres of Raw Mallee. We have abundant Food, Spares and - -, but we are starving for just one thing. News of what's doing in the Aussie Rules field throughout the South West; and particularly the Griffith Club.  
Our reading material at times gets so low we are reduced to reading the "ads".
We even get enjoyment out of Rugby Facts and Realties and Yenda's Yaps and Yelps. Doesn't anyone take any more High Marks and Fumbles.
Just feed us a few crumbs, take our minds off Pin-up Girls, North Vietnam; and Pat Mackie.
We will surely end up doing something mad such as getting on the Selection Committee and picking ourselves in the team or going Coaching.
On the subject of publicity or the lack of lack of it, some would nearly take a Sherlock Homes plus James Bond to get to the facts.
Was it mentioned at the wind-up meeting of the Club: - Too much publicity; not enough; too embarrassing on coaches; new players etc to live up to past reputations.
On the matter some committeemen plus, past presidents seem to be suffering from loss of memory.
Well, whatever the facts are for us it thanks heaven for the Crystal Ball Scribe.
With only two trains a week the only local papers to be brought over the counter is the "Advocate". So once again we ask feed us a few crumbs on what's doing; or the lack of it.
Finally, if we ever read that a Trial Game is to be played on the beautiful Ex-Servicemen's Oval prior to the commencement of the competition; rain, hail or shine we will be their cheering the Red and Whites on. 
P.S.  We would much prefer sitting and cheering from a Grandstand.
For and on behalf of the "DOZER GANG"
Harry Kurtzman 
Riverina Advocate - Monday March 29, 1965

Round 1 - Sunday April 11, 1965 at Leeton Showground                                                   High Marks and Fumbles

Leeton .... 1.0 .. 1.3 .. 3.4 .. 5.5 (35)

Griffith ... 1.3 .. 2.6 .. 7.9 .. 8.10 (58)

Goals: Leeton: R Elwin 3, B Lang, D Allen

Griffith: J Foley 3, I Crewes 2, C Smith 2, C Hawkins

Best players: Leeton: R Elwin, L Pilkington, A Waters, K McGowan, D Lyons, B Lang
Griffith: S Robins, J Foley, L Sexton, G Schlitz, K Kirkpatrick
Griffith: Brian Fitzpatrick*, Vince O'Dwyer, Bob Spears; Sid Robins, Bob Carroll, Vic Hathaway; Don Best, Len Sexton, Mick Newman; Dennis Dreyer, John Foley, John Kirkwood; George Schlitz*, Ian Crewes, Cliff Hawkins*; Claude Smith*, Kevin Luhrs, Kevin Kirkpatrick (c-c)*; Mick Bridges, Kevin Phillis
Umpire: Lawson (VFL)
Other matches - Ariah Park-Mirrool 147 def Grong Grong-Matong 49, Ganmain 80 def Whitton 47, Narrandera 66 def Ardlethan 36, Turvey Park 39 def by Coolamon 59.
Reserves: Leeton 3.14 (32) def Griffith 1.3 (9)
Goals: Ray Smith
Best players: Ray Smith, Ron Dreyer, Robert Munnerley, Barry Noonan, Brian Hawkins, Frank Knox
Thirds: Leeton def Griffith on forfeit

Round 2 - Sunday April 18, 1965 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ........................... 2.2 .. 6.7 .. 8.12 .. 12.13 (85)

Ariah Park-Mirrool .... 3.0 .. 7.4 .. 9.6 .. 10.11 (71)

Goals: Griffith: I Crewes 5, K Kirkpatrick 2, J Foley, R Spears, L Sexton, C Hawkins, R Carroll

AP-M: B Rist 2, P Quade 2, Bernie Bryce 2, B Sculley 2, V Guthrie, R Murray

Best players: Griffith: J Foley, R Spears, A Biron, L Sexton, K Kirkpatrick
AP-M: B Sculley, M Quade, R Lewis, C McKenzie, N Walker
Griffith: Brian Fitzpatrick, Vince O'Dwyer, Bob Spears; Vic Hathaway, George Schlitz, Sid Robins; Don Best, Len Sexton, Mick Newman; Bob Carroll, John Foley, John Kirkwood; Claude Smith, Ian Crewes, Cliff Hawkins; Adley 'Bill' Biron, Kevin Luhrs, Kevin Kirkpatrick (c-c); Ray Smith*
Umpire: Bryant (VFL).  Gate: £153/4/-
Other matches - Ardlethan def by Leeton, Coolamon def by Ganmain . Grong Grong-Matong def by Turvey Park, Whitton def by Narrandera . 
Reserves: Griffith 7.14 (56) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 1.7 (13)
Best players: R Munnerly, J Kupsch, W Tyndall, R Woolnough, R Dreyer, H Moses