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 1974 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 2, 1974 - No. 6 

By Swan: Not much to offer in the way of visual entertainment for the crowd last Sunday with a very poor standard of game. Our Seniors had an unusually excellent start with goals (and points) flowing abundantly.

The game deteriorated after that and became a succession of non-incidental incidents.

Best players were Bob Patterson, Ralph Todd, Darryl Collis and Trevor Miller.

The highlight of the Seconds' game was undoubtedly when the ball struck "Spiro" Spears viciously on the head.

The crowd was delighted to see him rolling on the ground in obvious spasms of sensual indulgence.

Others to play well were Gary Gardner, Garry Parslow, Tony Agresta and John Cafe.

The Thirds romped home in their game against Ardlethan.

Frank Valeri stole the limelight with an excellent 14 goals and three blood sucking's.

Stephen Best, Shane Best and Dennis Schmetzer also played their hearts out.

Congratulations to Peter Woodland and Denny Dreyer, whose wives both had baby girls.

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