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 1968 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 4, 1968 - No. 16 

By Swan: Conditions at Ganmain were pretty damp last Sunday but they were no damper than the hopes of the many Griffith supporters in that nerve testing last quarter.
It has been said by a lot of those stay at home hat the sigh of relief that came from Griffith fans when the siren went, came through Radio 2RG loud and clear.
Well it was a relief to win this one as it allowed us to square the ledger with Ganmain and as Phil Gehrig graciously said after the game, we would have been unlucky to lose  (but oh how close we went to it).
Frank Conlan and Kevin Kirkpatrick shared the honours as our best but the major points in the Co-op / Ernest Hillier suit award went to Frank with Kevin collecting two points and John Candusso one.
In his first senior game Ray Schodde revealed promising form in the ruck and he should be a real asset.
Under the conditions, although they were not so bad, the highlight of the game was the accurate goal kicking Griffith 14-4 and Ganmain 13-6.
Although defeated our Seconds really tested the comp. leaders and pruned their big percentage a little while the Thirds turned in another lively game to give us two wins in three games. 

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A car owned by Griffith Australian Rules captain-coach Ron O'Neill was destroyed in what police believe was a gelignite explosion about 1.45 a.m. Sunday.

Though the car was parked near windows of the flat at 15 Gallipoli Street occupied by Mr. and Mrs. O'Neill and their family, no one was injured, and the flat was not damaged.

Captain-coach O'Neill was allegedly punched as he left the field after a game at Whitton on May 5.

In a sequel to the incident Albert Fitzpatrick of Darlington Point was committed for trial at Griffith Quarter Sessions tomorrow (Tuesday) on a charge of assaulting actual bodily harm.

In their investigation of the explosion that destroyed O'Neill's car, Griffith detectives yesterday were joined by Detective Sergeant Arthur O'Sullivan from the Scientific Investigation Bureau, Wagga.

Detective Senior Constable Jack Ellis yesterday said the police theory is that the explosion was caused by a gelignite blast, set off by a fuse.

There was no suggestion of any direct attempt to injure any person.

Detective Ellis said the car, a 1962-63 Valiant sedan, was parked by Mrs. O'Neill about 9 p.m. Saturday on a concrete area in front of their flat.

At about 1.45 a.m. Sunday an explosion occurred, and police investigations found that it took place under the front seat.

A large hole was torn in the floor of the vehicle, upholstery was torn, the rear window was shattered, and concrete under the vehicle was damaged.

Surprisingly, the windshield, though nearest to the blast, was not shattered; it was "popped out" of its frame.

Police said it was amazing that no one was injured as a result of the explosion, which awakened residents along the whole length of Gallipoli Street.  (Riverina Advocate - Monday August 5, 1968)

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