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 1969 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 8, 1969 - No. 8 

By Swan: The bleating of Ganmain "Lion" (25-5-69) should not be dignified with a reply but sufficient to say - "you appear remarkably uninformed Mr. "Lion" and we can only assume your near libellous comments were your personal opinions and not those of your club.

[Ganmain "Lion" comments: The cowardly act by one Griffith player to try and cripple our coach behind play leaves a nasty taste in one's mouth about some players, especially the way he ran off like a mongrel dog with his tail between his legs].

After reading reports of Narrandera 'softening up" Leeton to "servile submission" everyone expected to see some fireworks in the last comp round at Griffith. But the powder must have been damp - even their unofficial coach couldn't raise much enthusiasm for his usual stirring.

The results from the round are now history and we are back in second place.

Our thanks to Jack Luhrs for some good umpiring in the Thirds game. He was always up with the play, something which couldn't be said for the other two whistle blowers.

The is little to say about the trip to Canberra last Sunday except that the home team were too well prepared although they were helped considerably by the shocking inaccuracy of our goal kickers who were hopeless in windy conditions.

Griffith fans at the game considered our players justified their selection but were disappointed at the omission of Phil Smith the "form" full back (ask any of the full forwards).

Last week's star player was Kevin Kirkpatrick - seldom beaten all day in a strong lively performance.

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