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 1961 SEASON 
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SWANS CLUB NOTES: The Aussie Ruler July 9, 1961 - No 13.

Black, sticky mud and web-footed Bulldogs caused a resounding crash in our competition position last Sunday, and the players will soon need to get out of their slump if they have hope to make the finals.

Turvey Park gave a fine exhibition in bad conditions and thoroughly deserved their big win, but what a home ground advantage they have at Gissing Oval.

Persil sales were heavy in Griffith on Monday, and a lot of hard work will be needed to prevent Griffith taking the field in the wrong colours - black and white instead of red and white.

Reports of bright sunshine most of the day in Griffith was poor consolation for the miserable day of the Wagga tourists.

Len Sexton played with a painful injury to his right foot last Sunday, which accounted for the free use of his left leg. His four goals saw him retain top place amongst the goal-kickers.

The only other bright spot of our visit to Wagga was the grand exhibition of the 2nd XVIII, to win a hard game. Unfortunately, however, the Firsts did not follow their example.

Many of Col Holt's knock-outs in the Second's game covered more distance than most kicks and obviated a lot of uncertain handling in getting the ball in scoring range.

Although Fred Gallagher kicked seven goals, Griffith full back, Bob Tyndall, was far from disgraced, as he made the Turvey skipper really earn every kick.

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