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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: The Aussie Ruler May 10, 1964 - No. 5 

By Neil Griggs: In possible our best ever performance on the tricky ground at Grong Grong we maintained our ranking and boosted our percentage with our second 82-point win in two weeks.
The only disturbing factor in a brilliant exhibition was the way a lot of easy goals were "bombed" by bad kicking. 
As one of the keenest followers said, however: "While the ball is up our end, the other team cannot score."
The judges had a hard time sorting out the weekly trophy winner from a very even team, but ended up with a popular elect in Jim Eley. Vic Hathaway, Len Sexton and Bill Biron also must have given the two SWDFL selectors, who were present, food for thought by their brilliant efforts. Like a lot of others, full forward Mal Brauman did not kick well, but his four goals should keep him up near the top of the goal-kickers.
The second 18 couldn't settle down, and had to battle all the way to win, and hold second place. Best players were Peter Booth, Ray Smith, Sid Robins and Gordon Brennan. Our schoolboy teams had a bye, but most of the players had a solid training run and should be ready for their next game.

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By Neil Griggs

Leeton's opening five minutes blitz last Sunday was a well conceived plan and it certainly achieved part of its purpose at least, for it took Griffith quite a time to settle down - in fact, Leeton leading at half may have considered repeating their tactics, but Griffith aroused by Peter Morris both by pep-talk and example, jumped the gun and their dazzling pace and teamwork soon had the big Leeton players labouring. The game was a good test for Griffith for it showed they can take a battering and still carry on and play football and it is football that wins games, not bash tactics.


Having emerged through the hurly burly of 89 games with Richmond, Griffith coach Peter Morris can be expected to know how to look after himself. Peter can play the game as hard as anyone but he practices and preaches fair play and many spectators were gratified to hear him at three quarter time last Sunday issue in no uncertain terms a definite "no fighting" edict to his team. There had been some fisticuffs in the game but in the final quarter the Griffith players forgot the reprisals and concentrated on playing football and everyone was happy.


The leaders crashed on Sunday in the Daroff suit Point Score award sponsored by Ron Dalla for Griffith first 18 with Bill Biron the only point scorer to date to add to his total. Point's allotted for Sunday's game at Leeton were: Biron 4, Ray Davies 4, John Bortolazzo 4, John Walsh 3, Sid Robins 2 and Bob Carroll 1 and the leading half dozen in the award are now Vic Hathaway and Jim Eley 13, Bill Biron 9, John Foley 8, Ray Davies and John Bortolazzo 4 each.


Although stab kicking is almost a thing of the past Griffith coach Peter Morris is a talented exponent of this fast accurate short passing. At Leeton, Peter showed just what a "bullet" pass was when in the last term he answered a "banshee" call and a fast lead from Ian Crewes with a scorching stab kick that surely must have bruised Ian's chest in what must have rated as one of the neatest and best moves of the day.


Who wants to bet Narrandera will repeat their effort of two years ago at Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Oval on Sunday? Remember that day July 23, 1962, when Narrandera scored 7-8 (50) to nil in the fiery first quarter and won 108 to 45. Star actor of that occasion Bruce Waters will again be in the visiting team but it is doubtful if his niggling tactics will so unsettle the Griffith 18 this time. Nor would I think a police escort be necessary to get the umpire safely through about 400 angry Griffith supporters.


Points were very evenly distributed in the Col Longobardi first 18 Point Score for last Sunday. No less than six players - Bill Biron, John Walsh, Ray Davies, Gordon Browne, Bob Carroll (Club award also) and Les Collis received 3 points, Don Best 2 and John Foley, John Bortolazzo, Vic Hathaway and Mal Brauman 1 each. Leaders in this keen competition are now Bill Biron 19, Vic Hathaway 17, Gordon Browne 14, Jim Eley 13, Mal Brauman and John Walsh 8.


Twelve players shared the points in the second 18 Col Longobardi Point Score, with Fred Gambell polling best with 4 votes, followed by Peter Booth and Bob Woolnough 3 each, Gordon McDonald, Gordon Brennan, John Kupsch, Ray Smith, Bob Tyndall 2 each, and Bevan Savage, Kevin Phillis, Lachie O'Dwyer and Harry Moses 1 each. Peter Booth has moved to the top of the list with 14 points but is closely pressed by Ray Smith with 13. Then follow Gordon Brennan and Fred Gambell 10 each and Bob Carroll 9.

Riverina Advocate - Wednesday May 13, 1964

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