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IN: Peter Booth (North Albury), Mick Bridges, Ian Crewes (Black Rock), Jim Eley (Darlington Point), John Foley (Leeton), Vic Hathaway (Berrigan), John Kupsch (Montmorency), Bob Little (Dandenong), Gordon McDonald, Peter Morris (Narre Hallam), Bob Smythe (Picola).

OUT: Tim Clarke (Denilquin), Kevin Foley (Narrandera), John Langlands and Jack Kloot (Yenda), Fred Mundy and Mick Newman (Wagga Tigers), Barry Spears (Carrum Downs), Bob Spears and Bill Tyndall (Barellan-Binya).


Griffith Australian Rules Football Club has appointed former Richmond rover Peter Morris as senior coach for the 1964 season.
Morris, who is 29 years of age, 5ft. 10ins. and 12' stone, played five seasons with the Richmond Tigers completing 89 games with the club.
Richmond recruited Morris from the South Gippsland Club of Narre Warren and he returned to coach that club in 1962 and 1963.
He was runner up in the South Gippsland League best and fairest voting in 1962 and was third in 1963.
A brilliant rover and successful coach, Morris was interviewed by the club's committee and was a guest of the Griffith Club at the South West League grand final.
His appointment was announced last week from 30 applicants for the advertised position.
Married and with a family, Morris is expected to arrive in Griffith after the school break-up in December.
Assistant coach appointed is 25 years old Ian Crewes who comes from Griffith highly recommended by former Griffith coach Geoff Willis.
A 5ft. 9ins., 12 stone rover, Crewes has the unique distinction of competing in two football leagues in the one season and won both best and fairest trophies. In the Saturday competition and playing for Black Rock in the Federal League, Crewes topped the medal voting, duplicating the feat in Sunday football in the Melbourne Amateur League.
An outstanding run of best and fairest has followed Crewes in his six years of senior football with various teams in that time he has not been below third in any league's best and fairest awards.
Crewes is a fanatic at physical fitness and is expected to feature prominently in the 1964 South West competition.
The Area News - Friday October 4, 1963  

Round 1 - Sunday April 12, 1964 at Ganmain Sportsground                                             High Marks and Fumbles

Ganmain .... 8.2 .. 11.4 .. 17.8 .. 17.14 (116)

Griffith ....... 2.2 .. 7.10 .. 9.12 .. 13.18 (98)

Goals: Ganmain: T Carroll 9, J Crouch 3, R Turner 2, J Carroll 2, J McCaig, T Lenon

Griffith: M Brauman 3, K Luhrs 2, R Pattison 2, L Sexton 2, P Morris 2, J Foley, I Crewes

Best players: Ganmain: T Carroll, J McCaig, G Carroll, W Kember, J Crouch, F Hodgkin
Griffith: L Sexton, R Pattison, J Bortolazzo, A Biron, V Hathaway, J Eley
Griffith: Gordon Browne, Bob Little*, Jim Eley; Bob Carroll, John Walsh, Don Best; John Bortolazzo, Len Sexton, Sid Robins; Ron Pattison, John Foley*, Les Collis; Kevin Luhrs, Mal Brauman, Vic Hathaway; Adley 'Bill' Biron, Peter Morris (c-c)*, Ian Crewes*; Mick Bridges*, Bevan Savage*
Umpire: A R Raphael (VFL)
Other matches - Ariah Park-Mirrool 19.11 (125) def Narandera 14.16 (100), Grong Grong-Matong 11.16 (82) def Whitton 10.14 (74), Leeton 8.14 (62) def by Coolamon 9.14 (68), Turvey Park 14.12 (96) def Ardlethan 14.10 (94).
Reserves: Griffith 7.10 (52) d Ganmain 4.6 (30)
Best players: R Davies, R Smythe, P Booth, G Brennan 
Thirds: Ganmain 6.17 (53) d Griffith 0.6 (6), unofficial

Round 2 - Sunday April 19, 1964 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith .............. 2.6 .. 4.12 .. 9.15 .. 13.23 (101)

Turvey Park .... 3.2 .. 7.7 .. 10.10 .. 11.14 (80)

Goals: Griffith: M Brauman 4, P Morris 3, L Sexton 2, J Foley, G Brennan, R Davies, K Luhrs

Turvey Park: R Burge 3, R Cooper 3, I Westgarth 2, A Grentell 2, R Nolan

Best players: Griffith: A Biron, G Browne, P Morris, V Hathaway, J Bortolazzo, J Eley
Turvey Park: B Conway, G Nye, N Morrow, I Carroll, R Nolan, C Baker
Griffith: Don Best, Gordon Browne, Jim Eley; Vic Hathaway, John Walsh, Les Collis; Sid Robins, Ian Crewes, John Bortolazzo; Ron Pattison, John Foley, Ray Davies; Gordon Brennan*, Mal Brauman, Len Sexton; Adley 'Bill' Biron, Kevin Luhrs, Peter Morris (c-c); Peter Booth*, Gordon McDonald*
Umpire: Stan Tomlins (VFL). Gate: £163
Other matches - Ardlethan 15.20 (110) def Grong Grong-Matong 7.17 (59), Coolamon 11.17 (83) def Whitton 2.11 (23), Leeton 12.9 (81) drew Ariah Park-Mirrool 11.15 (81), Narrandera 9.9 (63) def by  Ganmain 13.9 (87).
Reserves: Turvey Park 9.15 (69) d Griffith 4.10 (34)
Best players: M Bridges, R Smith, R Carroll, F Gambell, H Moses, J Kupsch

Round 3 - Sunday April 26, 1964 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval                                               High Marks and Fumbles

Griffith .......................... 3.6 .. 6.9 .. 12.13 .. 20.18 (138)

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 1.3 .. 2.6 .. 2.9 .. 7.14 (56)