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 1962 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 10, 1962 - No. 8

By Neil Griggs: As expected, Ardlethan were too strong for our depleted team last Sunday, but the courageous effort of our boys was most heartening.

Bill Tyndall, in an inspiring example of non-stop play, won Ron Dalla's shirt award as our best player.

We only had three big men in the team, Colin Holt was assisted in the ruck's by Jim Eley (from full back) and Bob Tyndall (from full forward) and the "Stars" were too tall and too good in the air.

Ten regulars were unavailable for our second 18 and the line-up was no match for Ardlethan's strong team, who gave their percentage a good boost with a big win.

John Diggelmann won the award as our best seconds player, and as captain "Digger" set his team a good example with some sterling work in defence.

Others to do well were Fred Gambell, Ian Buck, Jack Kloot and Reg McCudden.

The game in Sydney on Sunday clearly illustrated that the SWDFL is "tops" in New South Wales, and it's congratulations to the players on some grand football.

Len Sexton's award as the best player is most gratifying and everyone is hoping he adds a shirt to his trophies on Sunday.

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