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 1966 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 10, 1966 - No. 11 

Canberra provided quite a shock last Sunday when they gave the South West a football lesson in fast backing-up and non-stop play.

We, at Griffith, saw a somewhat similar exhibition in a trial game against Ainslie, and while not anticipating such a crushing defeat, we expected some bright, lively football from the visitors. They were a little too lively, however.

Although he contributed quite a lot to our defeat, it was pleasing to see the inimitable "Killer" Crewes in such good form.

It was hard to sort out the two best players - Canberra had too many, and SWDFL too few.

Ray Dawson was a reasonable selection as South West's best, but the judge's vote to ruckman Kerry Jelbart as Canberra's was a shock, as 99 per cent. had Alex Jesaulenko (No. 20) as tops of the day.

Most of the excitement and real interest of the day came from the early NRL v. CRL game, which certainly had the crowd on its toes in the thrilling last quarter.

Players and supporters at a social on Saturday night farewelled Malcolm Brauman prior to his starting his National Service training. Our most consistent player, Mal will be a big loss to the team.

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