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 1961 SEASON 
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SWANS CLUB NOTES: The Aussie Ruler August 13, 1961 - No 17.

As expected, Whitton made it hard for us on Sunday and we were mighty pleased to come through with four points and no serious injuries.

Winger John Bortolazzo again turned in a grand effort and was our best player on the day.

Len Sexton was closely shadowed all day and got a few chances, but as usual he was quick to seize any opportunity and his two good goals in the final quarter spurred the team on to a much needed win. Doug ("Coca") Koehler, although he only got two goals, revealed improved form with his marking and we expect his fast leads to keep Max Kruse busy next Sunday.

The Second XVIII, in contrast to the seniors, had an easy game, if fact, some of the players took it too easy, and their display was not really impressive.

Royce White turned in his best game with the team, whilst others to show out were Jack Kloot, Col Holt, Fred Lodding and Bob Ramsay, who made most of their limited chances on the back line.

It doesn't pay to be late on the scene for Second XVIII games with our team. Ernie "Pouncer" Wade was a little tardy arriving at the dressing shed on Sunday and his place (20th) was eagerly taken by one of the two keen reserves standing by.

The players are looking forward to the trip away on holiday weekend in October. Canberra is to be the venue and 45 have signified their intention of going.

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