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 1971 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 16, 1971 - No. 6 

By Swan: Prior to the start of the main game last Sunday, players and spectators observed a short silence as a mark of respect to John Candusso's father who had passed away during the week.

After the boost given the Stars the previous week, we didn't envisage such a big win.

Ardlethan were unlucky to coach David Cearns with a leg injury - he was replaced at half time, but it is unlikely fit and well he could have altered the result.

Sid Robins just shaded Bruce Forbes for the Co-op Stores Toby Lee award and they were well supported by all players.

The Seconds also had a good win with Paul Savage winning the Bob Carroll award from Greg Harrison, Bob Prenzel and Darryl Collis.

It was pleasing to see Darryl back again in the Swans' colours after his honeymoon.  On his form it should not be long before he is back in the Firsts.

The Thirds were again downed but they are still keen as ever and 23 turned up for a game. Ardlethan also had some spares so by mutual agreement, everyone was given a run.

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