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 1963 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 16, 1963 - No. 10

By Neil Griggs: We had no answer to Grong Grong-Matong's fantastic finishing burst, or their brilliant forward Kevin Coleman, and it was just as well the siren went when it did, or they would have won by a lot more.

Ray Davies turned in his best game of the year in a lively forward display, and his five goals all came from smart play, with good anticipation.

Shirt awards for the day went to John Walsh and Gordon Brennan, and they played really well for their respective teams, with Gordon pulling down some splendid marks.

The seconds had a torrid game and, in an exciting finish, Griffith just managed to win by two points, scored in the last two minutes.

John Lane had a run with the seconds and on his pleasing performance should soon be in the first 18 ranks.

Quite early in the seconds' game, two of our most consistent players - John Forbes and Fred Stevenson - tried to find out who has the hardest head and had to leave for hospital and some needlework.

Congratulations to all players who so splendidly put the SWDFL on the football map last weekend. After the two games they all should be able to handle Gissing Oval at its worst in future.     

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