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IN: Hector Bloomfield (Burnley), Jim Bloomfield (Narrandera), Gordon Brennan (The Rock), Ron Cross (North Wagga), Peter Hawkins (North Albury), John Langlands (Beelbangera-Yenda), John Lane, Mick Newman, Fred Mundy (Bairnsdale), Ron Pattison, Sid Robins (Beelbangera-Yenda), John Schmetzer (Weethalle), Barry and Bob Spears (Yenda-Beelbangera), John Walsh (Turner, ACT).

OUT: John Anderson, Doug Geddes (Yenda), Jim Eley (Darlington Point), Allan Hudson, Col Holt (Queanbeyan), Norm Munro (Pascoe Vale), Kevin Rowston (Barellan-Binya); Jim Bloomfield (Narrandera), John Cramp (Loxton).

Rules Coach to Arrive at Weekend
By Jack Luhrs
Australian Rules coach for the 1963 season Fred Mundy is expected to arrive in Griffith this week-end.
Mundy is the youngest (post war) coach ever to lead a Griffith side. He is a former Richmond and Geelong player but played last season with Bairnsdale in the  Latrobe Valley League.
Solidly built and 5' 11" in height. Mundy's appointment was made from a record number of 34 applicants for the advertised position.
He is an excellent mark, a strong kick and is re-known for his fearless play and ability to control a game in the air.
As a member of a representative Latrobe Valley combined side, Mundy rucked against former Griffith coach Don Keyter (Nhill coach) when Keyter led the Wimmera League side to victory in the 1962 Caltex Country Championships. 
Married with a young daughter, Mundy and his family will occupy the club's house in Gunbar Street.
Preparing for the arrival of their new coach, the Griffith Club have arranged extensive renovations to the residence including the sewerage connection and painting the building.
A social evening will be held at an early date to welcome Mundy and his family to Griffith. 
Former Griffith coach for the past two seasons, Len Sexton has been retained as second 18 coach for two years. Sexton will be responsible for conditioning and controlling the second 18 but will play in the senior side.
Sexton has led the goalkicking in the South West League during his two seasons and freed up from the responsibility of capaincy, his brilliant natural game is expected to again win the award for 1963.
Combination between Mundy and Sexton will be one of the strongest points of the Griffith game.
It appears certain Bob Spears will reappear with Griffith after coaching Yenda in 1962, whilst Ray Davies has indicated definitely he will be available after an early doubt.
Allan Hudson has written his intention of returning to Griffith in letters to team mates but a strong doubt exists on Kevin Rowston who broke his ankle in an early trial match last season. 

Rowston's football future is uncertain and where Jim Bloomfield will eventually line up is also unknown.

However, it is reported former winger Mick Newman has recovered from an knee injury that forced him to be out the game for two seasons.
John Snaidero appears definite to resume training after playing six matches in 1962 before fracturing a wrist and Yenda star John Langlands has stated his intentions of joining Griffith whilst railwayman John Brand from Culcairn appears a likely recruit.
Barry Spears and John Schmetzer also appear as likely recruits and other newcomers who have been contacted include John Lane, Ron Pattison, Gordon Brennan and Peter Hawkins.
Former seconds coach Jim Eley has been appointed coach at Darlington Point and with Norm Munroe who has left the district, they could be the only two players unavailable from last season's list.
Just how many of the new recruits will remain as "February Champions" will soon be known.

Club President Mr. Ian Salmon has stated training sessions will commence almost immediately following the arrival of the coach  
When questioned about his club's prospects in the coming season, Mr. Salmon said, "At this early stage we appear stronger in ability and following on a good year in 1962, we expect to finish near the top of the 1963 ladder."  
(The Area News - Friday January 25, 1963)

Round 1 - Sunday April 14, 1963 at Narrandera Sportsground                                      High Marks and Fumbles

Narrandera ... 3.3 .. 4.7 .. 8.19 .. 10.12 (72)

Griffith ........... 3.2 .. 3.7 .. 4.8 .. 7.14 (56)

Goals: Narrandera: W Hornsey 2, T Sheather 2, G O'Brien 2, P Pledger, J Quilter, B Waters, B Rava

Griffith: L Sexton 2, J Bloomfield 2, W Tyndall, M Brauman, T Clarke

Best: Narrandera: J Quilter, B Waters, P Box, G O'Brien, A Jackson

Griffith: A Biron, G Browne, W Tyndall, J Bloomfield, F Mundy, R Spears

Griffith: Gordon Browne, John Cramp, Bob Tyndall; Alan Smith, Bob Spears, Don Best; Mick Newman, Len Sexton, John Bortolazzo; Ray Davies, Fred Mundy (c-c)*, John Snaidero; Tim Clarke, Mal Brauman, Jim Bloomfield*; Bill Biron, Bob Carroll, Bill Tyndall; Sid Robins*, Peter Hawkins*

Umpire: --------

Reserves: Griffith 5.2 (32) d Narrandera 3.12 (30)

Goals: Mick Campbell 2, Ian Buck, Kevin Luhrs, Don Pannan

Best: John Forbes, Frank Knox, Barry Spears, Ralph Savage, Don Pannan

Thirds: Narrandera d Griffith, unofficial

Round 2 - Sunday April 21, 1963 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval                            

Griffith .... 3.4 .. 4.5 .. 8.9 .. 11.12 (78)

Leeton .... 2.3 .. 4.8 .. 5.10 .. 9.12 (66)

Goals: Griffith: L Sexton 4, M Brauman 2, J Cramp, L Collis, J Bloomfield, A Biron, R Davies

Leeton: R Vivian 3, G Eastmure 3, R Bell, J Foley, D Lyons

Best: Griffith: L Sexton, A Biron, G Browne, J Snaidero, R Davies, R Spears

Leeton: G Eastmure, A Poulsen, M Kruse, L Pilkington, R Vivian, G Tuckett

Griffith: G Browne, R Tyndall, D Best; A Smith, R Spears, L Collis; J Snaidero, J Cramp, J Bortolazzo; M Newman, L Sexton, R Davies; M Brauman, F Mundy (c-c), J Bloomfield; A Biron, S Robins, W Tyndall; R Carroll, M Campbell*

Umpire: S J Dundas (VFL). Gate: £170/16/-

Reserves: Griffith 9.5 (59) d Leeton 5.15 (45)

Best: Griffith: E Wade, R Carroll, J Fielder, J Forbes, P Hawkins

Thirds: Leeton d Griffith

Round 3 - Sunday April 28, 1963 at Whitton Recreation Ground

Whitton ... 1.1 .. 2.3 .. 5.3 .. 5.5 (35)

Griffith .... 0.2 .. 1.3 .. 1.4 .. 2.6 (18)

Goals: Whitton: G Williams 3, I Williams 2

Griffith: J Bloomfield, M Newman

Best: Whitton: F Fitzpatrick, I Williams, G Williams, W Everly, R Painting, E Williams

Griffith: F Mundy, R Spears, J Snaidero, G Browne, D Best, J Bloomfield

Griffith: G Browne, R Tyndall, D Best; A Smith, R Spears, R Carroll; J Snaidero, F Mundy (c-c), J Bortolazzo; R Davies, L Sexton, M Newman; M Brauman, S Robins, L Collis; A Biron, E Wade, J Bloomfield; B Spears*, D Dreyer

Umpire: -------

Reserves: Griffith 5.7 (37) d Whitton 3.4 (22)

Goals: J Langlands 2, D Dreyer 2, F Gambell

Best: F Knox, J Forbes, J Langlands, J Lane, R Woolnough

Round 4 - Sunday May 5, 1963 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ............ 5.3 .. 12.4 .. 13.6 .. 15.9 (99)

Turvey Park ... 3.1 .. 7.3 .. 8.7 .. 12.9 (81)

Goals: Griffith: R Davies 3, M Brauman 3, L Sexton 3, K Luhrs 2, S Robins, J Bloomfield, J Cramp, L Collis

Turvey Park: R Burge 4, R Nolan 2, M Bourke 2, F Crawford 2, P Nichols, A Grentell

Best: Griffith: F Mundy, A Biron, R Spears, J Bloomfield, L Collis, A Smith, M Brauman, R Davies

Turvey Park: P Nichols, R Bell, A Gray, G Nye, M Bourke, I Carroll

Griffith: G Browne, R Tyndall, J Langlands*; A Smith, R Spears, R Carroll; D Best, J Cramp, J Bortolazzo; R Davies, K Luhrs, L Sexton; S Robins, M Brauman, L Collis; F Mundy (c-c), A Biron, J Bloomfield; F Knox, E Wade

Umpire: Ron Allinson (VFL). Gate: £136/8/-

Reserves: Turvey Park 8.10 (58) d Griffith 8.4 (52)

Best: R Woolnough, J Forbes, J Fielder, F Gambell, K Phillis, I Buck (4 goals)

Round 5 - Sunday May 12, 1963 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ......... 4.4 .. 10.8 .. 18.11 .. 22.16 (148)

Ardlethan ... 3.2 .. 7.5 .. 9.5 .. 10.7 (67)

Goals: Griffith: L Sexton 8, F Mundy 7, M Brauman 3, J Bortolazzo 3, G Browne

Ardlethan: T Connors 4, W Connors 2, V McClintock, O Guthrie, N Pollock, Barry Carroll

Best: Griffith: F Mundy, L Sexton, J Bortolazzo, R Tyndall, A Smith, M Brauman

Ardlethan: T Connors, Barry Carroll, G McDonald, I Day, O Guthrie, V McClintock

Griffith: G Browne, R Tyndall, J Langlands; A Smith, R Spears, R Carroll; J Snaidero, J Cramp, D Best; R Davies, K Luhrs, J Bortolazzo; E Wade, M Brauman, L Sexton; S Robins, F Mundy (c-c), L Collis; R Savage*, R Dreyer*

Umpire: ------ . Gate: £127/4/-

Reserves: Griffith 17.11 (113) d Ardlethan 5.4 (34)

Goals: I Buck 6, P Hawkins 3, G Brennan 3, P Brown 2, M Newman, M Campbell

Best: J Walsh, M Newman, P Hawkins, B Spears, R Woolnough, J Forbes

Round 6 - Sunday May 19, 1963 at Ariah Park Recreation Ground

Ariah Park-Mirrool .... 5.4 .. 9.6 .. 10.14 .. 13.18 (96)

Griffith ......................... 0.6 .. 3.8 .. 6.13 .. 7.16 (58)

Goals: AP-M: B Walker 6, J Hawke 2, J Dunn 2, B Sculley, W Mitchell, B Bryce

Griffith: M Brauman 3, R Davies 2, L Sexton, F Mundy

Best: AP-M: I Wason, P Quade, J Quade, J Hawke, B Walker, A Chalmers

Griffith: R Spears, J Bortolazzo, A Smith, F Mundy, A Biron, J Cramp

Griffith: G Browne, R Tyndall, J Langlands; A Smith, R Spears, J Cramp; D Best, J Walsh*, M Newman; R Davies, K Luhrs, J Bortolazzo; J Snaidero, M Brauman, L Sexton; A Biron, F Mundy (c-c), L Collis; S Robins, F Knox

Umpire: Jack Pilgram (VFL)

Reserves: Ariah Park-Mirrool 6.8 (44) d Griffith 5.11 (41)

Goals: M Campbell 2, E Wade, R Dreyer, F Gambell

Best: J Forbes, F Knox, E Wade, R Woolnough, M Campbell

Under 16: Ariah Park-Mirrool v Griffith

Round 7 - Sunday May 26, 1963 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval                                  

Griffith .......... 5.8 .. 8.10 .. 13.13 .. 16.14 (110)

Coolamon .... 2.3 .. 7.8 .. 10.10 .. 12.12 (84)

Goals: Griffith: L Sexton 4, K Luhrs 2, M Brauman 2, L Collis 2, J Bortolazzo 2, F Mundy 2, J Walsh, R Davies

Coolamon: I Gillett 5, T Tipping 3, J Kelly 2, P Curtis, J Kew

Best: Griffith: D Best, F Mundy, R Spears, L Collis, A Smith, J Langlands

Coolamon: B Bradley, B Irvine, K Tipping, J Kew, P Curtis, R Hilton

Griffith: G Browne, J Cramp, J Langlands; A Smith, R Spears, R Carroll; D Best, J Walsh, M Newman; K Luhrs, L Sexton, R Davies; S Robins, M Brauman, J Bortolazzo; F Mundy (c-c), E Wade, L Collis; J Forbes, P Hawkins

Umpire: N C Chitts (VFL). Gate: £113/8/-

Reserves: Griffith 9.13 (67) d Coolamon 5.6 (36)

Goals: I Buck 3, F Gambell 3, G Brennan, B Savage, R Woolnough, F Knox, D Pannan

Best: F Stevenson, F Knox, B Spears, R Woolnough, P Brown

Round 8 - Sunday June 2, 1963 at Ganmain Sportsground