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 1968 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 16, 1968 - No. 9 

By Swan: Another three losses at Narrandera should be ample proof that something drastic will have to be done if our teams want to do any good this season. The First XVIII showed some improvement and had their chances of winning spoiled by some bad kicking in the last quarter. Best player and taking the three points in the Griffith Co-op-Ernest Hillier suit award was Bill Biron, who was well supported by Bob Spears, 2 points and John Foley, one point.

Our Seconds and Thirds were not in the race with the strong Narrandera teams.

All preliminary arrangements for our new clubrooms at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval have been concluded and work on the new building will soon commence and everything should be ready for next year. Jim Eley, the works boss, needs all the help he can get on this big project and will look to all players for plenty of co-operation.

Congratulations to all SWDFL players, their coach and selectors, for the splendid performance at Yerong Creek last Sunday.

The win in the main game may have upset the "knockers" but it certainly was a big boost to the League.

It's Turvey Park today and here is hoping we can get back to the winning ranks once again.

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By Neil Griggs

Although a Griffith win over Turvey Park last Sunday was generally anticipated few expected that the result would be decided so early or so conclusively. It was possibly the Red and Whites best performance of the year and if they can reproduce it in their next two games against top teams Ariah Park-Mirrool and Grong Grong-Matong they could come right into calculation as a definite premiership contender.


Griffith probably would have won last Sunday's game against Turvey Park, but their jet-like start (58-1 in the first quarter) certainly gave them a material as well as a psychological advantage. The Red and Whites turned on 25 minutes of deluxe football in the opening session and it is to their credit that after playing with such sizzling pace and life they were able to successfully counter some good, determined football by Turvey Park in the second and third quarters and then as has been customary, outplay and outpace the opposition in the final session. The exhibition provided great encouragement for the fans, who, now knowing what good football they can play, will expect more repeat efforts from the Red and Whites.

the game right out to the bitter end.


After three defeats in a row last Sunday's good effort by the Griffith team brought smiles to many locals faces but few of these smiles if any were as bright and those of the Griffith selectors. Selectors often are much maligned men and for this game the Griffith "wise men" had made some quite radical changes in the line-up - John Foley to centre, Roger Thom to centre half forward, Kevin Kirkpatrick joining John Scott as rover and Geoff Martin back in the ruck. All these moved "clicked" and in no uncertain manner the team won a very essential victory and the four points needed to keep them still well in the running for a place in the final four.


Following his good form in the Farrer game, John Foley in a match winning performance in his new position at centre last Sunday. He was in dazzling form all day and was calculated by one statistician as having had over 40 kicks during the game in which he was unchallenged in midfield. For his brilliant effort John took out the three points in the Griffith Co-op - Ernest Hillier suit award with the minor points going to Ron O'Neill (2) and John Scott (1).


Captain-coach, Ron O'Neill certainly contributed his full share to the Griffith win against Turvey Park with 14 goals. A little uncertainty had come into Ron's play and kicking in the past couple of games, but on Sunday he was right back again and combined his uncanny accuracy with intelligent leads, good marking and smart ground play to kick goals from all angles. With 47 goals Ron now has a clear lead of 11 in the SWDFL first 18 goal kicking comp. and is well on the way to being the first Griffith player to kick 100 goals in a season.


Playing a leading role also in Griffith's return to top form last Sunday were rovers John Scott and Kevin Kirkpatrick, who gave the team great drive from the rucks and packs with their smart lively play. Without belittling Kevin's good effort, it was "Scotties" performance in particular that was pleasing as he has been a little slow to "hit his straps" this season. In the past, despite having a reputation in Melbourne as being a smart rover he has generally been at half forward flank for Griffith, but his play on Sunday showed there was real foundation for his reputation as a good rover and from here on he can expect to get plenty of action in all future games.


Griffith spectators on Sunday were pleased to see a big improvement by Roger Thom who has not up till then shown the form of last season. At centre half forward on Sunday, Roger however came right back to his best and was too good for two different opponents. Apparently using "grippo" he pulled down some spectacular marks and also combined well with the other forwards and it seems he will now remain in the key centre half forward position especially as Geoff Martin turned up a strong lively game in the ruck.

Riverina Weekly Advocate - Wednesday June 19, 1968

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