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 1961 SEASON 
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SWANS CLUB NOTES: The Aussie Ruler June 18, 1961 - No 10.

Although defeated last weekend, we are not downhearted. Considering our depleted ranks, we feel the lads did everything expected of them, and we hope to return to the winning list this week.

The loss of Kevin Rowston in the first quarter came as a great blow to the Griffith side, as he was one player who could have challenged Leeton's superiority. With Kevin, the result could have been different.

Easily the keenest player, and most sedulous trainer of the Club is 16-year-old Reg McCudden. In his first game last Sunday he gave notice of his intention to play senior football more often. Reg is a real trier, and rated as one of the best players in the Seconds.

Our fullback, Bob Tyndall, played another of his great games, allowing Neil Stockton only two goals. Bob ranks as one of our most consistent players.

Jim Eley and Les Stockton had many lively tussles last Sunday. Jim, playing the stronger, took the honours. It was his grand play that inspired the Griffith ream in the ''spirited" final quarter.

Rather intrigued by Ted's (Ryder) scheme to improve the umpiring standard and save money next year, by sacking the Melbourne umps and using the officials from Wagga instead. He advocates a chosen few is ... two? Not quite fair to be Wagga boys, but I think Ted may be a lonely little "petunia" with this idea.

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