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 1971 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 20, 1971 - No. 10 

By Swan: Things were rather at sixes and sevens for a few minutes after our last competition game against GG-Matong.

Practically everyone, and that includes the check score, radio commentator, the scoreboard and many individuals had Griffith winning by two points, 108 to 106, but unfortunately for the Swans who had really lifted their game in the last quarter and their jubilant supporters, their cup of joy soon turned bitter when it was learnt that the two that really count, the goal umpires, had agreed on a draw, with each team scoring 107 points.

The result was a bitter pill to swallow but once again, poor goalkicking proved costly as any degree of accuracy in the many easy chances that were missed, we could have scored a convincing win.

The Co-op Stores Toby Lee weekly award went to ever reliable Sid Robins, who outplayed one of the Magpies' big hopes, Greg Sheather.

Our Seconds kept themselves in the four with 80 points win with Bob Taylor, returning to the team after holidays, winning Bob Carroll's trophy as our best in the game.
G.G.-M notes (By Magpie): Having led so well all day it was disappointing to see the Griffith game slip away in the last quarter, but supporters were jubilant to learn that the scoreboard was wrong. Those who bothered to check the score would have known that the board was in error at every interval. A lesson to all clubs - the scoreboard performs a most important service and should not be in the charge of irresponsible juveniles.

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