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 1975 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 20, 1975 - No. 14 

By Swan:  The Griffith players wish to express their appreciation to the very kind ladies of the Turvey Park Women's Auxiliary who supplied a most welcome dish of soup when we played at Gissing Oval recently.

The day was most wet and cold and the soup, most delicious, once again, our sincere thanks.

A couple of suggestions for the new name for the Aussie Ruler. How about the "South West Preview", or "South West Review" or perhaps, "South West Recorder".

The dedicated band of young men known as the Griffith Third 18 team are certainly killing the opposition of late. With really big wins over all other teams in the competition, coupled with their dynamic will-to-win they must surely go far this season.

It was nice to see a match on the Ex-Services Oval again - it's been a long time. For one reason or another let's hope we can celebrate with three big wins today.

The usual after match Social will be on again tonight - as soon as the match finishes. All visitors are welcome.

The Griffith Co-op Shirt award at Whitton last week was won by John Candusso who has certainly played well during recent weeks.  In the Second 18 Warburton's Cash award went to Steve Best at centre half back - we could see Steve in the First 18 before long. Neville Dawson's Menswear Third 18 award was won in fine style by Kelvin Turner. Keep up the good work Kel.

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