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 1965 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 22, 1965 - No. 17 

In what must rate as possibly their effort of the season, Griffith, last Sunday rewarded their big following of fans by repeating more decisively, their first round defeat of Ganmain.

It was a grand team effort by 18 keen players, but perhaps John Hudson, Sid Robins and Vic Hathaway made the most valuable contributions, with John the winner of Ron Dalla's Whitmont shirt.

Weakened by injuries and other circumstances, our seconds had to requisition four players from the 3rd 18, but they did well and were right in the game until the last few minutes.

Kevin Luhrs won Ted Withnell's trophy as our best, with Ray Smith, Frank Knox, Ron Dreyer and John Higgins others to do well. It was very pleasing to all concerned, to see really good exhibitions from umpires John Leighton and John Deaton.

Our third XV111 lived up to coach Bob Spears' expectations and toppled Ganmain from their undefeated perch with some good lively football. Our best was Russ Tyndall, "Rocco" Robinson, Gary Owen, Terry Overs and Ross Ward.

Kevin Kirkpatrick gave Bert Schmidt the "right oil" last Friday night, and Bert then went and tipped Ganmain. Some people just won't be told!

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