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 1971 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 22, 1971 - No. 19 

By Swan: Things were somewhat dicey for a while at Grong Grong in the battle of the feathered friends last Sunday but with a marvellous left in form in the last quarter it was a case of "all's well that ends well" for the Swans who should now have won their way to the second semi final.

"Skeeter" Milne won the Griffith Co-op Store's Toby Lee trophy as our best Firsts player while Bob Carroll's trophy for the Seconds went to Joe Whyte.

The Magpies produced a candidate for T.V. Ringside in the Seconds game but after two easy wins with king hits he struck a snag in Bill Tyndall who our chief "Stirrer" Harry Kurtzman claims should be pensioned off.

I wonder if "Silent" Harry changed his opinion after seeing Bill efficiently tame the wild man and also top off a good game with five goals.

Bruce Forbes, who has been battling with a minor but persistent leg injury for a long time had a well-earned spell last Sunday.  As a spectator, however, he found the going tough as the players and the strain of the third quarter almost too much.

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