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 1973 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 24, 1973 - No.10 

By Swan:  A good win last week against a weakened Grong Grong side put us on top of the ladder again.

Let us hope that this time we can stay there.  The Seniors played particularly well with Trevor (Mugsy) Miller and Bob (Poodle) Patterson proving enormous drive from the ruck.

Disappointment of the match was Sid Robins, who was kept goalless for the whole game - bad luck, Sid.  Others to fire were Phillip (Snippy) Smith, George (Danky Doodle Dunc) Duncan, Kevin (Patrick Kirkevin) Kirkpatrick and Ralph (Frog) Todd.

The Seconds again had an easy win but did not play the football that they have shown against stronger opposition.

The Griffith side owes a debt of gratitude to young Ian (Hogwash) Hamilton, who valiantly and single handed held up the goal posts at both ends of the ground throughout the entire game.

Other useful players were Roy (Racehorse) Agresta, Reg (Rubber Duckie) Higgins, Neville (Hanwood) Hall and the effervescent Bob (Spiro) Spears.

The Bells Soft Drink award leader at the moment is Ralph Todd.

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