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 1969 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 27, 1969 - No. 14 

By Swan: It was water, water everywhere with plenty of mud mixed with it and no doubt there was plenty of Bio-Add, bleach, etc., used in Griffith wash tubs in the past week trying to restore some whiteness to the brown mud soaked guernseys.

How successful the treatment was will be seen today.

Spoilt as a spectacle by the waterlogged, muddy ground this important game was just a case of the players doing what they could with Griffith doing just that little bit better overall.

On the day we had two match winners in Sid Robins and promoted winger Dave Hall and although where our best basically to win in such conditions took a really good team effort.

The Seconds and Thirds made it a clean sweep in muddied style by winning their respective games. Seconds aroused their coach's blast restricted Ardlethan to six points (one goal) in the second half and by adding 7.2 (44) went on to win by 24 points and reach the No. 1 spot.

Our best mud runners in this game were Ray Smith, Joe Whyte, Wal Clark and John Mitchell.

Now that we have reached first place in the First and Second competitions, we will be flat out to hold that position if we can get over the Maroon hurdles today, our chances seem pretty good.

Last week's star player was Dave Hall - dominated his wing position in his best performance to date.

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