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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 30, 1964 - No. 18 

By Neil Griggs: Without four regulars, Griffith with memories of Turvey Park, were not too confident against Ardlethan on Sunday, but things went our way and a good win, plus grand help from Coolamon, sees us now at the top of the ladder.

Everyone knew Len Sexton couldn't turn in two bad ones in a row, but he had some brilliant play by Vic Hathaway and Barry Connolly to really challenge him for the T.V. award in this game.

With little umpire control, the game was getting rather hectic by half time, but a joint approach by the two coaches at half time saw better control and some crowd-pleasing football in the second half.

A score of 19-9 doesn't read like Griffith, but perhaps the players are finding accuracy at the right time.

Bob Little continued his run of bad luck and an arm injury could see him a spectator for the finals.

Our sympathy and best wishes to Ian Gillett. He certainly has been an ornament to the code in the South West in the past five years. To the teams having their last game today ... better luck next year. To the other three finalists ... good luck and good football.

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By Neil Griggs

The main talking point in football circles this week, of course, has been the Gammage Medal win by Len Sexton and it is doubtful if, right throughout the SWDFL area, there could have been a more popular winner of the leagues Best and Fairest award. "Secco" may not be the most vigorous player but he surely is one of the most brilliant, damaging and scrupulously fair players in the SWDFL and this season freed of coaching responsibilities, his performances have been so outstanding that his allocation by the umpires of 38 votes is a record for the league and his 11 first, 2 second and 1 third awards from 18 games looks like being the "main" for many years to come.


The Griffith team made history on Sunday, when, for the first time ever?, they finished at the top of the point score ladder at the end of the home and away rounds. Griffith had a lot to lose if defeated by Whitton and that incentive saw them producing one of their best efforts to record their biggest win at Tigerland. There were a few worries amongst the players about the ground but the team handled it well and with that experience of the oval and with their confidence sky-high the Red and Whites are keenly waiting their return to Whitton for their semi-final clash with Ganmain next Sunday week.


There is no doubt who was the star attraction at Whitton last Sunday. Ian Crewes surely took all the game awards for his dynamic display at full forward with his 12 goals being the highest SWDFL goal tally for the season. The performance is enhanced by the fact that Whitton had had the second lowest aggregate score kicked against them for the season and they tried every possible way to nullify the brilliant Griffith spearhead. The Griffith selectors certainly struck the "jackpot" when they switched "Killer" to full forward and fans will look at him to play another couple of leading roles as the team strives for a long overdue premiership.


The Ron Dalla-Daroff suit Point Score awards for last Sunday's game at Whitton were Vic Hathaway 7, Bill Biron, Jim Eley 3 each, John Walsh, Bob Tyndall 2 each and John Foley 1. With some heavy scoring in the last four games Vic Hathaway clearly won the award from John Walsh, John Foley, Don Best and Bill Biron.


Mr Dalla's generosity to the Club this season did not stop with the valuable suit award as he also promised one of the attractive Hickok men's jewellery sets to each of the team if Griffith won the premiership. The team is now only two wins away from that goal and there is a good chance that Peter Morris and his players will be sporting a new tie clip, cuff links, etc., after the grand final game.


It was "mothballs" for the Griffith second 18 team after Sunday's game and the players certainly turned on a grand effort for their last game of the season. There are many promising young players in this team, several of whom had a little first grade experience during the season, and if they retain their enthusiasm they could finish a step or two further up the competition ladder next season.


The final votes in the Col Longobardi Point Score award given last Sunday are First 18 - Jim Eley, Vic Hathaway 4 each, John Walsh, Bob Tyndall, Sid Robins, Bob Carroll, John Foley, Les Collis 2 each, Ray Davies, John Schmetzer, Mal Brauman 1 each.

In the Second 18 the points went to Ray Smith, Peter Booth, Bob Woolnough 3 each, Gordon Brennan, John Higgins, Bevan Savage, Kevin Phillis 2 each, and Mick Bridges, Fred Gambell, Allan Anderson, Harry Moses, Ron Dreyer, Geoff Riley, Bob Ramsay 1 each.

Riverina Advocate - Wednesday September 2, 1964

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