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 1969 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 31, 1969 - No. 19 

By Swan: Whitton gave us a good solid workout last Sunday in a game that was marred as a spectacle by a lot of fumbling caused by a tricky fluctuating breeze.

As a result of the games last Sunday, we gained a handy break on Ganmain and our advantage of 11 per cent should assure us, as minor premiers, of retaining the Dal Williams Trophy.

We had quite a few good players with Phil Smith (fullback) in possibly his best performance of the year and Kevin Kirkpatrick, who starred in several positions, being outstanding.

The Seconds were far too strong for Whitton winning 143 to 4. Coach Les Collis set his team a splendid example and was well supported by Reg Higgins, Wal Clark, Garry Owen and Warwick Collis.

Grant Luhrs was one player who had to earn his kicks but finished with 6 goals for a total of 72 for the season.

The Seconds now seem sure of contesting the second semi-final, so with the Firsts and Thirds already qualified we will have all three teams engaged in the semis on September 14.

There has been a big demand for tickets for our Ball next Friday, Sept 5 and it seems certain the function in the Motel will be a sell-out.

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With Vic Hathaway

The Victorian Football League Umpires Association is reported to be looking into the allegations made to the S.W.D.F.L. delegates meeting during the week that threats were made on an umpire after a match at Narrandera.

Many stories are circulating through football circles as to the identity of the man who made the alleged threat.

The letter from the Victorian Country Football League in which the complaint was officially made, said the man involved was wearing a badge of a committeeman of the Narrandera Club.

Through the week however, we have heard that umpire John Sutcliffe was threatened by a Narrandera player, but there are so many versions none can be taken as gospel. No one from Narrandera is saying anything.


It's been a bad week for umpires, with Griffith umpire Len Sexton reporting a Narrandera official for abusive language during and after a match which he umpired between Ardlethan and Narrandera. Sexton named the man, and both are to be called before the next delegates meeting of the SWDFL. With such serious attempts being made on the authority of umpires, this meeting will have to be held quickly and take action to stop this type of behaviour for good.


The League Judiciary did not set any note for firm action last night when it suspended a Coolamon player for having struck an umpire twice in the one match for only 12 weeks.

Tom Bourke, captain of the Coolamon seconds was reported by Gunbar umpire Ken Lugsdin after the match between Griffith and Coolamon at Griffith last Sunday.

The trouble apparently began when umpire Lugsdin, who had to give up a promising football career because of an injury which could endanger him if he continued, cautioned Bourke early in the game. Bourke apparently did not agree with the result and gave Lugsdin a less than friendly shove and earned himself his first report.

The game continued fairly uneventfully until the beginning of the third quarter when Bourke, clashed with Lugsdin again and appeared to strike him about the body. Under regulations, umpires are not allowed to strike a player, no matter how he is provoked. Bourke reportedly capped his day by taking off his jumper, throwing it to the ground and stalking from the field.

Lugsdin has been building up quite a good reputation in South West football, but he could not be blamed if he had a good hard look at his umpiring future after the SWDFL decision.


On a brighter note, Alan Hayes must be congratulated on his fine win in the Gammage medal. He has turned in a great season, representing the South West on every occasion this year.

Graham Traynor of Ganmain, winner of the Lanham Medal is a full forward, and it's a great effort from a player in this position to win. Mention must be made of the winner of the Thirds medal, Denis Tyndall of Griffith. Denis is the son of a former Griffith player Kevin Tyndall, and in the near future will be pushing some of the senior players for their positions.

The voting system in these medals makes one wonder. Sid Robins, although I'm not suggesting that he should have won it, deserves more than a couple of votes he polled or we're all bad judges. It's happened before and it'll happen again.


Ricky Quade's effort in winning the goal kicking contest in which he had duelled with Griffith's Ron O'Neill for so long was well deserved. Last week he played with a bad leg. He was limping before the game started and I can't help but wonder what have happened if he had been fully fit after those great nine goals effort.


Turvey Park finished the season with a typically tenacious Bulldog effort, downing the Ganmain Maroons by one point in a cliffhanger. But to no avail, they still missed out on the finals because of a poor percentage.

Which goes to show that a team has to fire early in the season and build up their position points wise as much as possible.

The Riverina Daily News, Saturday September 6, 1969

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