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 1962 SEASON 
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By Neil Griggs

The Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" award goes to Australian Rules footballer John Cramp for his superlative play in the S.W.D.F.L. competition game at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval last Sunday, when the Griffith team lowered the colours of the leading team, Coolamon.
John stationed at full back, for the first time, a placing incidentally widely criticised by most followers of the team, proved what a talented and adaptable player he is, by featuring as one of the inspiring players in the grand team effort that carried Griffith to a much needed victory.
Quickly settling down in his new position John, too pacey for his Coolamon opposite, was early under notice with some spirited clearances and, in fact, was the wrecker of many Coolamon hopes right throughout the game.
Teaming his pace with fine anticipation, safe marking, good kicking and tenacious play, John truly merited his award after the game, as the best Griffith player.
John, who came to Griffith this season from South Australia, has proved a valuable gain to the first 18 having been one of the team's best and most consistent players right throughout the season, despite the fact that he has been used in a utility role being switched from position to plug gaps in the line-up occasioned by the frequent reshuffling necessary to replace several injured players.
That he has always accepted the selectors moves without demur and has always given his best clearly illustrates that John is more than just a good player - he is a good club man.
There is no doubt that John will play a leading role in all future games as Griffith strives for a premiership win.
The weekly award of a carton of Heinz products awaits John at the Advocate office.
(Advocate - Thursday, June 14, 1962)


By Neil Griggs

Australian Rules captain-coach Len Sexton wins the Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" award for his outstanding exhibition in Griffith's crucial S.W.D.F.L. competition game at Coolamon last Sunday.
Battling for competition points to qualify for the final four Griffith had to win this vital clash with the leading team to stay in calculations for premiership honours and that they failed could in no way be attributed to Len's performance as he set his team an inspiring example and was generally knowledge as the best player afield.
Len played on the ball for most of the game and repeatedly initiated attacks with speedy play and long kicks, but was always ready to exchange hand passes or short kicks with a better positioned team-mate
Ever alert to sense a scoring opportunity he kept Griffith right in the game with his fast break through's and his personal contribution to the score of 55 was 40 points which included six goals. These goals took Len to the top of the goal kicking ladder and he has a great chance of repeating last season's achievement of being leading goalkicker of the competition.
Now in his second year with the Griffith Club, Len, this season, represented the S.W.D.F.L. in Sydney and was awarded the handsome Shell Medal as the best and fairest S.W.D.F.L. player.
Len is also a talented cricketer and could be that nourished by the tasty contents of a carton of Heinz products that awaits him at the Advocate office he could strive for a place in the country team which plays the touring English team at Griffith on November 14.

(Advocate - Thursday August 16, 1962)

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