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 1960 SEASON 
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Welcome (3/3/60)
The President, Dick Bitcon opened the meeting by extending a welcome to all members.
He said he was happy to see so many experienced faces on the committee once again and he was sure the enthusiasm of the new members would prove to be the advantage of the Club.
The Club would surely encounter many problems during the season, but he was certain that if everyone did his best the Club would function smoothly.
The President appealed to all members of the committee be right behind the Club and do their best to endeavour to get the team to the premiership.
He also appealed to all members to keep in mind that all discussions at meetings were in committee and should not be spoken of or about in the streets.
All decisions were by majority vote and therefore the decision of the committee as a whole.
He ended with the hope that the coming season would be a most successful one and that the Club finances would improve.

Delegates Report (3/3/60)
Dick Bitcon reported fully on the SWDFL delegate meeting - the main items of interest from which were: -
(a) There would be two breaks in the competition play - on June 12 for the game against Farrer League, firsts, seconds and schoolboy games to be played, and on June 26 for game against Collingwood, with suggested second game against Central Riverina League. 
(b) Seven Judiciary members had been appointed with any five to act.
The Griffith Club nominee, Len Polkinghorne had been elected.
(c) Pooling of Gates proposal had been defeated on casting vote of chairman.
(d) Clearances - Players to be eligible for clearance now had to have played at least 90 senior games with Club or be 28 years of age.
Clubs could refuse or grant clearances under the new rule.
(e) Admission charges remained unaltered at 3/-.
(f) Umpires for First XVIII games would now come directly from Melbourne and Wagga umpires had been engaged on trial for first nine games of Second XVIII competition.
This set-up would be much more costly to Clubs - £22 a fortnight instead of £10 but League could not finance it.
(g) The same SWDFL selectors had been elected, Messrs. Ron Hutchins (Narrandera), Tom Murphy (Turvey Park), Jim Carroll (Ganmain) and Dick Bitcon (Griffith), and they would appoint the team captain who would assist in selection of the team.
(h) Voting for the Gammage Medal would be by the central umpires on the first, second and third best.
The report was received, and the delegates thanked on motion of Joe Tyndall / Fred Holt.

Coach Keyter (17.3.60)
The President reported that the special sub-committee had interviewed the Coach that afternoon and as usual his problem was finance.
After discussion it had been agreed that Keyter draw £20 per week and the Club retain £15 which would liquidate Keyter's indebtedness to the Club and leave him with a small balance at the end of the season.
It had also been agreed that in lieu of rent-free house the Club allow Keyter £4 per week towards his board and that the Club pay board.
Neil Griggs / Ron Charles, "The decisions of the sub-committee be approved and endorsed."
The President said the Coach still needed a job and asked everyone to be on the alert for one.

Bill McGrillen (17/3/60)
Letter from President to The Minister for Transport, Hon. A. G. Enticknap seeking retention of Bill McGrillen in Griffith for at least the football season. Reply from Minister through Secretary promising to all he possibly could in the matter.
The President said McGrillen had learned in last day or so that he would probably be shifted from Griffith within two weeks and some urgent action might be needed if he were to be kept in Griffith.
Ron Charles / Fred Holt, "The President send telegram to Mr. Enticknap requesting urgent attention to the matter."

Minutes (7/4/56)
Hon. A. G. Enticknap advising that it had been impossible to help keep W. McGrillen in Griffith for football season.
Ian Salmon / Bob Ledwidge, "A letter of thanks be written to Mr. Enticknap." 

Mallee Roots (24/3/60)
The President reported a very well attended working party (18) the previous Saturday had collected 25 tons of mallee roots and up to date 27 tons had been delivered to the Ex-Servicemen's Club and eight tons dumped at the Club House.
The following payments for petrol, etc, for trucks carrying the mallee roots were approved: George Kite £3, W. Stokes £2, Bob Stevenson £3 for driver, Warren Jones Motors £2 and Fred Clarke £2.


Travelling Expenses (7/4/60)
Ian Salmon reported that members of the supporters committee had interviewed the Binya players (Conlan, Geddes and Rowston) and had agreed to pay £5 per week to be divided amongst the three players as they saw fit.
It had also been agreed payment commence from the first practice game and now it was the job of the supporters committee to get organised and get active.
Ron Charles / Bill Fielder, "The meeting go out of committee to discuss the matter."
After discussion it was moved Ted Withnell / Joe Tyndall, "The committee revert back to in-committee," 
The President reported that while the meeting was in open discussion, a supporters committee of six had been formed, the members being: Ian Salmon, Bill Fielder, Joe Tyndall, Ted Withnell, Jim Fielder and Fred Diggelmann.

Finley Trip (7/4/60)
The President said the trip to Finley had been most successful.
The players had gained some good match practice and had enjoyed the hospitality of the home club after the game.
Ian Salmon / Ron Hathaway, "A letter be written to the Finley Club thanking them for the after-game hospitality." 

New Players Rep. (21/4/60)
In opening the meeting, the President welcomed the new players representative, Don Bitcon.
He was sure Don would get a good insight into the workings and problems of the Club and hoped he would be a worthy representative of the players.
The President said it was worthy of note that the team after two games was at the top of the competition ladder whilst the seconds had also remained undefeated. This good opening could auger well for a successful season.

House for Coach (21/4/60)
The President reported that through Bill Fielder - the coach, Don Keyter had secured a house the previous Monday and he, his wife and family were now in residence there.
It was an old house, however, with few conveniences and they were not over happy and hoped to get out of it as soon as possible.
He had an option on another house which would be available at the end of the month, and he hoped satisfactory arrangements could be made between the Club, the coach and Doug Koehler regarding housing.
Ron Hathaway / Ted Withnell, "The action of the President in taking the option on the house be endorsed."

Second 18 Coaching (5/5/60)
The President said that although a minute had been recorded that he approached the players seeking a coach for the Second 18 team, he had found at the next night's training that the Coach had divided players into three squads under himself, Don Best and Vic Hathaway.
This practice had been continued at following training sessions and committeemen who had seen the set-up though it met all requirements, so he had not taken the matter any further.
Neil Griggs / Joe Tyndall, "The previous minute be rescinded, and the President approach the Coach commend him on his coaching and training plan and request he continue on same lines."

Abusing Umpire (19/5/60)
The Secretary, Neil Griggs said the President had asked him to report that he had not as yet spoken to Don Keyter about his continual criticising of the umpire but would do so at the first possible opportunity.
Keyter, however, had been reported by an umpire and was facing the judiciary committee that night, so perhaps, that might cause him to show more restraint. 

Band at Games (19/5/60)
The Chairman, Ian Salmon said the band at Ganmain the previous Sunday had impressed him as good entertainment and asked of the possibility of getting the Griffith Band to attend games at the Showground.
John Smith said the Griffith band did not now take up collections but charges £3.3.0 for each public appearance.
Jack Gosling / Hugh McLean, "The band be invited to play at any home game at a fee of £3.3.0 a day."

Dressing Gowns and Showers (2/6/60)
Don Bitcon said the players had requested the Club provide dressing gowns for use by the 19-20 men; that mirrors be obtained for the rooms and also that something be done to make the electric shower heater more serviceable.
Ern Myott said the present heater was not satisfactory and he had spoken to Doug Koehler about it and he had said a new one was needed and suggested the installation on an automatic one at the cost of £37.
If the Club secured the new heater, Koehler would install it at no cost to the Club.
Bob Ledwidge / Ron Charles, "A new automatic heater be purchased."
Neil Griggs / Bill Fielder, "Dressing gowns and mirrors be purchased."

Washing of Guernseys (2/6/60)
Ern Myott inquired regarding the washing of guernseys after each game and suggested the Club should pay to have them done.
Neil Griggs and Joe Tyndall, whose wives were doing the washing, both, said no payment was required but the Club might make some presentation at the end of the year,
Ern Myott / Ron Charles, "The Club make a presentation to Mesdames, Tyndall and Griggs at the end of the year in appreciation of their work in washing the guernseys." 

Chas. O'Brien Services to be Recognised (2/6/60)
The Treasurer, Bill Simmons reported that Chas. O'Brien would be playing his last game with the Griffith Club against Turvey Park and he thought the Club's appreciation for his long service should be expressed in some tangible manner.
Ted Withnell / Joe Tyndall, "The Club make a presentation to C. O'Brien in recognition of his services." 
The Secretary said there was a minute on the books that the Club make no presentation to players leaving the town or getting married.
After some discussion the President ruled that it would be permissible for the Club under such special circumstances to join with the players to make one worthwhile presentation.
The motion was carried, and it was suggested a watch would be a suitable gift.
Ern Myott / Bob Ledwidge, "The matter of organising and financing the presentation be left to the executive and the players representative on the committee."

Leeton Second 18 Goal Umpire (2/6/60)
Ern Myott said that in his opinion the Leeton 2nd 18 goal umpire should be reported.
The man was not capable of carrying out the duties in a satisfactory manner and furthermore he did not think he was fair.
Ron Charles / Bill Fielder, "The goal umpire in question be reported to the SWDFL voicing dissatisfaction at his general inefficiency."

Minutes (16/6/60) - The President said on the Club's letter reporting the inefficiency of the Leeton 2nd 18 goal umpire had been discussed at the recent SWDFL delegates meeting - the SWDFL would take no action except rule that the umpire, as requested, officiate at no further Griffith - Leeton games.

Judiciary Meeting (16/6/60)
The President reported on the Judiciary meeting at which Don Keyter and Bob Spears had appeared to answer charges.
The case had been carefully organised and prepared, but the Judiciary had suspended Keyter for four competition games and Spears for two.
After discussion it was moved Joe Tyndall/ Ted Withnell, the executive ascertain if the Club legally, could take any action or impose any penalty on Keyter if he was again suspended on a similar charge."

Remission of Keyter's Suspension (30/6/60)
Fred Holt said that as the SWDFL had seen fit to use Don Keyter in representative fixtures he felt the Griffith Club would be justified in requesting some remission of Keyter's four-week suspension as reward for his services to the League.
The President said after discussion with Club officials and supporters he had contacted the Secretary of the V.F.L. on the matter.
He had given Mr. Eric McCutcheon a full explanation of the position and although Mr. McCutcheon felt it would be natural to appeal, he thought the circumstances so unusual that an application for remission would be worthwhile.
The President said he thought an application for remission of one week from Keyter's suspension should be made to the SWDFL with emphasis being placed on certain happenings since the date of the suspension.
Ian Salmon / Ron Hathaway, "An application be made to the SWDFL seeking the remission of one week off Keyter's suspension and that the approach to be left to the President." 
Minutes (28/7/60) SWDFL - Forwarding decision of Club's application for remission, of one week off Keyter's suspension. 
The President said he felt the application had not been dealt with correctly by the SWDFL and Judiciary but nothing unfortunately nothing further could be done.
Ron Charles / Ern Myott, "The matter be brought up at the next SWDFL meeting."  

Committee Replacement (30/6/60)
Bob Ledwidge said one member of the committee, Roy Riley had missed most of the meetings and he felt his continued absence was a handicap to committee and something should be done about getting a replacement to bring the committee up to strength.
After discussion it was moved Neil Griggs / Ian Salmon, "Mr. Riley's position on the committee be declared vacant and nominations be sought to fill the position, the appointment to be made at the next committee meeting."   
Minutes (14/7/60) - The President said he had spoken to Roy Riley about his position on the committee and Riley had informed him that unfortunately, owning to other commitments he could not fill his position on the committee and felt he should resign. 

Election New Committeman (14/7/60)
The President declared one position on the committee vacant and called for nominations to replace Roy Riley.
The following were nominated Kevin Carroll, Bill O'Dwyer and Keith Kesby.
Voting favoured Mr. Kesby and he was declared elected.

Wagga Club Delegates (11/8/60)
In opening the meeting, the President said he proposed to receive the delegates of the Wagga A.R.F.C. who were awaiting a call to discuss with the committee, the reasons their Club would be seeking admission to the SWDFL in 1961.
He said delegates from the Wagga Club were approaching all Clubs on the matter and one, Ganmain had publicly stated they would support Wagga's application.
He felt this Club would make no decision at this stage.
The delegates could be heard, and the Club make its decision after discussion the matter at a later meeting.
The Wagga delegates Messrs., Kleinig and West were the invited to the meeting and were welcomed and introduced by the President.
Mr. Kleinig presented Wagga Club's case for admission to the SWDFL which was based mainly on finance and better football and was supported by Mr. West.
After many questions had been asked of the delegates, the President said he felt all present had a clear idea of the reasons for the Wagga Club's application and that it would be discussed at a future meeting and a decision made.
Mr. Kleinig thanked the committee for receiving the delegates and for the attentive hearing they had received, and he and Mr. West left the meeting.

Report from Sub-committee (11/8/60)
The President asked Ian Salmon to report on the meeting between the members of the sub-committee and the coach Don Keyter.
Mr. Salmon said the meeting had eventually been held on Monday August 15.
After considerable discussion which at times become a little bitter it had been mutually agreed that Keyter would resign from coaching position.
Keyter, however, had made a plea of destitution he felt the Club, in view of its better financial position, brought about somewhat he claimed by him, should assist him in getting his furniture back to Melbourne.
The sub-committee could make no decision on this matter and Keyter had agreed to come to this meeting to put his views and make his appeal for assistance to the committee.
The President said he thought Keyter really believed he had done his best for the Club and felt the Club should help him for services rendered.
Ernie Myott said Keyter had spoken to him at training on Tuesday night and seemed to be very bitter against the committee. 
The President said the matter of Keyter's appeal for assistance with furniture, etc, would have to be decided but first the matter of his resignation would have to dealt with.
Ron Hathaway / Fred Holt, "Don Keyter's resignation from the coaching position be accepted."
Ron Hathaway / Hugh McLean, "The Club financially assist Keyter in getting his furniture and effects back to Melbourne.
Ron Hathaway / Ron Charles, "It be left to Joe Tyndall to arrange for transport (Vince Spry) of Keyter's furniture to Melbourne." 
Ian Salmon / Ron Charles, "The Secretary write to Keyter and officially accept his resignation, inform him the Club is prepared to assist with the removal of his furniture proving he gave his written resignation within seven days, wish him well for the future and also enclose a resignation form to sign." 
Minutes (22/9/60) - The Secretary reported that Keyter had handed in a written resignation from the coaching position.

Delegate from Beelbangera Club (22/9/60)
The President introduced Mr. Alex Venn, a delegate from the Beelbangera Club. Mr. Venn said he had come to the meeting to repay the agreed portion of the financial assistance given by the Griffith Club to Beelbangera early in the season.
The Beelbangera Club deeply appreciated the gesture of the Griffith Club in assisting them when they were in a desperate financial position.
Although, they had suffered a reverse or two during the season, such as having there dressing shed wrecked and vandals, the Beelbangera Club had greatly improved their finances and now had a credit balance. He had much pleasure in handing over a cheque for £20.
The President said the Griffith Club committee appreciated the Beelbangera Club's action in honouring their promise to repay £20 for the help given to them earlier in the season.
He congratulated them on the action and hard work undertaken to improve their financial position and he said he was sure that any necessary appeal for assistance in the future would, if circumstances permitted be favourably considered by the Griffith Club.
Mr. Venn expressed further thanks and left the meeting.

Coaching Applications (22/9/60)
Applications for the coaching positions were read from B. Bowe (Kyneton), J. Eley (Cobram), L. J. Thomas (South Aust.) and E. O'Neill (Mordialloc). 
After some discussion it was moved Fred Holt / Ron Charles, "Applications for Second 18 coaching position be considered firstly."  Ron Hathaway / Ron Charles, "Jim Eley be appointed second 18 coach for 1961."

Players Trip Away (18/10/60)
The President reported that the Trip Away party had decreased to such a low number (15) the bus had been cancelled and the party had travelled in three cars which were provided by Bruce Young, Mick Newman and Don Bitcon.
Accommodation at Shamrock Hotel had cost £80 which the Club had contributed £50.
Don Bitcon reporting on the trip said the response by players and committee had been disappointing but the players who had gone to Bendigo had thoroughly enjoyed the trip away and he was certain it had developed some team spirit.
After consideration he thought the idea of trips away should be continued with in future years.
The initial effort had not been very successful, but he was sure the response would be much better next time.
All members of the party had behaved well, they had been very well treated at Bendigo and it had been a happy trip. 

SWDFL Meeting Instructions (18/10/60)
The President said some instructions should be given to the delegates attending the final meeting of the SWDFL.
After discussion it was decided the Griffith delegates would.
(a) In the application of three clubs; Wagga Temora and Barellan for affiliation to the SWDFL, the delegates should oppose the application of any extra teams.
Ron Charles / Bill Fielder, "If the meeting decides to admit further teams, the Griffith delegates preference be in the order of Wagga, Temora and Barellan.
A amendment from Ernie Myott / Don Bitcon that the Griffith Club preference be Barellan, Temora and Wagga was favoured and becoming the motion was carried.
(b) Delegates to raise question of handling of appeal for remission on behalf of Don Keyter by SWDFL executive and Judiciary.
The President said that although it wasn't on the agenda of the meeting, the question of a SWDFL Football Record would undoubtedly be discussed.
Ron Charles / Fred Holt, "Griffith delegates vote in support of introduction of SWDFL Record."
The President said another matter that would come up for decision would be the application by the Whitton Club for compensation for the loss of the services of coach Kevin Rodgers who was injured in a representative game.
Ron Charles / Fred Holt, "Griffith delegates support Whitton's application for compensation."
Ian Salmon / Keith Kesby, "Griffith delegates request that SWDFL adequately insure coaches in future representative fixtures."  

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