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Round 6 – Saturday June 1, 2019
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 
Umpires: Ryan Dedini and Dallas McKelvie (RUA)
Griffith ………........... 8.4 .. 10.10 .. 12.15 .. 17.17 (119)
Leeton-Whitton …. 0.2 .. 3.2 .. 4.5 .. 6.7 (43)

GRIFFITH: Daniel Peruzzi, James Toscan (capt.), Alex Overs; Michael Duncan, James Taylor, Guy Orton; Isaac Campbell, Jordan Iudica, Jonathon Gastin; Ben Watts, Jacob Conlan, Isaiah Potts; Will Griggs (coach), Charlie Cunial, Lucas Conlan; Nathan Richards, Heath Northey, Rocky Perre; Jordan Crowe, Dean Schmetzer, Michael Agnew.
LEETON-WHITTON: Tim Sidebottom, Kyle Pete, Ryan Oldershaw; Joshua Thomas, Will Wakeman, Tom Meline; Kobe Shaw, Nathan Ryan, Bailey Wood; Tomas Van Buuren, Angus Boulton, Ryan Dunn; Jade Hodge, Grant Commins, Hayden Mahalm; Mason Dryburgh, Matt Rainbird (capt), Ryan Grey; Isaac Houghton, Josh Lanham, Jye Doyle
Griffith: J Conlan 5, J Iudica 4, I Potts 2, M Duncan 2, W Griggs, L Conlan, H Northey, C Cunial
Leeton-Whitton: G Commins 2, J Hodge 2, T Van Buuren, M Rainbird
Griffith: M Duncan, J Conlan, I Potts, H Northey, J Iudica,  N Richards
Leeton-Whitton: J Hodge, M Dryburgh, T Sidebottom, R Grey, T Van Buuren, R Oldershaw

A summary of match report, with thanks
An eight-goal opening term for the Griffith Swans saw them take a big win in the local derby against Leeton-Whiiton at Exies Oval on Saturday afternoon. The 52-point opening term set the wheels in motion to see the Swans come away with a 17.17 (119) to 6.7 (43) victory over their arch-rivals. A three-goal opening term for Jordan Iudica and two from Isaiah Potts saw the Swans leading into the quarter time break with all the momentum. The Crows were finally able to kick their first major of the day through Jade Hodge but was quickly answered by Lucas Conlan to see the Swans extend their lead. Hodge and Griffith's Guy Orton were then given an enforced stint on the sideline after a melee saw the two looking ready to fight and Matt Rinbird was able to convert the following free kick. Jacob Conlan was able to kick his second before Leeton's Grant Commins kicked the Crows third for the term to see the Swans up by 51 at the main break. After an arm wrestle to start the second half Will Griggs was able to pop up and open the scoring 11 minutes in the third term before Commins answered with his second. A fourth goal to Iudica saw the lead extend to 58 points heading into the final break. A five-goal to two final term saw the Swans wrapped the game up with a 76-point victory with Jacob Conlan finishing with five goals for the afternoon. Swans assistant coach Mick Duncan felt the strong start was the determining factor. "The situation they are in and the situation we are in we didn't take them lightly but to come out in the first quarter and assert dominance was great," he said. "In the end, the first quarter was the difference. It set up the whole game. After quarter time they hit back at us a little bit, but we had their measure."

(By Liam Warren - The Area News, Monday June 3, 2019).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Coolamon 19.19 (133) def Narrandera 15.4 (94), Turvey Park 10.9 (69) def by Ganmain-GGM 17.10 (112), Wagga 7.18 (60) def by Collingullie-GP 10.14 (74); Mangoplah-CUE, bye 

Reserves: Griffith 22.14 (146) def Leeton-Whitton 2.2 (14)
Goals: K Duncan 6, C Bock 5, B Tarr 4, D Andreazza 2, B Chambers, S McGinn, M Irvin, R Matheson, D Catanzariti
Best players: D Andreazza, B Chambers, B Tarr, L Fabris, M Irvin, L Peruzzi
Under 17.5: Griffith 11.8 (74) def Leeton-Whitton 8.8 (56)
Goals: B Clifford 3, A Brown 2, B Jamieson 2, B Rowston 2, A Ray, K Bennett
Best players: B Jamieson, K Bennett, J Whitworth, Q Stevenson, B Rowston, B Clifford 

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