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 2018 SEASON 
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Qualifying Final - Saturday September 1, 2018
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Robertson Oval 2.15pm
Umpires: Nathan Brookes, Alex Manley and Brayden McClintock (RUA)
Collingullie-GP ...... 2.1 .. 4.1 .. 8.5 .. 10.6 (66)
Ganmain-GGM ...... 1.4 .. 4.7 .. 5.8 .. 8.13 (61)

COLLINGULLIE-GLENFIELD PARK: Luke Murray, Joe Byrnes, Daniel Kennedy; Sean Keith, Dusty Rogers, Blake Harper; Ed Perryman, Jayden Klemke, Lachlan Moore; Tom Keogh, Kallan Sykes, Matt Klemke; Bradley McMillan, Marc Geppert, Daniel Frawley; Ben Klemke, James Kennedy, Nick Kennedy; Ben Keith, Dereck Singe, Tom Byrnes, Joshua Gunning
GANMAIN-GRONG GRONG-MATONG: Nathan Kember, Joshua Walsh, Andrew Roberts; Jack Sase, James Wilson, Fraser Menzies; Thomas Anderson, Josh Bubnich, Zac Wienche; Jacob Dyer, Ben Walsh, Daniel Foley; Lachlan Parker, Riley Corbett, Matthew Hamblin; Jacob Olsson, Jessie Lander, Aaron Proctor; Jack McCaig, Jethro Peck, Matthew Knagge, Angus Cumming
Collingullie-GP : M Geppert 3, B Harper 2, E Perryman, D Frawley, M Klemke, N Perryman, D Kennedy
Ganmain-GGM: R Corbett 2, J Lander 2, M Hamblin 2, B Walsh, T Anderson
Collingullie-GP: J Kennedy, M Klemke, M Geppert, N Perryman, D Rogers, D Frawley
Ganmain-GGM: J Bubnich, J Lander, J Olsson, A Proctor, J Sase, J Walsh

A summary of match report, with thanks
COLLINGULLIE-GLENFIELD Park is one win away from another grand final after outlasting Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong in an epic qualifying final on Saturday. A Blake Harper goal deep inside the final quarter handed the Demons back the lead and they hung on for a brave five-point win, 10.6 (66) to 8.13 (61) at Robertson Oval. In a game that had it all, GGGM teenager Matt Hamblin nailed a set shot from the boundary line to put the Lions up by one point at the 21-minute mark of the final term. The Lions were then forced to rush a behind to level the scores, before Harper marked on the lead and kicked truly to put Collingullie-GP six point up at the 24-minute mark. GGGM went forward again, and Hamblin narrowly missed a quick shot on goal. The siren sounded shortly after with the ball inside the Lions' attacking 50. It was a big effort from the Demons, who lost two-time Jim Quinn Medal winner Jayden Klemke and key defender Joe Byrnes to hamstring injuries in the first half. GGGM, despite missing a lot of opportunities, led by a goal at half time before the Demons turned the game on its head. Collingullie-GP kicked three goals in the first five minutes of the third quarter to open up a 13-point lead and went into three-quarter-time 14 points up. The Lions came hard and looked like they might have it for a moment, but the Demons held their nerve to claim a brilliant finals win. Sidelined Collingullie-GP coach Luke Gestier had nothing but praise for his team. "We were up against it, and it was just good character and that's what this club is built on the back of," Gestier said. "Whether it's a final or just a round match, this club has got some bloody good characters and it showed in that last five or 10 minutes. "Footy's a strange thing and some may say we didn't deserve it but at the end of the day we got the win, and we move on to have a good crack at Griffith now."  Gestier said the early prognosis did not look good for Klemke or Byrnes, who were having their first game back from hamstring injuries. Marc Geppert, who kicked three goals, was instrumental in the win for the Demons. He moved to centre-half-forward in the second half and had a hand in the first three goals of the third quarter. Jimmy Kennedy, Matt Klemke and Nick Perryman got on top in the middle, while Dusty Rogers moved onto Riley Corbett and kept him to two goals. Josh Bubnich was brilliant for the Lions, closely followed by Jacob Olsson and Jesse Lander. 

GANMAIN-GRONG Grong-Matong coach Christin Macri blamed the Lions poor third quarter for their five-point loss to Collingullie-Glenfield Park. The Lions had their chances in the first half and led by six points at half time before the Demons broke the game in the third quarter. "The way we played in the first 12-15 minutes of the third quarter cost us the game," Macri said. "Because they're a good football side, but they just ran rings around us. We had no response. "It was really poor and disappointing because we had been so strong in those areas in the first half, and we got totally dominated. That's where we lost the game but they're a good footy side, so they were always coming." To make matters worse, GGGM lost Zac Wiencke to what appeared to be a serious ankle injury. The Lions now must become the first team since 2002 to bounce back from a qualifying final to win the premiership. (By Matt Malone).

Griffith ............... 2.2 .. 6.6 .. 7.8 .. 8.10 (58)
Turvey Park ..... 3.1 .. 3.6 .. 7.7 .. 7.10 (52)

Goals - Griffith: T Argus 3, K Duncan 2, B Chambers, J Evans, Tom Valeri
Turvey Park: M Sykes 2, M Harmer, E Andrews, D Smith, M Ness, J Ingram
Best players - Griffith: B Chambers, J Crowe, B Rees, J Evans, T Valeri, M Agnew
Turvey Park: T Jackson, R Pollack, M Harmer, T Pattison, L McRae, J Ingram
Griffith: Jordan Crowe, Beau Rees, Luke Peruzzi; Blake Testoni, Jordan Burley, Cameron Harrison; Michael Agnew, Royce Johns, Daniel Andreazza; Mathew Peruzzi, Brady Chambers, Jesse Ryan; Kris Duncan, Todd Argus, John Evans; Dean Spratt, Rocco Perre, Tom Valeri; Andrew Cappello, Jake Villata, Rowan Patey, Lachlan Killalea
Umpires: Andrew Tough, Troy Mavroudis and Cris Fitzhardinge (RUA)

Under 17.5's
Collingullie-GP ...... 2.2 .. 6.5 .. 9.7 .. 13.8 (86)
Leeton-Whitton ..... 3.1 .. 5.1 .. 6.3 .. 9.6 (60)

Goals - Collingullie-GP: J Perryman 3, H Lane 3, C Krebser 3, W Hughes 2, C Spackman, X Mamo
Leeton-Whitton: B Wallace 2, J Lanham, J Doyle, R Richards, K Shaw, T Fletcher, R Macgregor, J Burke
Best players - Collingullie-GP: X Mamo, M Bryon, J Pope, H Radley, W Hughes, C Krebser
Leeton-Whitton: J Thomas, B Wallace, N Ryan, B Rogers, M Salafia, R Macgregor
Umpire: Wolter, Cain Davey and Troy Edwards (RUA)

Netball - A grade: Wagga Tigers 45 d Mangoplah-CE 44; A reserve: Turvey Park 56 d Leeton-Whitton 36; B grade: Leeton-Whitton 32 d Collingullie-GP 22; C grade: Collingullie-GP 39 d Mangoplah-CUE 18; Under 17's: Mangoplah-CUE 40 d Leeton-Whitton 28.

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