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Round 3 - Saturday May 2, 2015
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Maher Oval 2.10pm 
Umpires: Josh O'Donoghue, Brian Robinson and David Blanch (RUA)
Turvey Park .... 2.2 .. 5.4 .. 9.6 .. 12.9 (81)
Griffith ............ 1.3 .. 4.8 .. 9.11 .. 13.13 (91)

TURVEY PARK: James Colaicovo, Jamie Hampton, Mitchell Francis, Allan Ryan, Josh Donaldson, Matthew Hort, Chase Grintell, Dane Campbell, Nathan Flanigan, Jack Hagger, Jack Brooks, Dustin Brown, Lachie McRae, Jeff Fletcher, Ayden Hill, Ben Salan, Tim Doyle, Aaron Palmer, Brodie Ebsworthy, Fletcher Doherty, Jarrod McLean
GRIFFITH: Ben Vitucci, James Keenan, Dean Catanzariti; James Fallon, James Taylor, Tom Groves; Kieran Hume, Chris Cerato, Kieran Ruyg; Charlie Cunial, James Toscan, Jonathon Gastin; Ben McRae, Richard Malone, Dean Crack; Michael Griffiths, Ben King, Will Griggs; Daniel Peruzzi, Royce Johns, Riley Holland
Turvey Park: D Brown 5, J Brooks 2, C Grintell, J Haggar, A Hill, N. Flanigan, T Doyle
Griffith: J Gastin 4, J Toscan 4, C Cerato 2, R Johns, D Crack, R Malone
Turvey Park: J Donaldson, D Campbell, T Doyle, J Brooks, D Brown, F Doherty
Griffith: B King, J Taylor, J Gastin, K Ruyg, C Cerato, J Toscan
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans stuck home in a tight tussle against the Turvey Park Bulldogs at Maher Oval on Saturday 13.13 (91) to 12.9 (81), despite their wayward kicking. The Swans' lack of accuracy saw them trail at the first quarter and half-time stoppages. Griffith had kicked 4.8 (32) to the more accurate Bulldogs 5.4 (34) when the half time siren sounded. After straightening their kicks, the Swans put on a five-goal third term that saw them hit the lead going into the final quarter. Another four goals in the final quarter secured the victory.

Swans coach Brandon Mathews said the game was tight throughout and his side's kicking accuracy didn't help the situation. "It was a bit of a battle, I don't think we ever got more than 10 points in front the whole game," Mathews said. "We were pretty average in front of goal; we missed too many shots on goal. "But credit to Turvey Park, they smashed us around and played competitive football."

The Swans played a period of the match with 17 men after Royce Johns was yellow carded. However, Mathews was more critical of the side's frame of mind coming into the match than the yellow card. "We turned up with the wrong attitude," Mathews said. "We turned up and thought we were going to get the job done. "Not too many people wanted to get their hands dirty, luckily a few blokes did in the end. "I suppose at the end of the day, it was disappointing but to be able to get the job done when we played poorly, that's a bit of a silver lining," he said.

Mathews named Ben King, Chris Cerato, James Taylor and Jono Gastin as the stand-out performers on the day. Gastin and Swans co-captain James Toscan booted four goals apiece while Cerato snagged two against his old club. Richard Malone, Dean Crack and Royce Johns all kicked a goal each. Dusty Brown kicked five goals and Jack Brooks got two to lead the goal-scores for the Bulldogs.

(By Ben Jaffrey -The Area News, Monday May 4, 2015). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Ganmain-GGM 10.11 (71) def by Leeton-Whitton 18.17 (125), Narrandera 11.17 (83) def by Coolamon 13.6 (84); SUN: Wagga 12.7 (79) def Mangoplah-CUE 11.6 (72); Collingullie-GP, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 12.17 (89) def Turvey Park 3.1 (19)
Goals: N Richards 4, C Moore 3, B Prendergast 2, D Villata, R Williamson, Tom Valeri
Best Players: J. Hourigan, B Tarr, N Richards, J Geddes, S McCanna, C Moore
Under 17: Griffith 12.8 (80) def Collingullie-Glenfield Park 6.6 (42)
Goals: B Chambers 5, J Favell 4, S Foley, R Cassidy, T Clarke
Best Players: J Conlan, S Foley, N Richards, B Chambers, T Clarke, L Butcher

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