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Round 11 - Sunday July 3, 2011
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Luke Olsen and Paul Smith (RUA)
Griffith .................. 3.3 .. 5.3 .. 7.4 .. 10.7 (67)
Wagga Tigers ..... 1.2 .. 2.4 .. 3.5 .. 10.7 (67)

GRIFFITH: D Catanzariti, M Noonan, G Snaidero; C Jenkins, J Toscan, J Gastin; Theo Valeri, M Johns, L Piccolo: M Crack, T Buckley, D Crack; T Blissett, B Runnalls, T Webb*; J Mickan, G Orton, M Duncan; K Duncan, C Harrison, J Ryan 
Griffith: M Duncan 2, B Runnalls 2, M Crack 2, G Orton 2, T Blissett, J Ryan
Wagga: J Hodges 3, B Doswell 2, E Fellows 2, M Etchells, A Priest, M Colvin
Griffith: G Orton, M Duncan, G Snaidero, J Mickan, M Crack, M Noonan, J Toscan, C Jenkins
Wagga: S Flanigan, J Simpson, A Priest, B Doswell, J Larwood, J Anstee
A summary of match report, with thanks
It was touted as the fork in the road game that will define their season, but in the words of Griffith Swans coach Damien Scott they are still sitting at the give way sign. In one of the most riveting and see-sawing Riverina Football League matches for years, the Griffith Swans were left to wonder what might have been after finishing deadlocked with the Wagga Tigers at Exies Oval yesterday.

Players were left stunned, and supporters rose as one at the final siren, to salute the Swans who fought tooth and nail for the chance to take another step towards a finals berth. Scott paid tribute to his side’s determination in the face of a Tigers outfit that looked to rip the game away from the home side early in the fourth quarter, with Wagga kicking four goals straight to grab the lead for the first time.

“It wasn’t necessarily the one that got away we still have the two points, and we had them comfortably at three quarter time,” Scott said.

“But they (Wagga) lifted their intensity tremendously and our boys went into their shells a bit, but they did manage to fight back in the latter part but obviously not enough. “It was pretty nerve racking when they kicked a few, but I had belief in them they could bounce back and we’ve got some good leaders, but they (Wagga) are a very good side.

“We didn’t do enough to hold them out and stupid free kicks here just gave them two goals on a dinner plate.” The most hurtful towards the Swans was a 50 free given away by Guy Orton for a hit on Tom Power, which was duly converted by Jake Cassimatis.

“Guy got sucked in, the guy came in and remonstrated and Guy threw his weight around and was penalised accordingly.” Scott said.

 “But our football has definitely improved over the last couple of weeks and we’re getting back to where we should be, but that’s the one we should have nailed.” (By Scott Hazelwood – The Area News, Monday July 4, 2011).  


OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 7.6 (48) def by Collingullie-AK 21.14 (148), Narrandera 13.4 (82) def Coolamon 11.11 (77); SAT: Ganmain-GGM 22.17 (149) def Turvey Park 7.8 (50); Mangoplah-CUE, bye.

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 9.10 (64) def Griffith 6.3 (39)
Goals: M Hogan 4, M Keenan, B McRae
Best players: C Lugton, M Harris, M Hogan, J Tyrell, T Wesley, C Niven 
Under 17: Wagga Tigers 14.7 (91) def Griffith 12.7 (79)
Goals: T Shannon 4, P Whittard 3, H Delves 2, J Evans, B Tarr, Tom Valeri
Best players: H Delves, J Evans, F Josling, P Whittard, D Evans, T Shannon

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