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Round 15 - Sunday August 3, 2008
Riverina Football League
Venue: Gumly Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Mark O'Brien and Ryan Dedini (RUA) 
Eastern Hawks ..... 2.4 .. 6.5 .. 9.8 .. 11.9 (75) 
Griffith .................... 4.2 .. 9.3 .. 14.6 .. 17.7 (109)

EASTERN HAWKS: Jay Peace, Stephen Smith, Kasey Argus; Chris Pedler, Chris Parr, Bryce Leschke; Clint Campbell, Danny Bromham, Sam Jackson-Ryan; Brenton Roberts, Dale Cameron, Nathan Scott; Craig Deprizza, Shaun Ryan, Nathanael Liersch; Andrew Craig, Eddie Whyman, Jake Robinson; Phil Williams, Pat Gribble, Julian Amos 
GRIFFITH: Michael Tyndall, James Smith, Chris McGann; Jason Bertacco, Simon Spiers, Myles Bunn; Luke Piccolo, Michael Johns, Jonathon Gastin; Ben Ford, Craig Lugton, Andrew Cappello; Kris Duncan Craig Conlan, Jack Geddes; Shaun Curran, Michael Duncan, Brett Owen; Cameron Harrison, David Pasin, Rhys Best* 
Eastern Hawks: C DePiazza 2, R Campbell 2, S Ryan 2, P Williams, B Roberts, D Cameron, J Amos, N Scott 
Griffith: C Conlan 8, M Johns 2, A Cappello 2, M Duncan 2, B Owen, M Bunn, C Lugton 
Eastern Hawks: D Bromham, N Scott, C Pedler, E Whyman, C Parr, S Jackson-Ryan 
Griffith: M Johns, C Conlan, B Owen, M Duncan, S Curran, C Lugton, J Smith
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans are setting out to finish the season on a high, with a strong away game performance against Eastern Hawks, winning 109 to 75. Sunday's win is ever the sweeter for the Swans, who have continuously struggled this year to get victories in Wagga.

Happiest of all would be Swans' stalwart Craig Conlan, who celebrated the 100th game of his career by kicking eight goals.

The Swans lead against the Hawks was impenetrable for the entire game, the margin ever widening. Griffith led by 10 in the first quarter, then 16 at half-time, before the end result blowing out to 34. Although the Swans are now out of the finals contention, coach Gerard Toscan said it was important for the Swans to finish the season with some solid wins.

"We want to finish on a high so we can really jump into next year with a fair whack of enthusiasm," he said. "We have to look forward to next year." The Swans gained their advantage by dominating in the centres, with Toscan mentioning some of the standout performers.

"We really won the game in the middle," he said. "Shaun Curran dominated the ruck in the centre, and Brett Owen won a lot of clearances."

He also mentioned Craig Lugton, Michael Johns and Michael Duncan. "Craig Lugton came up from the reserves and did everything we asked of him," Toscan said. "Given the task, he came in and did a really good job for us."

Toscan said he didn't want to end the year badly, and there's still plenty of enthusiasm from the team. "We've got to play this year out, we want to impact the top five, and we want to win some games," he said. "We really need to end on an up for the last four weeks of the year.

 (By Nick Pearson -The Area News, Monday August 4, 2008).  

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Mangoplah-CUE 10.13 (73) def by Leeton-Whitton 11.9 (75), North Wagga 7.2 (44) def by Coolamon 27.16 (178), Wagga 10.4 (64) def Narrandera 8.7 (55); SUN: Turvey Park 11.5 (71) def by Ganmain-GGM 11.14 (80). 

Reserves: Eastern Hawks 16.11 (107) def Griffith 4.6 (30) 
Goals: M Butcher, B Gastin, B Hutchinson, K Ratcliff
Best players: G Foley, D Bruce, N Campbell, T Bottcher, M Keenan, M McDonell
Under 18: Griffith 13.14 (92) def Eastern Hawks 5.5 (35)
Goals: B Hutchinson 2, K Ratcliff 2, J Wade 2, J Tyrell 2, B Gastin 2, B Tyrell, C Moore, M Vittuci 
Best players: D Bruce, H Shaw, H Heath, B Hutchinson, B Gastin, C Moore

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