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Round 15 – Saturday August 3, 2019
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Leeton Showground
Umpires: Symon Tardrew and Craig Tilston (RUA)
Leeton-Whitton …. 2.1 .. 3.7 .. 6.8 .. 6.8 (44)
Griffith ………………. 2.2 .. 3.8 .. 5.10 .. 9.15 (69)

LEETON-WHITTON: Joshua Thomas, Will Wakeman, Ryan Oldershaw; Tom Meline, Isaac Houghton, Coopa Steele; Hayden Mahalm, Matt Rainbird, Bailey Wood; Ryan Dunn, Grant Commins, Angus Boulton; Tomas Van Buuren, Jade Hodge, Kyle Pete; Mason Dryburgh; Nathan Ryan, Ryan Grey; Mark Salifia, Kobe Shaw, Nathan Jones
GRIFFITH: Daniel Peruzzi, James Toscan (capt.), Dean Catanzariti; Michael Duncan, James Taylor, Jonathon Gastin; Kahlan Spencer, Jordan Iudica, Isaac Campbell; Isaiah Potts, Jacob Conlan, Sam Daniel; Blake Argus, Charlie Cunial, Will Griggs (coach); Mitchell Irvin, Guy Orton, Jack Rowston; Jordan Crowe, Reece Matheson, Theo Valeri.
Leeton-Whitton: J Hodge 2, B Wood, G Commins, M Dryburgh, M Rainbird
Griffith: J Conlan 2, M Duncan 2, S Daniel, C Cunial, I Potts, Theo Valeri, W Griggs
Leeton-Whitton: M Dryburgh, N Ryan, M Rainbird, J Thomas, T Meline, B Wood
Griffith: M Duncan, J Toscan, G Orton, J Rowston, D Peruzzi, K Spencer

A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith produced a big last quarter to run over the top of Leeton-Whitton on Saturday. The Swans kicked the last four goals of the contest to win the local derby by 25 points, 9.15 (69) to 6.8 (44) at Leeton Showground.
Leeton-Whitton led by four points at three-quarter time, but the Swans finished full of running with the breeze to bounce back with a hard-fought victory. Griffith coach Will Griggs said the Crows certainly made his team work hard for the four points.
“It was a tight contest until the last quarter,” Griggs said. “I said at the start of game, we knew we were a bit depleted, we didn’t have to do it pretty, we just had to get the points and we did, which was good.”

Leeton-Whitton injuries worries continued with Jade Hodge taken to hospital after a heavy concussion. Jacob Conlan and Mick Duncan were Griffith’s best. (By Matt Malone - The Area News, Monday August 5, 2019) 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Collingullie-GP 5.6 (36) def by Wagga 12.16 (88), Narrandera 7.8 (50) def by Coolamon 16.12 (108); SUN: Ganmain-GGM 16.6 (102) def Turvey Park 9.13 (67); Mangoplah-CUE, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 14.16 (100) def Leeton-Whitton 2.6 (18)
Goals: S. McGinn 4, K Duncan 3, C Bock 2, L Killalea, B Disson, J Paton, D Schmetzer, M Agnew
Best players: O Herrmann, S McGinn, R Perre, L Peruzzi, Tom Valeri
Under 17.5: Leeton-Whitton 7.15 (57) def Griffith 5.3 (33)
Goals: S Robinson, K Bennett, A Brown, D Bennett, B Mirtschin
Best players: B Mirtschin, J Whitworth, I Testoni, D Bennett, L Wallace, Q Stevenson

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