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Round 15 - Sunday August 4, 2013
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Rob Johnston, Ryan Dedini and Rob Apted (RUA)
Griffith ................... 3.0 .. 5.1 .. 7.3 .. 9.4 (58) 
Collingullie-AK .... 4.5 .. 10.10 .. 17.13 .. 24.16 (160) 

GRIFFITH: Chris Niven, Glen Snaidero, Ben McRae; Tom West, James Taylor, Che Jenkins; Ben Tarr, Michael Duncan (capt), Mathew Peruzzi; Jonathon Gastin, Trevor Richards, Dean Crack; Tom Shannon, Brandon Mathews, Daniel Peruzzi; James Toscan, James Fallon, Tim Matheson; Joshua Tyndall, Riley Holland, Daniel Moysey, James Keenan
COLLINGULLIE-ASHMONT-KAPOOKA: Chris Gow, Kallum Sykes, Matt Lewington; Ben Absolum, Nathan Fuller, Jack Egan; Caleb Vearing, Jayden Klemke, Matt Beckmans; Bad Aiken, Mitchell Castle, Daniel Kennedy; Matthew Kennedy, Marc Geppert, Shane Gow; Chris Jackson, Chris Gordon, Curtis Allen; Ryan Dean, Nick Perryman, Michael Cavarra, Brett Lenon 
Griffith: B Mathews 2, D Crack 2, T Shannon 2, J Gastin 2, D Moysey 
Collingullie-AK: M Geppert 12, B Aiken 4, M Beckmans 2, M Kennedy 2, C Gordon, R Dean, B Absolum, C Vearing 
Griffith: T Matheson, J Toscan, J Gastin, M Duncan, J Fallon, B Matthews 
Collingullie-AK: M Geppert, M Kennedy, M Beckmans, C Gordon, C Jackson, K Sykes 

A summary of match report, with thanks
History repeated itself in the worst way possible for the Swans yesterday. A week on from a 102-point thumping from the Wagga Tigers,
Griffith fell by the exact same margin - and in nearly the exact same fashion – to Collingullie-Ashmont-Kapooka at Exies Oval.

Just like last round, the Swans turned in an encouraging first quarter and were in touch at the long break – only to be steamrolled as the visitors piled on 14 goals to two for an easy win. Collingullie-AK’s chief destroyer was Marc Geppert, who outclassed Griffith off his own boot with a stunning 12-goal haul. Swans captain-coach Guy Orton – who sat out the match through injury – said Geppert was close to unstoppable. “Marc’s definitely a dominate forward in our league and he goes about his job very well,” he said.

“He leads to the right spots and his team obviously knows where he leads and gives it to him laces out. “The means it's a tough job for whoever you put on him. "We had Glen Snaidero and Chris Niven, and both did a fantastic job on him, but when you are getting that sort of delivery all day long, it’s not about who you have got on him, but how you can stop that delivery.” 
Despite the defeat, Orton said he was pleased with the efforts of his undermanned side. “(CAK) is a quality side and they’re very polished with their skills and the way they play together. It’s definitely shown us we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“We’ve obviously got to finish the year knowing we can’t make finals and it’s hard to get up in that situation, but we’ve got to push forward and look towards the next couple of years.”
Meanwhile, Orton has discovered the nature of the mystery injury that saw him ruled out of the match and rushed to hospital during the week. A fracture in one of his lower vertebrae could keep him out for the rest of thew season after he admitted he was unsure when he would play again. (By Vince Rugari – The Area News, Monday August 5, 2013).           

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 8.9 (57) def by Ganmain-GGM 11.19 (85); SUN: Narrandera 13.6 (84) def by Mangoplah-CUE 17.13 (115), Turvey Park 8.3 (51) def by Collingullie-AK 24.16 (160); Wagga, bye.

Reserves: Collingullie-AK 13.12 (90) def Griffith 5.4 (34) 
Goals: K Farrell 2, A Cappello, M Hogan, N Witherspoon
Best players: A Cappello, N Witherspoon, M Hogan, L Peruzzi, K Farrell, J Hampel
Under 17: Collingullie-AK 13.9 (87) def Griffith 6.8 (44)
Goals: M Peruzzi 2, K Ruyg, D Richens, J Gordon, B Lewis
Best players: J Burley, M Peruzzi, J Gordon, B Lewis, L Peruzzi, J Foley

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