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Round 3 - Saturday May 6, 2017
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 4.10pm
Umpires: Rob Johnston and Mark Rowe (RUA)
Griffith ............... 2.3 .. 6.7 .. 9.12 .. 13.15 (93)
Narrandera ...... 0.1 .. 2.4 .. 2.8 .. 3.10 (28)

GRIFFITH: Sam Daniel, Richard Malone, Tyler Bruns; Guy Orton, Ash Verhagen, Sam Foley; Luke Shannon, Jordan Iudica, Daniel Peruzzi; Jonathon Gastin, James Toscan (c), Dean Crack; Michael Duncan, Brent Arho, Kris Duncan; Casey Moore, Will Griggs, Ben King; Jacob Barrington*, Angus Coldwell, Lucas Conlan, Rocky Perre*
NARRANDERA IMPERIAL: Tom Savage, Luke Paterson, Joel Maniscalco; Wes Kiley, Michael Cummins, James Sullivan; Isaac Williams, Paul Broad, Joe Grinter; Stephen Irons, Jarred Lane (c-c), Dale Quilter; Shaun Gehringer, Matthew Dillon, Nic Hetherington; Phil Aumann, Reece Hutton, Drew Kenna; Cooper Irons, Reece Borg, Brian Cummins, Jack Absolum 
Griffith: B Arho 6, J Toscan 2, M Duncan 2, D Crack, W Griggs, B King 
Narrandera: R Hutton, P Aumann, I Williams 
Griffith: W Griggs, G Orton, A Verhagen, B King, S Daniel, B Arho
Narrandera: L Paterson, R Hutton, J Lane, S Irons, T Savage, J Sullivan
SENIOR DEBUT: Jacob Barrington, Rocky Perre
A summary of match report, with thanks
Despite being "very scrappy", the Griffith Swans have come away with a 65-point win over Narrandera at the Exies Oval. The Swans started well and never looked back as they won 13.15 (93) to 3.10 (28) against the Eagles on Saturday afternoon. However, Griffith director of coaching Adrian Pavese said there was plenty to improve on. "It wasn't too bad, it was very scrappy, but we got through," Pavese said.

"We're not at our best but we're pleased that we, sort of, broke away at times. "The ball movement was pleasing. "The boys started really well, which was great, and managed to maintain it." Pavese said the most pleasing aspect of the game was the strong performance across the park from his players. "Brent Arho kicked six, we had Will Griggs play another strong game, Sam Daniel played well, Guy Orton outstanding as well and he's playing some really good footy," Pavese said. "Also, a couple of guys who were maybe under a bit of pressure stood up. "It gives us headaches in regard to selection, but we want those headaches."

The headaches become harder for Pavese with Heath Northey set to return next week and the group coming away with a largely clean bill of health. The only injury concerns to come from the match were Arho and Iudica. Arho played out the match but tweaked his knee and Iudica came off with groin soreness, according to Pavese. (By Ben Jaffrey - The Area News, Monday May 8, 2017).  

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 7.6 (48) def by Collingullie-GP 15.9 (99), Wagga 7.7 (49) def by Mangoplah-CUE 8.9 (57); SUN: Turvey Park 9.13 (67) def Ganmain-GGM 4.5 (29); Coolamon, bye. 

Reserves: Griffith 11.11 (77) def Narrandera 4.3 (27)
Goals: C Cunial 4, L Quade 2, B Tarr 2, W Dalton, J Ryan, B Knagge
Best Players: B Knagge, C Cunial, L Peruzzi, B Tarr, C Harrison, J Keenan
Under 17: Griffith 12.6 (78) def Narrandera 5.5 (35)
Goals: L Fabris 3, G Rovere 2, D Schmetzer 2, R Greenaway 2, D Bennett, R Matheson, R McWhirter
Best Players: I Campbell, D Schmetzer, M Agnew, C Verri, R Matheson, L Fabris

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