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Round 16 - Saturday August 7, 2010
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Rob Wilson, Cameron Warner and Luke Olsen (RUA)
Griffith .................. 2.1 .. 4.3 .. 6.6 .. 7.6 (48)
Wagga Tigers ..... 3.3 .. 8.5 .. 15.8 .. 21.13 (139)

GRIFFITH: Rhys Best, Craig Lugton, Dean Catanzariti; Matthew Kenny, Matthew Noonan, Brad Woolner; Theo Valeri, Mathew Crack, Luke Piccolo; Dean Crack, Jeff Mickan, Cameron Harrison; Matthew Hogan, Josh Whelan, Luke Humphries; Shaun Curran, James Fallon, Tim Matheson; Jesse Ryan, Matthew Griffin*, Craig Burge* 
Griffith: M Hogan 2, J Fallon, J Mickan, L Humphries, D Crack, L Piccolo
Wagga: J Hodges 5, S Terlich 5, A Priest 3, T Fellows 2, A Dickenburg, D Davey, P Delaney, J Osbeiston, P Noonan, A Taylor 
Griffith: M Crack, S Curran, J Fallon, L Humphries, T Matheson, M Noonan
Wagga: M Colvin, L Denton, D Papworth, P Delaney, S Terlich, J Gaynor
SENIOR DEBUT: Craig Burge, Matthew Griffin
A summary of match report, with thanks 
The loss of key-forward Josh Whelan crippled the Griffith Swans’ chances of causing a massive upset at Exies Oval, with the Wagga Tigers running riot in the second half to win by 91 points. After a promising start, an aggressive Swans side was within striking distance at the first break, trailing by only eight points. But the loss of Whelan to a recurring knee injury saw the home side without a major threat in the forward line and Wagga’s James Hodges and Shannon Terlich had a day out at the other end to kick five goals each.

“That was disappointing, but I suppose he (Whelan) was most upset that he couldn’t go on with playing, but it’s another thing that has gone against us this year,” Griffith coach Matt Noonan said. “Just like when we’ve played well this year, we were taking the game on and not taking a backwards step and being really aggressive around the field. “Our backline was a bit undermanned size-wise, we tried to match up the best we could, I moved myself around on a few of their players, but then the other guy you left created chances.”
Despite playing with a depleted side, Griffith was still an outside chance of winning, but a seven-goal third term to the Tigers crushed the Swans’ hopes of only their third win of the Riverina Football League season. A further six goals to the visitors saw them cruise through to win with Mitchell Colvin, Lucas Denton and Damien Papworth all outstanding on their assigned match-ups.

Matthew Hogan bagged a double for Griffith with single goals to Luke Piccolo, Dean Crack, James Fallon, Luke Humphries, with Matt Crack, Shaun Curran and Noonan not shirking their duties.  (By Scott Hazlewood – The Area News, Monday August 9, 2010). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Ganmain-GGM 16.15 (111) def Turvey Park 10.4 (64), Narrandera 10.14 (74) def Leeton-Whitton 14.7 (91); Coolamon 15.9 (99) def Mangoplah-CUE 7.9 (51)

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 20.20 (140) def Griffith 3.6 (24)
Goals: D Scott, J Iemma
Best players: T Blissett, J Iemma, L Catanzariti, M Duncan, B McRae, R Simpkin
Under 17: Wagga Tigers 21.15 (141) def Griffith 3.10 (28)
Goals: C O'Reilly, J Parr, C Moore 
Best players: S Raulini,  J Tyndall, T Valeri, T Blissett, P Whittard, C Moore 

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