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First Semi Final - Sunday September 7, 2014
Riverina Football Netball League 
Venue: Robertson Oval
Umpires: n/a
Coolamon ........... 5.4 .. 6.5 .. 10.7 .. 13.9 (87)
Wagga Tigers .... 0.3 .. 5.6 .. 7.7 .. 12.8 (80)

COOLAMON ROVERS: Mitchell Jarrett, Zachary Bradley, Connor Neyland; Marshall Macauley, Greg Aki, Ryan Chamberlain; Hayden Bradley, Peter McGrath, Mitchell Stephenson; Jesse Rapley, Lew Roberts, Joe Redfern; Luke Maloney, Rick Pritchett, Mitchell O'Brien; Ben Edyvean, Ben Fixter, Jamie Maddox; Adam McKenzie, Dale Argall, Edward Edis, Luke Redfern
WAGGA TIGERS: Jack Collins, Pat Gaynor, Josh Larwood; Ben Davis, John Anstee, Lahn Shepherd; Jackson Kelly, Charles Bance, Nathan Cooke; Joshua Parmenter, Matthew Noonan, Mitch Hawker; Nick Ryan, John Buchanan, Ben Farrell; Brad Graham, Shaun Flanigan, Matt Rava; Brady Morton, Xavier Brennan, Jacob Osbeiston, Angus Durnan
Coolamon: J Redfern 3, P McGrath 3, R Pritchett 2, R Chamberlain, L Roberts, J Rapley, L Redfern, M Stephenson
Wagga Tigers: M Hawker 3, J Buchanan 2, X Brennan 2, B Morton, B Graham, B Farrell, J Kelly, A Durnan 
Coolamon: P McGrath, J Maddox, R Chamberlain, J Rapley, C Neyland, M O'Brien
Wagga Tigers: J Anstee, M Rava, B Graham, J Osbeiston, J Kelly, M Hawker

Turvey Park ............. 1.2 .. 3.3 .. 4.7 .. 5.7 (37)
Mangoplah-CUE ..... 3.3 .. 7.4 .. 9.6 .. 10.13 (73)

Goals - Turvey Park: A Hill, D Brown, C Argent, V Winnel, J Winslett
Mangoplah-CUE: S Griffin 3, M Byrne 2, J Millar 2, M Dean 2, S Bennett
Best players - Turvey Park: C Argent, K Graf, S Davy, M Cerato, A Hill, L Beard
Mangoplah-CUE: S Bennett, Z Williams, A Skow, S Balding, P Maher, J Tancredi

Under 17
Griffith .............. 1.2 .. 1.4 .. 3.8 .. 4.10 (34) 
Turvey Park  .... 5.7 .. 10.15 .. 14.16 .. 16.17 (113)

Goals - Griffith: S Foley, D Camm, W Kennedy, D Dunne
Turvey Park: H Ashcroft 5, N Hay 4, B McPherson 2, J Carroll 2, T Pocock 2, C Finemore
Best: Griffith: S Foley, N Richards, J Foley, W Kennedy, K Ruyg, R Moore
Turvey Park: J Carroll, H Ashcroft, T Maher, M Hort, H Burkinshaw, C Finemore
Griffith:- Jacob Ralph, Joshua Foley, Ryan Moore; Dylan McKenzie, Kieran Ruyg, Brady French; Blake Testoni, Andy McRae, Sam Foley; Ryan Cassidy, Charlie Cunial, Will Dalton; Nathan Richards, William Kennedy, Mathew Peruzzi; Mason Graham, Riley Holland, Dean Villata; Hugo Diaz, Damiel Camm, Todd Argus, Levi Quade, Daniel Dunne
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Swans under 17s played their last game of the year after suffering a 79-points loss to Turvey Park at Robertson Oval. The Swans were up against it early and trailed by 29 points at the first change, the deficit ballooning to 65 points at half-time. There was no miracle comeback from the Griffith side when the minor semi-final restarted, the Bulldogs running out comfortable 113-34 winners.

Sam Foley, Nathan Richards and Joshua Foley were among the standouts for the Swans.
The premiership hopes of the Griffith Swans C grade netball side also came to an end yesterday with a two-goal loss to Mangoplah.

Having beaten the Goannas twice already this season, the Swans went into the minor semi-final confident of containing their dominance. But it wasn’t to be for the Griffith combination, the Goannas doing enough in the final minutes to deny the Swans 30-28. Swans co-coach Catherine Stevenson said it was heartbreaking way to finish the season. “You get disappointed, especially when you get so far,” she said.

“But the girls played well. They stood up. “Like I said to them, when they come back next year, they would’ve played a season together.

“I think they’ll come out and improve.” (The Area News, Monday September 8, 2014).

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