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Round 6 - Sunday May 8, 2005
Riverina Football League
Venue: Ganmain Sportsground 2.10pm
Umpires: Greg Walsh and Rob Wilson (RUA)
Ganmain-GGM .... 3.2 .. 7.9 .. 14.14 .. 23.18 (156)
Griffith .................. 0.1 .. 2.3 .. 2.4 .. 4.8 (32)

GANMAIN-GRONG GRONG-MATONG: Chad Hamblin, Luke Walsh, Adam Symons; Drew Symons, Christen McPherson, Troy Lenon; Mitch Carroll, Craig Lenon, Andrew Roberts; Kirk Hamblin, Scott Hamblin, Brandon Ryan; Paul Hamblin, Anthony Carroll, Andrew Johnston; Marc Braybon, Nathan McPherson, Ed Sullivan; Paul Lucas, Luke Habel, Ben Sullivan
GRIFFITH: Myles Bunn, Simon Spiers, Tim Birks; Trent Bradley, Adam Brander, Josh Ward*; Jason Hampel, Michael Duncan, Matthew Kenny; Mathew Crack, Jeff Mickan, Craig Conlan; Tim Matheson, Ashley Gardner, Nic Hetherington; Ryan Hill, Matt Bunn (capt), Ben Ford; Craig Lugton*, Dean Catanzariti, Clinton Munro
Ganmain-GGM: A Carroll 6, A Johnston 4, K Hamblin 3, M Carroll 2, L Habel 2, C McPherson 2, P Lucas, 3 short
Griffith: M Duncan, M Crack, Myles Bunn, T Birks
Ganmain-GGM: M Carroll, B Lenon, M Braybon, C Hamblin, C McPherson, E Sullivan
Griffith: Matt Bunn, M Duncan, S Spiers, Myles Bunn, T Birks, J Ward
SENIOR DEBUT: Craig Lugton, Josh Ward
A summary of match report, with thanks
It was meant to be to be a showpiece match, a reply of last year's grand final with Griffith swearing revenge for the devastating defeat.

But Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong rubbed salt into the Swans' wound, poured vinegar over the gash and then really began the humiliation the heavily overmanned Griffith to win by more than 120 points, 23.18 (156) to 4.8 (32).

The Lions were also without some star players, including captain-coach Shane Lenon and David Rava, but on the field, they were simply too big and too strong for a Griffith team too inexperienced to escape being overrun.

At time times the Lions were awesome, their flow out of the middle was constant, their big men up front presented unlimited targets and almost every attacking foray into the Swans forward 50 was repelled by a towering Christen McPherson and fellow backliners.

They managed to blood a pair of tiny teenagers in Luke Habel and Kirk Hamblin, both performed with distinction - the latter, at only 15, snaring two goals with his first two kicks in senior football.

 It was a full four quarters of excellent football that had the injured Lenon smiling despite his stint on the sideline.  "That was really good out there today, we can't get carried away because the Swans had nine or 10 guys out but the way we went about it was excellent," Lenon said.

The Swans were never in the game with Lion's Brett Lenon and Mitch Carroll so dominant out of the middle that the Swans could never get a flow on.  Injured Swans coach Adrian Burns confirmed the miss-match. "It was disappointing, we were undermanned out there," he said.

"They were just too strong out there and we had a bunch of kids playing out there on them, but we cannot wait to play Ganmain at full strength." (The Area News, Monday May 9, 2005).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Eastern Hawks 11.9 (75) def by Coolamon 19.15 (129), Mangoplah-CUE 7.7 (49) def Narrandera 6.12 (48); SUN: Leeton-Whitton 29.18 (192) def Turvey Park 10.9 (69)

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 24.17 (161) def Griffith 13.5 (83)
Goals: G Argus 5, W Tyndall 2, A Cappello 2, J Gastin, P Thornton, D Crack, J Bennett
Best players: K Duncan, J Bennett, J Gastin, W Tyndall, D Crack, A Cappello
Under 18: Ganmain-GGM 19.12 (126) def Griffith 7.6 (48)
Goals: J Toscan 3, A Robertson 2, R Best, D Crack
Best players: J Smith, K Hicken, D Crack, T Wade, M Hewitson, D McGreal

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