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Round 4 - Sunday May 10, 2015
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Andrew Touvi and Richard Krenz (RUA)
Griffith ............ 3.0 .. 4.5 .. 5.5 .. 9.7 (61) 
Coolamon ...... 2.5 .. 5.5 .. 7.6 .. 9.8 (62)

GRIFFITH: James Keenan, Richard Malone, Che Jenkins; James Fallon, James Taylor, Tom Groves; Kieran Ruyg, Chris Cerato, Tim Matheson; Sam Daniel, James Toscan, Jonathon Gastin; Michael Duncan, Royce Johns, Dean Crack; Michael Griffiths, Will Griggs, Ben King; Kieran Hume, Daniel Peruzzi, Casey Moore
COOLAMON ROVERS: Mitchell Jarrett, Bryce Koop, Darcy Bos; Ryan Chamberlain, Marshal Macauley, Hayden Bradley; Luke Redfern, Jamie Maddox, Hayden Leary; Mark Crawford, Connor Neyland, Harry Fitzsimmons; Ben Edyvean, Rick Pritchett, Zachary Robinson; Matthew Carroll, Peter McGrath, Daniel Johnson; Luke Gerhard, Sam Clyde, Tyler Owens
Griffith: W Griggs 3, S Daniel 2, M Griffiths 2, M Duncan, C Cerato
Coolamon: R Pritchett 2, M Crawford 2, Z Robinson, D. Johnson, J Maddox, P McGrath, B Edyvean
Griffith: C Jenkins, B King, D Peruzzi, M Griffiths, M Duncan, R Malone
Coolamon: P McGrath, D Johnson, R Chamberlain, M Macauley, B Edyvean, Z Robinson
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans sustained a nail-biting one-point loss at the hands of Coolamon on Sunday. A strong wind blowing throughout the match ensured it would be low scoring. The Hoppers went into the half-time break with a six-point lead and came out firing in the third quarter. Griffith had all the field position in the first few minutes but couldn’t convert it on the scoreboard. Coolamon’s counterattack was one their most deadly weapons at the Exies Oval. Coolamon had swung momentum back in their favour via back-to-back goals to Rick Pritchett.

Will Griggs hit back almost immediately for the Swans, reducing the lead to 13 as the three-quarter time siren sounded. Daniel Johnson stretched Coolamon’s lead to 19 points early in the final quarter. The Swans clicked into gear as they kicked four on the trot, including two from big man Michael Griffiths, to take a five-point lead late in the match. Griffith played desperately to hold their lead, but Jamie Maddox was able to peg one back and give the Hoppers a one-point lead. The final minutes were frantic as the Swans looked for points.

The ball stayed in Coolamon’s half the majority of the time, but the Swans weren’t able to penetrate deep enough into the forward 50 before the final siren sounded, handing the Hoppers the win 9.8 (62) to 9.7 (61).
Swans assistant coach Tom Groves said everything boiled down to the side being able to put together four quarters of football. “I think it’s our consistency over the whole game,” Groves said. “If we can stick together as a team, I think we can go places, but we just haven’t done that this year and it showed today. “I think both teams didn’t cope with the wind very well, there was a lot of tight turnovers during the game but it’s not really an excuse. “We still had our chances and if we play consistent footy, we get more opportunities at goal … we’ll really knuckle down over the next two weeks, with two weeks off, and really work on our team stuff and our defence.” (By Ben Jaffrey – Monday May 11, 2015). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 17.12 (114) def Wagga 11.11 (77), Narrandera 13.9 (87) def Collingullie-GP 9.15 (69); SUN: Ganmain-GGM 16.6 (102) def Turvey Park 6.3 (29); Mangoplah-CUE, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 8.12 (60) def Coolamon 2.8 (20)
Goals: D Dunbar 3, T Bruns 2, B Vitucci, M Peruzzi, J Hourigan
Best Players: D. Catanzariti, J Schirripa, D Dunbar, M Peruzzi, L Vogan, J Hourigan
Under 17: Coolamon 2.9 (21) def Griffith 2.8 (20)
Goals: S Foley, L O'Dwyer
Best Players: B French, J Spencer, J Conlan, L O'Dwyer, S Hart, R Moore

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