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Round 16 - Sunday August 10, 2008
Riverina Football League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Ryan Dedini and Greg Walsh (RUA)
Griffith .............. 6.2 .. 10.6 .. 14.9 .. 19.14 (128) 
North Wagga ... 2.0 .. 3.2 .. 4.2 .. 4.4 (28)

GRIFFITH: Michael Tyndall, James Smith, Simon Spiers; Jason Bertacco, Brendan Giason, Jonathon Gastin; Luke Piccolo, Ben Ford, Alex Overs*; James Toscan, Craig Lugton, Brett Davis; Andrew Cappello Craig Conlan, Kris Duncan; Shaun Curran, Michael Duncan, Brett Owen; Chris McGann, Jack Geddes, Matthew Kenny
NORTH WAGGA: Andrew Tilyard, Brad Traeger, Mathew Veitch; Tim Green, Mitchell Fury, Travis Brown; Zach Eldridge, Adrian Phillips, Heath Robertson; Mitchell Ward, Glen Mackie, Matthew Howarth; Mathew Harmer, Adrian Crouch, Jonathon Joy; Michael Goodwin, Daniel Quee, Glen Noye (c-c); Jason Duncan, Tyler Turner, Jackson Argus 
Griffith: M Duncan 4, C Conlan 3, K Duncan 3, B Davis 3, B Owen 2, C Lugton, S Curran, A Cappello, J Gastin 
North Wagga: J Argus, M Ward, J Joy, D Quee 
Griffith: B Owen, C Lugton, M Duncan, K Duncan, B Ford, C Conlan 
North Wagga: J Joy, G Noye, M Goodwin, Z Eldridge, M Fury, D Quee 
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans are determined to finish the year on a high, and have shown evidence of it by walloping North Wagga on Sunday, 128 to 28. The Swans were hardly troubled by the North Wagga side, with the home side nailing 19 goals to the visitors four.

Now out of finals contention, yesterday's strong performance bodes well for the Swans for next year, especially considering how a number of younger players came up from the juniors to play in the game. With freezing cold winds blasting across Exies Oval for the entire game, Swans coach Gerard Toscan said to was pleasing to see such a high score kicked for Griffith.

"We weren't under a lot of pressure, but difficult conditions made things hard," he said. "I'm very happy with the team today."

Toscan mentioned Shaun Curran, Brett Owen, Craig Conlan, Craig Lugton and Kris Duncan as standout performances.

He also mentioned impressive performances from some of the young players coming into the side from the under 18s. "We're just really trying to finish the year off strong to go into the off-season and bouncing into pre-season," he said. With rivals Leeton-Whitton needing a win against the Swans next week to get into the final five, Toscan said the side is gearing up for a tough game.

"Leeton have got a couple of very good forwards, they're very quick but last time we played, they ran out of puff at half-time," he said. "There's a bit of history between the teams, so we'll be looking for another win."

 (By Nick Pearson -The Area News, Monday August 11, 2008).


OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Ganmain-GGM 11.11 (77) def Mangoplah-CUE 11.9 (75), Narrandera 11.11 (77) def Turvey Park 10.6 (66); SUN: Coolamon 14.8 (92) def Wagga 5.10 (40), Leeton-Whitton 14.21 (105) def Eastern Hawks 5.2 (32).  

Reserves: Griffith 8.12 (60) def North Wagga 8.5 (53) 
Goals: D Meade 3, D Keenan 2, G Foley, M Butcher, R Bridgen
Best players: B Woolner, G Foley, R Johns, R Bull, D Keenan
Under 18: North Wagga 12.8 (80) def Griffith 7.7 (49)
Goals: B Hutchinson 2, H Heath, S Wood, C Moore, B Gastin, D Bruce
Best players: B Hutchinson, H Shaw, F Bruton, B Jaffrey, S Wood, D Bruce

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