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First Semi Final - Saturday September 10, 2011
Riverina Football Netball League. Gate: $8,778
Venue: Narrandera Sportsground
Umpires: Luke Olsen, John Hilton and Brian Robinson (RUA)
Collingullie-AK ..... 4.7 .. 9.7 .. 16.7 .. 17.8 (110)
Wagga Tigers .... ... 2.1 .. 7.8 .. 8.12 .. 10.15 (75)

COLLINGULLIE-ASHMONT-KAPOOKA: Mitch Pilon, Will Haines, Kallan Sykes; Caleb Vearing, James Morris, Ned Mortimer; James DeBono, Brett Lenon, Matt Lewington; Ben Absolum, Matt Withers, Joshua McKenzie; Brad Aiken, Marc Geppert, Jarrah Maksymow; Josh Meiselbach, Chris Lees, Chris Gow; Matthew McClure, James Kennedy, Doug Bruckner, Jamie Wild
WAGGA TIGERS: Todd Krause, Mitch Colvin, John Simpson, Josh Larwood, John Anstee, Ash Dikkenburg, Josh Gaynor; Shaun Flanigan, Damien Papworth, Jackson Oehn; Michael O'Dea, Daniel Davey, Ted Lindon; Jim Carroll, Andrew Priest, Tom Power (c-c); Jason Smith, Brett Doswell, Josh Gaynor; Elliott Hull, Sam Gaynor, Ted Fellows, Matt Etchells
Collingullie-AK: M Geppert 5, J Maksymow 3, M Withers 3, J Morris, J Meiselbach, M McClure, C Vearing, J Kennedy, C Gow
Wagga: T Power 3, B Doswell 2, A Priest, D Davey, D Papworth, J Oehn, T Krause 
Collingullie-AK: J Maksymow, C Lees, B Absolum, J Wild, S Gow, J Meiselbach
Wagga: J Gaynor, B Doswell, J Simpson, T Power, J Anstee, D Papworth 

Ganmain-GGM ........ 1.2 .. 3.100 .. 4.11 .. 6.15 (51)
Mangoplah CUE ...... 3.4 .. 5.10 .. 7.14 .. 7.14 (56)

Goals - Ganmain-GGM: S Noble, S Hamblin, P Lucas, M Kelly, S Kefford, G Higgins
Mangoplah-CUE: G Bruce 3, Mick Byrne, B Heydon, A Killalea, D Lawrence
Best - Ganmain-GGM: P Lucas, L Steward, L Ferguson, S Hamblin, S Kefford, B Hare
Mangoplah-CUE: M Roberson, B Aichinger, D Lawrence, N Davis, B Coombe, D Jones

Under 17
Wagga Tigers ...... 3.2 .. 5.4 .. 5.6 .. 8.7 (55)
Griffith .................. 1.1 .. 4.6 .. 11.10 .. 16.14 (110)

Goals - Wagga: G Inglis 2, B Farrell 2, N McCormack, M King, Jesse Lawrence, Z McCauley 
Griffith: H Delves 3, T West 3, P Rose 3, T Shannon 2, A Blissett 2, P Whittard, J Burley, B Tarr
Best players -Wagga: B Graham, Z McCauley, H Bance, T Stubbs C Lucas, B Morton
Griffith: P Rose, H Delves, D Evans, B Tarr, F Josling, J Tyndall, A Blissett
A summary of match report, with thanks
A stunning third quarter by the Griffith Swans under 17s has given them a thumping 55-point victory over the Wagga Tigers in their RFL minor semi-final . After trailing the Tigers narrowly for much of the first half, the Swans exploded onto the scoreboard in the third term to kick 7.5 and gain an unassailable lead. The Swans put the cherry on the top of their impressive performance with another five majors to rout the Wagga side. Henry Delves again was a target up forward for his side and bagged three for the day, but unlike last weekend's win, his teammates came to the party more often. Coach Norm Campbell said his side needed to lower their eyes and not expect Delves to take contested marks all game. And that mantra carried over to the weekend performances with Thomas West and Patrick Rose kicking three goals, to go with Thomas Shannon (two), Alex Blissett (two), Patrick Whittard, Jordon Burley, Benjamin Tarr.

(The Area News - Wednesday September 14, 2011).

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